Thursday, May 31, 2007

first posting for the blogging challenged

Okay I am giving this blogging thing a whirl. I have so much to say and create that I hope having my own little blog will help me unleash the words in my head that tend to swirl around when I work or try to sleep. Especially when I try to sleep!!! It's so rare that I actually lay down for bed and fall into the dream world, my head just won't leave me alone!! I know that sounds a bit 'crazy' to some of you but it's just hard for me to wind down some days and not think about stuff or think about some story or an experience that I should write down but I'm just too lazy to get back out of bed. So, therefore, I am creating a blog full of ramblings, hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities full of grammatically incorrect sentences and such. Hope you enjoy!!! elizinashe