Monday, October 21, 2013

Late Night Bits

Why is it that when you need to go to bed early and get some good rest you end up tossing and turning for what seems to be most of the night?  And when you have the opportunity to stay up late, or even stay out late for that matter because you don't need to get up early, you fight going to bed at 10pm.  

Ever wonder what goes through you pets' mind?  What are they really chasing when they run all over the place when there is nothing to be seen by the naked eye.  Do changes in the weather pattern affect your pet?  Do you know when it's going to rain due to the behavior in your furry friend?  And just what are they trying to say when they bark or meow for no apparent reason?  Maybe they know something that we don't.  

I saw a headline today in the newspaper that really bothered me.  Apparently, we the United States, are dispensing $1.63 BILLION to Pakistan.  Why?  To help aid in their military and other crap that I can't remember in efforts to help them fight terrorism.  HUH???   Seriously?  So our leaders that we voted for couldn't  find a happy medium and our government shut down, costing a huge loss in money, not to mention our own people losing pay but we can dish out an absurd amount of money to foreign country to help them since we killed off one of their own threats?  That I just don't get.  If we can't take care of our own then why do we send shit tons of money to somebody else?  Disgusting.  

When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?  Is it an every year 'going to a party' type tradition?  Or do you decorate the house and the yard for potential trick-or-treaters?  Do you host a party or do you go out with friends and bar hop?  It's been years since I have dressed for the occasion.  Mostly due to work and/or school and mostly just not caring to dress up and hit the bar scene.  My college roommate always throws a party with her husband.  From the looks of their pictures, it's always a fabulous time and there is always a theme.  I think this year is the classic MTV years.  I wish I could be there.  It sure would be fun to see all the cool video icons from back in the day wandering around.  Wonder if I could pull off a Pat Benatar.  Who would you be?  Billy Idol?  Adam Ant?  Cyndi Lauper?  Oh the list of possibilities!  Can't wait to see the party pics!  

And so...that's it my friends.  Just a late nite query.  Sleep tight!  elizinashe