Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Ya'll!

October is one of my favorite months. There is a slow calm that settles as fall approaches. The weather starts to turn cooler, the leaves start to change and the urge to stay home in your ugly clothes with a thick pair of fuzzy socks cooking a big fat homey meal sounds alot better than going out on the town. I love this time of year. A nice glass of wine, a plateful of food and a good movie on the couch is time well spent. I sooo appreciate a night like that. October has been a really busy month for me so far and I'm stressed out to the max. Being able to be quiet at home is the cat's meow for me. And as I rush here and there for work, school, vehicle maintenance, household items, banking and so on, I am blessed to be surrounded by the mountains and see a wonderful palate of colors as my day begins, the sun breaking through the morning fog, traces of yellow and gold in the trees, and a quiet harvest moon in the night sky speckled with twinkly stars that just seem to invite you to stop and breathe deeply and relax. Yeah, this has been a really busy time for me right now but when I step outside to start my daily endeavor, I begin to calm down and let nature take over. I thank God everyday for this time of year. I hope your corner of the world is just as nurturing as is mine. elizinashe