Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quick Bits

I swear my cat pukes up his laxative just to spite me.  I have to squirt liquid from a syringe down his throat everyday just so he can poop.  Sometimes I forget to give him the medicine.  But when I do remember, he usually ends up  running away afterwards and then puking on the floor.  I know he hates it but that's what you get when you're an 18 year old cat. 

I've been feeling a little puny lately.  I've been snotty and sneezy despite the pseudophed.  I get tired easy and I'm growing some body aches.  No fever.  Thankfully.  I'm past due for my flu shot but I'm afraid if I get it now then it will trigger the flu to rear it's ugly head since I'm halfway there.  I don't want to be all sickly feeling at work this weekend.  That would just suck.  

I've been watching the "19 Kids and Counting" every now and then.  I feel like I need to learn more about this family before I continue to blog about them and gripe about what I only know from the internet.  Can't say I will watch it every week but it does give me more insight on how they really live their lives.  And yes, it has been interesting but my opinion pretty much has stayed the same.  In fact, it kinda solidifies what I already believe.  I will refrain from speaking on the matter as I tend to get on my soapbox about it all.  

My dad gave me one of those 'Snuggies' a few years ago to help keep me warm in my former chilly residence.  It was kinda cheesy in a way but I used it.  It was kinda nice really...but still a bit on the cheesy side.  Once it warmed up I packed it away along with my other cold weather gear.  I really didn't use it much after that.  Until I moved into my new place.  That silly Snuggie has now become my 'smoking jacket'.  Haha...I refuse to smoke in my new place and have always sat outside on my deck when I did want to smoke.  Now that the weather is getting chillier, I need to wear something warm so I can 'get my fix'.  I'm pretty proud of myself for not breaking down and smoking inside of the house.  I think I can stick to it.  I've made it this far.  It's just going to really suck when it gets stupid cold outside.  Maybe I should plan on quitting during the winter months.  Hmm....I'll have to think about that one.  Winter doesn't last that long. 

Until next time.....elizinashe

Fall Fun

Duh! It's a Flower...
I had company in town this past weekend.  It was fun to catch up with my fellow fiend (yes, fiend) and his girlfriend, galavanting around town, taking pictures, drinking wine and eating good food.  I think I should have such weekends more often.  It certainly recharged my soul.  

I also had a surprise and a somewhat emergent visit that same weekend from one of my bestest girlies and her 6 year old boy.  They had been camping with her sister-in-law and her son when my friend's son got sick and had been vomiting.  Poor thing.  Lucky for me that I was away from work and had a warm, clean place for them to crash for the night.  I was more than excited to have them sleep over despite the circumstances.  Plus, they were my first peeps to use my 'California' bathroom which is most fitting since the theme of this silly guest bathroom involves my friend who came over.  Funny how life works out sometimes.  Hopefully their next visit will on a more healthier note.  

I took my weekend guests to the Biltmore House on Monday.  Man, I forget how magnificent that place can be.  It's a real stunner.  The trick is getting there early so you can 'beat the crowds' and take your time visiting the house and gardens.  It never ceases to amaze me when you take that short walk from your parking area to the main grounds which lead you to the front of the house.  And it's always fun to take someone who has never been and see their reaction to that 'Ah ha!' moment.  If you haven't been, you should go sometime.  You won't be disappointed.  I promise.  
The Biltmore Estate

After a long hiatus, I used my 'real' camera for the first time in couple of years.  I got some pretty good shots over the weekend.  Got some good ones with my phone too.  I really like using my camera but the smart phone technology has made it all too easy to use the camera that's attached to your device. And then of course, you pretty much immediately post the said camera phone pic on your Facebook.  And that's okay too.  I just want to continue to hone in on my camera skills which means using a real camera and not the phone, although the 'smart phones' these days takes some pretty good pictures these days.  By the way, the pics of the Lion and the flowers came from my phone.  What ya think?
Biltmore Lion

Sadly my weekend came to a close and it was back to the grind and back to work during the midweek.  At least I had a good 'refresher' of a weekend with some good friends and new memories.  Lots of pics to upload.  I hope I can transfer my pictures to my new computer without screwing things up.  I have yet to take pictures from my camera and load it up to my Mac so it will be a new experience for me.  I have the next two days off until I go back to work for the weekend so I have added that to my 'to do' list.  Along with making dinner and test driving a new soup recipe.  It's gonna get cold this weekend!  Glad I washed my winter coat.  I might need it.  Brrrr.....elizinashe

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Ramblings

When did buying groceries become so damn expensive?  Especially if it's healthy foods.  Seems like everything starts at $3.50 and continues to increase.  Sheesh...It's so hard to buy food just for one person not to mention a family of four. ( Or more if you're like the Duggars. haha..)  Just a few basics for me is easily thirty bucks.  And for a few items that doesn't last but a week if at that.  Wish I liked Ramen noodles.  

I really like having my blog.  And as you may notice, I usually post a picture.  I just can't help it.  I need something visual to go along with my rant.  I especially like this picture.  I find it pretty cool in an artsy sort of way.  I'd like to have my pictures taken in this sort of fashion.  I think it would be fun.  Maybe I should add that to my bucket list. 

I could care less about Beyonce and Jay Z.  I think they so highly egocentric.  Although I do like a couple of Beyonce's songs and she can sing, all she really does is wear skimpy costumes, shake her ass and flip her hair.  A lot.  If I wanted a Vegas show I'd to go Vegas.  

I don't know why people are griping about U2 downloading their new album on everyone's iTunes.  Yes, I get the creep factor that it feels like someone 'broke in' to your account and without your permission, however, it's U2!  And it's free!  Yes, a bit of egomania came into the play of things not to mention a huge payout to the band to do so, but still....it's a free U2 album!  Unless you really don't like them at all then I can see why you'd be a bit pissed.  Have people forgotten that they don't have to download it?  And you can always delete it from your album list so get over it.  Just sayin'.   

This whole Ebola thing kinda frightens me.  And I work in the healthcare setting.  I don't think our country is prepared for this kind of mess.  We have had this assumption that horrible diseases like Ebola will never reach shores.  But you know what, it did! And I am sure that there will be more diseases to arrive, it's just a matter of time.   So now the CDC is scrambling to take precautions.  And shame on you Texas Health Presbyterian for not providing your staff with proper equipment to protect themselves! I get it if you weren't properly trained or had proper equipment but geeze.. you could have called Emory and/or the CDC and had Fed Ex'd needful equipment or have it flown in on a plane.  How stupid.  And I have questions for that nurse that decided to get on a plane AFTER she had helped treat that man who had DIED from Ebola.  Bad nursing judgement.  I do hope both of those nurses recover.  

I have friends coming into town this weekend.  It will be such a nice break from work not to mention time with some really good people.  I am certain that there will be much wine, food and pictures at hand.  And that is fine by me.  Haven't had that in a while.  Well, okay..since July but you get the picture.  Working nights can wreak a little havoc on your social life but I guess nursing school pretty well prepared me for that.  Okay..so I guess I'm done ranting for a while.  See ya next time...elizinashe

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rainy Day Ramblings

I started this post like twelve hours ago.  It was a quiet, rainy, rainy day which had no end. (That is the rain part.)   However, I got a bad case of 'cabin fever' and thus braved the incessant rain and went to the store to pick a few things up.  I almost phoned a friend to see if he wanted to go catch a movie but I chickened out.  Mostly because we never seem to be able to get together so I just didn't want to waste time or get my hopes up.  Plus, I really didn't feel like sitting around...I needed to move.  

So after my shopping excursion I walked around in the mall.  Gag.  At least I was moving.  And I didn't buy anything.  Just wasn't in the mood despite I really need some new clothes and new shoes for the winter.  Next time. 

Word on the internet is that two of the other older Duggar girls are going to be the ones who 'break away' from the family.  If you follow my blog you know I write about this family often, as I find them quite strange due to their strict beliefs and lifestyle.  Both of the 'other older' girls are 'not courting' and have hinted about finding their own way or moving out of the house.  I say 'Go For It!".  Flee ladies, flee!  Go find your life that you want to live and not what your parents expect to you live.  Go to college and live in a dorm.  (Although they may be a little to 'old' for dorm life. ) I say go and explore the world outside of the family.  You won't regret it.  And that's all I have to say about that. 

Speaking of internet buzz, apparently Miley Cyrus has a new dance.  The 'twerking' thing is over and her new dance is called the 'Nay Nay'.  I could care less.  I say 'Nay Nay' to you Miley!   You are a waste of talent and paint a bad picture for your image.  I find it frightening that so many young girls look up to you and mimic your style.  Why don't we have classy ladies anymore like Billy Holiday?  Oh wait, she was a drug addict.  Never mind....

Okay, that's all I have folks.  Well, not really but that's where I will stop.  Haha...Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow!  Twelve plus hours of rain is quite enough!  Until next time....elizinashe

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Are You Ready?

I've thought about my own mortality from time to time.  Not that I expect it anytime soon, but on occasion it crosses my mind.  When I was little, I had this idea that when you die, you just lie down when you're old, go to sleep and then you are lifted up to Heaven in a big colorful hot air balloon.  Don't know where the balloon part came into play but the child like colors don't surprise me.  Not to mention the innocence of what my idea of death was at that time.  

As I've gotten older and I watch my parents get older, I realize that my own death probably won't be as lovely as I had thought it would be like I did as a child, nor will it be mostly  peaceful and surrounded my many loved ones like my grandparents had experienced.  I can only hope and pray that when it comes time for my own parents to leave this Earth, that they too will leave without pain and/or suffering.  

Being that I work with the Geriatric population now, I see now how aging can really suck sometimes given health related complications that have been brewing for years on top of mental health issues, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  It truly is sad sometimes.  And what's really sad is when some of these people have no voice to speak for them.  No guardian, no kids, no siblings, no nothing.  God I hope that's not me someday.  Sometimes I really start to think about it.  Maybe a bit too much. 

I am single with good friends, no children and an aging cat.  And so when I think about this stuff, I think about who is going to be with me?  Who is going to be around when I'm really sick?  Being that I don't have any kids, who is going to take my stuff?  I could care less about the material stuff so to speak. But what about those important momento's, family pictures, music...man, lots of music!  Who wants all my crap that is important to me that I want to 'pass on' to someone who will appreciate it?  And what about my family stuff?  My cousins don't keep in touch with me frequently enough so would they want some of that shit?  I hate the idea that all those little things that I have loved so much goes to waste with nobody to appreciate it all like I have.  And what about my journals?  Who wants to read about my life?  Just a few random things that creep across my mind.  Kinda morbid to talk about I know.  However, these are just a few things that have been on my mind lately.  Don't mean to bring ya down, but I can pretty much guarantee that you have thought about this shit too.  I think that's a normal process as we all get older.  Hopefully I won't have to think about dishing out all 'my stuff' anytime soon.  I've got too many things on my bucket list to tackle.  Life is good and I plan to keep it that way for a long time.  elizinashe