Tuesday, December 30, 2014


May You Always Weather the Storm
It feels good to be heard and recognized.  Sometimes it's immediate.  Sometimes it takes a few days.  And sometimes it takes years.  Regardless of when it happens, it just feels good.  

We go through life thinking our life will be 'ideal', or at least most of us.  We think our life will be a certain way but things change, we change and different doors open and close which leads us down a different path, good and bad.  

Hopefully the choices that you have made and the doors that you have walked through have lead you to a wonderful life with many happy experiences.  Hopefully the bad experiences have left you wiser without resentment or anger.  Hopefully you are living the life that is meant for you.  

With all that said,  I will leave this post a little short and carry on.  I can say my life has been and still is pretty darn good.  And for that I am thankful.  I look forward to the future even though it scares me a little but I'm pretty certain that I will be okay.  "One step at a time" I say....And with each step may my voice, and yours, be heard over and over again.  And with each door that opens, may it lead you to a bigger and brighter life with no regrets and all the recognition that you deserve.  elizinashe

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Different Kind of Christmas Post...

Which One Are You?
Merry Christmas Everyone!  

Here's to all the freaks and geeks, the Type A's and Type B's.  Big families, small families, young couples and 'seasoned' couples.  Cheers to the singleton's without a lover, single parents, multiple parents and blended families.  Many blessings to you all and your loved ones.  

May the New Year bring you many blessings and fun adventures.  Embrace the hard times, because you know they will come, so that you may feel the joy of all the good things that come your way.  I hope you are surrounded by many friends and much laughter.  I hope you receive lots of tight hugs from loved ones and lots of wet kisses from your fur babies.  May your table be piled high with delicious food and good people surrounding you to share a really good meal with really good wine. 

I hope your ears are filled with wonderful music that gets down into your soul and your eyes are open to new and exciting people that become a part of your circle that we call life.  May your travels be safe and carefree peppered with new memories to share with your friends.   May your workload be easier as work never really does go away.  May we all get a big, fat raise so our minds will be at ease when times get hard and the money becomes tight.  May your dreams be peaceful so you that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.  

I hope that our country will strive for peace, equality and a strong economy.  I do hope that our elected officials will put their differences aside and make wise and well informed decisions for our nation.  I hope our military troops stay safe and out of harm's way so that they can come home to their families.  May our veterans be recognized for their sacrifice and receive the comfort and care that they have earned as we remained on our own soil while they fought for our freedom.  

And may our Mother Earth be kind to us, as we have certainly abused our land and our seas.  I'd like to see her flourish a little bit more and so I can explore all the nooks and crannies I have yet to discover and create my own new adventures. Better dust off those hiking boots!  

Merry Christmas Ya'll!  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Time to Stop...

This past month sure has been one helluva ride.  And it's not over yet.  Sheesh.  I've worked too damn much this past month.  Never again....got to be more mindful of that in the future.  

The last couple of weeks, hell this past month, work has been really stressful.  My Friday last week was pretty stressful.  It was really hard not to get 'snippy' towards my patients and co-workers.  However, this past Thursday night was my worst shift ever.  Seriously.  I had tears in my eyes an hour and a half into my shift, just out of shear frustration but I didn't have the time to stop, walk away and cry just to get it all out.  My unit was way too busy and I had work to do and patients to monitor.  I hope I don't have another night like that for a very long time. 

I don't go back to work until Christmas night but I still have other normal busy stuff to do before I return to the trenches.  I hope that traffic will be kind, as my errands include driving from one end of town to another.  Damn holiday shoppers....

One of my girlfriends and her husband are coming into town in January.  On a weekend that I am already scheduled to work.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of my coworkers will switch nights with me so I can spend some time with her.  I really need my girlfriend time, especially after this past month.  Maybe I should make a visit to Santa and give him that wish list so he can work some magic.  

On a more lovely note, I stepped out my front door tonight to put some recycling out in the bin when lo and behold, I found a small goodie sack with some homemade cookies from one of my neighbors.  I don't know all my neighbors very well but the ones I have met have been really lovely so far and to find a little token of kindness put a big fat smile on my face and put some faith back into my soul that good deeds still exist and some of those good deeds happen to me.  I must walk over and thank them.  And after the week I've had, some homemade cookies are the perfect pick-me-up.  It certainly won't go to waste!  In fact, I think a cookie before bed is just what I need.  Nighty night!  elizinashe

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

'Tis the Season

Blackbird Fly....
Yep.  Christmas is coming.  All that holiday rush to get the presents squared away, mail your cards, pay the bills, plan for that Christmas gathering dinner and fight that traffic as people drive like idiots all around town.  It can really suck sometimes. 

I think I've been working a bit too much.  This past weekend was horrible.  I had three admits in one night all which had their own individual problems during the admission process which did nothing but create more stress.  I've basically have had one day off and I go back for the next three nights with Friday night off, to which I will be coming home that morning from work, and then go back for Saturday night for one more shift as they were short for that night and I picked up extra.  The pay will be nice, but it's beginning to wear a bit on my mentality.  

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the holidays.  It's always been a bit sad and uncomfortable since my brother died.  And now that my parents are officially divorced and my dad is living in Arkansas still and my mother about 45 minutes away from me, it makes Christmas time a bit weird.  I wish I could be with my dad because I worry about him being alone.  But I'm not ready to go back to that house.  Last time I was there, it was a very sad and lonely place and that was long before my parents divorced.  My mother was living out here already and she was not about to return to Arkansas.  It was a very screwy time that did not need to happen. 

And so, the 'holiday blues' are beginning to wax and wane in my little head.  I thought I'd have my tree up and break out all my Christmas decorations out since they have been in hibernation for many, many years but that didn't happen this year.  Maybe next time.  I certainly could use a little cheer that's for sure.  I've got a party invite for Friday night but I typically stay at home when I'm coming off of a string of working days.  Or shall I say nights?  It does mess with your head a bit and I'm too damn tired to be social.  Regardless, I always push on through and survive the ups & downs of Christmas time.  Or so I think.   Good thing I have plenty of wine around.  elizinashe

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Watch That Mouth

Which Is Your Favorite Word?
Words can hurt.  I know that from personal experience.  I've been on the receiving end of hearing hateful things and I too have said some pretty hateful things.  Luckily, I don't make a habit of saying hateful or hurtful things especially towards others.  I'm just not that mean.  

A twelve year old boy in California committed suicide after being bullied at his school.  Twelve.  How does a twelve year old really comprehend what suicide really means?  And how did kids these days become so damn mean that they pick on some other kid for whatever reason and think that's okay?  And why are the parents not held accountable if the bullying doesn't stop? And what about the school?  Shouldn't they have some responsibility in the matter?   I thought schools were supposed to help protect our kids.  Sometimes going to school itself is a kids only safe haven.  We seriously need to embark on some law making here....one suicide is enough.  However, there have been way too many....it truly sickens my heart.  

There was a young girl in Ohio that cut her long hair into a short pixie like cut, and donated her hair to a charity called 'Wigs for Kids' which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer.  She's about twelve also.  I thought that was so profoundly giving for such a young girl who's about to morph into her teen years when you're so self-conscious to make a sacrifice so other kids could benefit.  But instead of getting 'high fives' at her school, she got bullied.  She got bullied so much that her parents had to pull her out of school for a bit while the parents gave the school board a bunch of hell for not supporting and more importantly protecting her daughter.  Seriously, this child set an extraordinary example of helping others and yet she got teased and bullied as a result.  I don't get it.  However, this young lady did not attempt or really think about taking her own life.  Instead she started a fan page on Facebook to draw more attention to stop bullying and raise more money for the Wigs for Kids.  I think that's awesome.  

So in this 'season of giving', be careful of what you say.  Be careful of what you do.  Words hurt.  Be kind.  You may never know how much of an impact you've had on another person.  Make that phone call.  Send that letter that you've been meaning to write.  Don't be afraid to say 'I Love You'.  And you should practice this everyday throughout the year.  Not just around the holidays.  Smile more even if it hurts.  Hug a friend.  Compliment a coworker.  Life is too short to be ugly to one another.  I wish our kids today could understand that more.  And you can put that down on my Christmas Wish List.  elizinashe
Amen to That Dave

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Goes In Must Come Out

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
It's always something, right?  Once you think you're getting slightly ahead, there is always some sort of set back.  Ugh...why must life be that way?  But somehow it usually works itself out.  Or does it?  

I had picked up a few hours this past Friday night due to staff shortage, plus a call out plus our computer system was 'going down' around 10pm for a system wide maintenance, which means it would be a lot of paper charting until close to shift change which is around 0700.  That's 7am for those who don't speak nursing.  Or military.  haha..

Regardless, I couldn't turn the offer down especially since I was being offered 'crisis pay' which means extra money per hour on top of what I was already making.  Plus it would be overtime and some weekend differential.  The recovery from the sleep deprivation has been doable but my Sunday did not start off as I had planned or expected.  Sigh...

To make a really long story short, my cat got sick.  Poor thing.  I had only been asleep for about 4 hours when I heard him puking and walking around meowing.  Now the puking thing is not unusual but the rest of the stuff that had ensued was not normal and he was clearly in pain, very uncomfortable, anxious and frustrated.  I could not let that go on.  I knew there was something else.  What was even more frustrating was that I had no other choice but to take him to the 'Emergency Clinic' since my vet didn't open until 3pm on Sundays.  It was coming close to 9am and my cat's decline had started about 2 hours prior.  I could not let this go on.  

So off we go to the clinic to which I've had bad experiences with in prior years not to mention a huge bill because they can get away with it since it's a 24 hour place.  Weekends and holidays too.  Ouch.  Needless to say, three hours later and $570.60 later we came home.  Nothing too significant and his blood work, at $150 a pop, was quite unremarkable.  Which means nothing of great importance or dangerous.  Stubborn kitty I have....For the most part, he was dehydrated and had been quite constipated which was the root cause and was also the reason he was puking a lot too.  Poor thing. 

So this evening has been some light food and wine for me, with King Hecubus the Snaggletooth, as one of my friends dubbed him many years ago, resting quietly on the couch recovering from a traumatic day.  Three loads of laundry due to the pooping and puking and spot cleaning the floors where he had puked and left a little poo.  Yep.  That's my night...ah, the beauties of being a pet owner.  It sucks that I had to spend so much money on a clinic that certainly over charges because they can, but I'd do it all over again.  I would never let my 'fur baby' suffer like that.  I think any pet owner would tell you the same.  

I love my handsome old man.  He may be pretty persnickety in his old age but don't we all get a little particular as we get older?   I just hope that he continues on a road of recovery and comfort, especially tonight.  I know the future doesn't look too bright for him which breaks my heart.  I'm not ready for that yet.  I want him to leave this Earth peacefully with me by his side and at home.  Just not now.  He's got some more living to do.  That I know.  

Lastly, since I am one to 'put it out there to the universe',  I wanted to post a pic of money coming 'to me' instead of money 'leaving me'.  Thus, the money tree that you see above.  And I will end my post with a pic of Hecubus in his better days as he looks a little thin these days.  He's still soft and cuddly and loves to sleep right up in my face every night.  Purring.  That's a pretty good sound to fall asleep to.  elizinashe
A Typical Evening Pose

Just a Little Jingle

I Dig Glittery Balls

Christmas is coming ya'll!  Are you ready?  Hope you've sharpened your shopping skills.  It's a madhouse out there.  Yikes!  

I had it planned in my head to put up a tree this year.  It would have been the first one I put up in many, many years.  However, the majority of my decorations are in my grandfather's steamer trunk which is still living in my mother's basement.  And being that I work nights, it has been difficult to retrieve.  I guess I could have picked it up on our Thanksgiving celebration, but I just wasn't motivated to dig around in the basement that day.  Just too tired.  Plus, I wouldn't have been able to haul it into the house by myself.  It's pretty big and too heavy for one person to lug around.  Maybe next year....

My birthday was this past week.  Sadly I had to work, but I didn't mind so much.  I pretty much keep it on the down-low anyway.  However, my mom did stop by to bring me a birthday pie and some framed pictures that I had stored at her place while I was living in my tiny little box of a rental house.  Again, that place was way too small to put all of my belongings into six hundred square feet of space.  I'm excited to see my homey belongings again.  I think this week will be finding which wall space to hang them up so once again they will breathe some life after being boxed up for so many years.  

Speaking of my birthday, it began with some early morning texts from a couple of dear friends sending their wishes and two voice mail messages at the end of the day from two of my bestest girlies singing birthday songs.  Loved it.  Not a bad way to spend a birthday when it's wrapped around working hours.  It left me feeling quite loved.  

I saw a clever 'stamp' on the back of a car today while I ran out for a couple of errands.  The quote was on the back bumper right above the tailpipe.  It read "Prius Repellant".  Haha...thought it was rather clever and made me giggle.  If only I could have gotten a picture.....

Okay folks, that's all I've got.  At least for now that is...got to get that shopping list together and do some hammering around the house.  'Tis the season to do some decorating.  Cheers!  elizinashe