Monday, July 19, 2010

In These Economic Times...

In these economic times many bedding and mattress outlets are slashing prices at a very affordable price tag with little or no money down and low interest rates. Not only will you keep American businesses open, enabling employees to keep their job and their homes you can walk away with a mattress that will assure of you a good nights sleep and support your spine AND you can double the usefulness of your new mattress as the latest haute couture in your town. Now how great is that? You can further your hard earned dollars by multi-tasking your investment. Think about it. You don't have to worry about what you're going to wear in the morning when you go to bed. No more ironing or rushing around to find that perfect matching shirt. Just throw on some trendy jeans and your set! Change your sheets and boom! You've got another outfit! And when you get sleepy all you have to do is just lie down and take a comfortable nap knowing that you will have a soft place to slumber with plenty of support for your back. Goodbye kinks in your lumbar! AND your are automatically protecting your skin from those damaging sun rays therefore limiting your risk of skin cancer. Of course a rainstorm would be a little different however you won't have to lug an umbrella around plus all you have to do is throw your sheets in the dryer and wallah, clean sheets! And don't forget while your sheets are drying you still have that extra set! So you will never be without a new look while you wait! This is a win-win situation folks. Don't hesitate! Run out and get that new mattress and start stretching your dollars! Just doing my part of share penny pinching ideas. ;p elizinashe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breaking News

Breaking News Ya'll! Very Important! Stop what you're doing right now and listen up!

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston are engaged! Woo-hoo!!! Finally their baby will have a proper up-bringing. Apparently after a battle in custody court, the former Playgirl model of the month confessed to his baby mama that he still holds a flame for her and wants to reunite. Oh happy day! This is some big time news ya'll! A true moment in our American history......mark your calendars! Maybe they will televise their nuptials like the Royals did with Charles & Dianna. Tivo here I come!

Oh and have you heard? Brad Pitt has cut his hair AND shaved off his beard. OMG!!! What was he thinking? Angelina will surely be upset and leave him for good with children in tow. But have no fear my pets. He's shooting a new film so the newly shorn & clean cut look shouldn't last long. I'm certain he will go back to his Grizzly Adams look once his film has wrapped up. That's just how Hollywood've got to look the part.

And how can we forget poor Lindsey Lohan? Poor, poor thing. She's got to go to jail for a few days b/c she keeps fucking up her court orders. How do you expect a jet setting, world party traveler to show up at court ordered appointments when she's disco-ing the night away in Italy? So sad to see her cry....sniff, sniff. Let me stop a moment to wipe away my tears. I wonder if they will start making 'Free Li Lo' tee-shirts.

Big Score for LeBron James, eh? His story was all over the place. I was really bummed that I didn't get to see the live special revealing who he was signing with. I had to find it all out second hand. (sigh...) I really must get cable soon. He must be really fucking good to earn 14.5 million a year for his first 2 years with Miami. Wow....I wonder where all that money comes from. Certainly not BP.

Forgive the sarcasm folks. (did you really think I was serious?) I just can't believe these are some of the lead stories that I see on the internet these days. It's pretty sad that as a country that we are so engrossed with such trivial crap. Now I like hearing about the trivial crap just like everyone else but it seems so much of our news feed is all about the trivial crap. What I don't understand is how we can pay an athlete a ridiculous amount of money to play a sport yet we have our own peoples who are choosing between a loaf of bread and medicine. Why don't we have the money for our own countrymen? There are children who go without parents, food, shelter and clothing. We have an oil spill that we cannot stop but alternative sources of power and fuel is STILL not a priority. We keep shipping jobs over to foreign countries b/c it's cheaper yet there are millions of Americans out of work. We care more about the lives of movie stars than our own neighbors. The political front is scary. I'm not comfortable with this Tea Party movement. It makes me nervous. Say what you will but the Tea Party stuff reminds me of revolution and rebellion against your own country. Not good folks.

So where do we go from here? What kind of message are we sending to our kids when we focus on movie stars & athletes rather than doing what's right for our country and our future as a whole? What kind of priorities will our kids have in 20 years when they are out in the work force? I'm just's a scary world out there right now. Perhaps we should look to Mel Gibson for some words of wisdom. Hey does anyone know what Paris Hilton has been up to lately? Just curious.... ;) elizinashe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back To School

It's getting close to the 'Back to School' chaos. The stores are promoting fall fashions, slashing prices on swimwear, stocking up on portable water bottles, coffee tumblers, book bags, and bed sheets sets. The Sunday paper store ads are full of trendy new items to dress up your wardrobe, your shoe collection, the bedroom and fun filled dormitories.

My question is what kind of dorms are these college kids getting these days? It seems all the promos for dorm life is setting up your dorm room as if it's a small apartment. Microwaves, futons, computer desks, coffee makers, storage cubes that are about the size of a dresser all in efforts to make your dorm experience festive and filled with friends. HUH? When I went to college we already had a desk area built into the wall with a book shelf with about 3 shelving areas attached to the cement walls. Two beds, a sink area, a small countertop with 6 drawers below-3 drawers for each person and two half closets. It was rather small and quite basic. There was absolutely no room for a microwave nor were they allowed in the rooms anyway. Hot plates were off limits however we could have a small dorm sized refrigerator. But in having the refrigerator sitting on the countertop that took up a lot of space. Decorations were scattered, mostly on the closet door b/c the walls were concrete blocks so there was little chance of nailing any wall art.

So I'm just curious about dorm rooms today. Are they bigger than what they used to be? Have they become mini-apartments so you can spend all your time decorating and throwing all-niters amongst your new furniture, funky art and kitchen gadgets? Seriously...shouldn't our kids be focused on hitting the books instead of the commercialism and gadgetry of dorm life? I'm just is expensive enough. Why spend extra money to set up a small room that's created to look like a new home? elizinashe

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pictures & Music

I swear I'm gonna blow up my computer from an overload of saved pictures and music. I can't stop. Is that even possible? I keep adding more and more music to my pute so I can create playlists for friends, family and now for a cheap MP3 player that my mom scored for free. It's my first step towards an iPod. But now my head is a-buzz with what songs I want to add on to this funny little device. I keep finding cds that I haven't loaded up on my computer that I feel I must have on there so I can transfer songs and obtain that perfect mix of music. It's a never ending obsession.

The more photos I take the more I become fixated on getting that one 'money shot' so I can make copies and pass them around. I've already got a series in mind for a small portfolio and mini albums to give as gifts. I tweaked some pics and dug for some old ones and found a wonderful multi-windowed frame for my dad for Father's Day. I spent an entire evening tweaking his project gift. Time will spent. He loved it. He went across the street to his neighbor to show it off. I want to be able to show off all of my good pics. Does that sound so vain? I know my future dollars are going to be spent on my crazed fixations. I guess that's not so bad though....there are other vices I could be spending my money on. I better start saving up for that extra pute, eh? elizinashe