Monday, August 29, 2016

Late Night Ramblings...

I Dig Our Downtown
I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  I've come a long way in my quest to find myself, and I'm still finding my way in this world.  I think that's just a life long process to begin with.  

I'm pretty happy with life these days.  Some aspects could be better and many aspects could be a lot worse.  And I am pretty aware of that.  I'm just thankful for having a good life.  

Sometimes I miss the days of exploring downtown late at night with friends, checking out some bar and listening to live music.  Back in the day, it was a night of drinking, dancing and meeting people.  Sometimes I'd meet a guy.  But those kind of relationships never quite lasted.  But those were fun days for sure.  

I miss walking the streets, agreeing on a place for a late night breakfast and coffee and tumbling home in the wee hours crashing into bed, reminiscing over the night.  Sometimes regretfully too.  haha..

There was what was seemingly a freedom in having such weekends.  Young and free without much a care in the world.  When you're young, working with a hangover was a slight given.  Nowadays, not so much.  But I do miss those days...leaving your place at night, wearing something special, hair and makeup done with the goal in mind to have some fun.  Now I know others who would get out and about had other agenda's, but for myself, I just wanted to have a few drinks, do some dancing and have a good time doing so.  And there was just something wonderful about that late night breakfast with coffee and cigarettes.  Hadn't done that in a long time.  Maybe I will go revisit a night like that soon.  Late night breakfast talk is always a good thing.  I do like good conversation over a cup of coffee.  Feeling a bit hungry as I write...maybe I'll go make some eggs.   Until next time...elizinashe
The Best Thing Ever After a Night At the Bar

Saturday, August 13, 2016

218 South Grand

Small But Mighty
My dad recently went to his high school reunion in Kansas where he grew up.  The house that grew up in along with his siblings, the house that seemed so big and curious is apparently on the market.  For a mere $119K and some change.  That may  not be too pricey considering housing these days and for the small town it resides but you sure are getting a real gem.  

I never knew my grandfather as he passed away when I was about two years old.  I really have no memory of him.  But I remember my grandmother quite well.  After a long, long journey from Arkansas into Oklahoma and into Kansas, we would finally arrive on the front porch with steps that seemed quiet large to a kid.  And my grandmother always had brownies made from scratch with powdered sugar on top and sugar cookies too in a 1940s like canister.  She didn't change or update that much.  Even with the decor but at least she was consistent.  haha..

I remember the wood inside the house being a lovely redish color, slick and shiny.  The stairs to the second floor were really slick!  So much as you really had to be careful going up and down and not too fast!  We had all tripped and fallen at some point in our many visits.  And those stairs were pretty sturdy and steep themselves!  

There was a closet upstairs that was a 'walk in' type but it also joined two rooms which was super cool for us kids.  It was like a secret room of it's own.  Lots of imagination in our play.  

It's so cool to see this old place again.  My grandmother passed away many years ago and the house was sold before she passed as she had moved to an assisted living close to her daughter before she got too sick.  My grandmother lived alone in that house the whole time I grew up.  And she was perfectly happy with that.  I don't know who bought it or how many times it has been bought/sold since.  Apparently my grandfather paid $2500 for the home back in the 1930s.  Can you believe that?  That's one helluva investment. 

I like seeing the pictures of all the rooms from the listing and I know exactly where each room is and how it's all laid out.  I see quite a few updates, including part of the wall in the dining room has been knocked out to make more room entering the kitchen.  Interesting.  And needed.  Regardless, it's good to see the place again.  I have great memories visiting my grandmother in that house.  Including sitting on the screened in back porch and making homemade ice cream.  Can't get much better than that.  

Take a gander and see for yourself if you wish.  It was a good place to be.    Cheers-elizinashe