Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm a Star Wars Geek Too

Star Wars fans prepare to be jealous. I was having some snacks and libations with an older gentleman friend of mine to catch up on each other's lives and have our 'monthly check in'. Nothing to really brag about other than good conversation and a few drinks as we vent and talk about our busy lives.

Much to my surprise there was a holiday gift for me. A nice small box which contained the latest Yoda stamps nicely framed. (Stamps you say? Big deal).It does look pretty cool I must admit even though it's nothing more than some postage stamps. But, as I was admiring how nicely it really looked, the bartender puts yet another box on top of the bar, rather large mind you, nicely wrapped with black paper and a big gold bow on top, similar to the small Yoda box. I was rather shocked. I could not think of what it might have been,this was totally unexpected. I was happy with my Yoda stamps. Although it was the size of a crock pot, I knew that was not what was inside of this big, black box. It was so nicely done, I kind of hated to tear up the paper...but alas my curiosity got the better of me and I happily ripped the paper to open up the contents of this most unexpected surprise from my friend.

Get ready folks because here it I opened this thing with a restaurant full of people only to find my very own miniture R2D2 Robot!!! I could not believe it!! I truly felt like a child was a very cool feeling!! I was speechless and excited at the same time. I had seen the mini R2 in a catalog last year and almost bought one for myself but decided against it because I had other priorities to be responsible for and really didn't need to spend that extravagance on myself, or so I thought.

So here it is a year later after having a challenging year and a few weeks of a social life before school starts up again and I am the recipient of an R2 Robot toy. How cool is that? I haven't taken him out of his plastic nest just yet. I'm still in awe of actually having such a toy at my age. He's just so cool. He's programable to do different 'tricks', follow me around and make all those R2 noises that we are all familiar with. I can't wait to see how the cats react! Oh this is going to be so much fun!! I'm trying to figure out how I can make a mini-mop so he can clean my floors while I'm at work. Now, that would be cool!! I think I'm going to need a LiteSaber next...hey Nan, you wanna come over and play??? LOL elizinashe

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my fellow readers!

Most of you are probably tucked away in your beds after some celebrations and libations with loved ones or constructing your child's toy for that big surprise from Santa...either way I hope your night has been one to cherish.

For me, Christmas is about spending time with friends and family. I get more pleasure out of having a table full of people and mounds of good food than I do exchanging gifts. Now, I do like to shop for my friends and stuff, or sending out some holiday cards but for the actual event in itself, I'd much rather be around a small gaggle of fun peoples talking and laughing all night. Forget about wanting the latest and greatest gadget. I'd rather have my holiday memories based in being with the people that I love the most. I'd have to thank my mother for planting those kind of roots for it is from her that I learned these things. I can't wait until Christmas will be a table full of ecletic peoples at my mother's place in the mountains with Dad's smoked turkey (his specialty) and mom's cranberry fruit salad and many contributions from neighboring gardens and hearty ovens. yum...

And so, my wish for you my fellow readers is also to be surrounded with love from many and have a table blessed with good food to share. May you all stay up too late from visiting with loved ones and your bellies be sore from laughter. Wake up late, drink coffee until noon and bust out the board games and have a marathon game day. Enjoy your holiday time and take lots of pictures. You might get lucky in capturing that one 'embarrassing moment' on film for everyone to remember that 'one special holiday'. hee-hee. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Childhood Memory

Someone asked me a long time ago what was my favorite childhood memory. Immediately I thought of my grandparents. They had been gone for quite sometime but that particular question gave me such a warm and loving feeling that I felt like I had a brief visit with them.

My grandparents would travel from North Carolina to Arkansas where I grew up every fall. My grade school was at the end of my street so I generally walked to school everyday. The day of their arrival I would think nothing of school work. All I could think about was when that final bell would ring that my day was over and my grandparents would be home. I couldn't wait. I would walk as fast as I could, keeping my eye out for my grandfather's big, white Ford LTD parked on the side of the street. After passing a few houses I could see his car sticking out of the street as if there wasn't any other cars around the neighborhood. I would try with all my might to run the rest of the way home...I just couldn't wait. I would be so winded by the time I reached the front door, but by some magical circumstance, my grandparents would be right there in the front room with open arms and kisses.

My grandmother was usually the first to get me. She was about as tall as I am now, 5'5, always wearing something pink,(her favorite color) with lipstick to match leaving a smudge of her lipstick on my lips and cheek. My grandfather was rather tall, like 6'1 or so it seemed, and had the best bear hugs. He had these long wonderful arms that just engulfed you. I swear he would hug me so hard that it was hard to breathe. I didn't care about breathing for those few seconds. All I wanted was my hug from my grandpa. I had waited all day for this momment. It was the best part of my day.

My grandparents always brought canned goods from their garden. The trunk would be packed full of stuff. Green beans, peaches, apples, veggies for stew, apple butter, (yum), as well as fresh apples wrapped in newspaper and sometimes corn on the cob. My grandparents weren't rich people. They were hard, working people who lived in a small mountain town. I never thought of them as being 'poor country folk' as they would be viewed as such today. No, they were richer than anyone I know. My grandparents had some sort of karmic vibe going for them that you just oozed of love and happiness. I always felt like I was at home when I was around them. I miss them terribly. I miss that comfort of being around them and feeling like I was 'home'. Most of all, I miss those big bear hugs and kisses sealed with pink lipstick. elizinashe

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Year of Growing

As another year comes to a close I look back on all the changes I have weathered. I just can't believe that this year is almost over. The journey this year has been a long one. Lots of changes, tapping back into the self-dicipline, and trying to set limits and keep my future in the light. This year has been a new struggle but a good one at that. I have weathered these changes well, or at least I think so and I still have most of my sanity. ha-ha.

I am lucky and grateful for all that I have accomplished this year, thankful for a supportive groups of friends, grateful for good parents who tolerate my lack of visits and most thankful for all of my 'girls' near and far. I could not survive without them. I'm not quite sure how I could have handled this past year without all of this support. I feel like I've crammed soo much into one year. So many changes, good and bad. Work, school, weddings, birthdays, quick visits with friends, tears, laughter, insecurity, panic, comfort, peace, love, mishaps, mistakes, successes, hugs, kisses and knowing that you made an impact on someone somehow without really trying. With all of this, it's been a good year.

I don't always have the time to do what I want or need to do which really frustrates me to no end. Hell does anybody? But what I do have time for is to just keep trying. That's all anyone can do, right? However, the year isn't quite over yet...I wonder how much more 'stuff' I can cram into 2007 before the ball drops. I'll keep ya posted...elizinashe