Monday, January 28, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Ah, the big I'm not talking about politics. I'm talking about what all girls do when we find something that we really, really want but is a little more than we want to spend on a treasure find. I found this really cool cabinet at Target, one of my favorite places (and proud of it) but it's just a little more than I want to spend on a piece of furniture being that my income is smaller than it has been. Yet, this particular cabinet would be of great benefit for my home and what I want to use it for. I tell myself that if I wait long enough that it might go on sale but however I run the risk of having someone else pick up my treasure in the process. I have found it on-line as well which Target boasts an extra 15 % off of the price plus free shipping. Sooo, do I wait to see if the one cabinet that's in stock at my local store goes on sale, or do I order it on-line for the extra discount and free shipping or should I scavage the second-hand stores, which I really don't have alot of time for, looking for something similar that might be cheaper or do I just wait for something better to come along?? This cabinet truly would be good for me and has been something that I have been looking for for quite some time. My problem is that the price tag is just a little more than I want to spend for a piece of furniture. So what do I do?? I really should be focused on my Anatomy and Physiology class right now but I just can't get this cabinet out of my head...and I feel like if I do go ahead and buy the damn thing then I will end up with an unexpected vehicle repair or a doctor's visit that my insurance won't pay for...isn't there a Murhpy's Law about stuff like this? Anyway, this is where having girlfriends come into play. Perhaps I should burn up the phone lines with Ma Bell and get that incouraging advice. Any input from my readers will be gladly accepted...time is ticking away and I really want my treasure, I'm just having a hard time coughing up the money. Oh yeah, I still have $50 on a gift card from the holidays which I had planned on using for work clothes and school stuff. So who should win this one? The Id or the Superego...?? elizinashe

Friday, January 25, 2008

Damn That Writer's Strike...

Now that the holidays are long gone and school has started back up for me, the one thing I was looking forward to was fresh, new episodes of my favorite new show Pushing Daisies. However, the writer's strike is apparently still going strong and therefore many of our fave shows are in the dead zone. In limbo our shows are, lost in space, gone away, a lifeless script, characters without breath....need I go on?? Remind me again why these people are striking? It always has to do with something with money, but I am certain that these writer's make a very comfortable living. The one thing that I looked forward to was my quirky Wednesday nite show so that I may escape into the Pie Maker's world. I deemed it a most lovely and appropriate distraction in my busy schedule and now I am anxiously awaiting the re-opening of the Pie Hole and all of its contents. Who doesn't like pie? Forget Heath Ledger. (sorry, Nan.) Bring Ned back to life!! He isn't dead yet! I need my show dammit...I know I'm not the only one who's disheartened over the writer's strike. I just want it to be over so I can have my weekly escape. It's good for my soul. What favorite show are you, my readers missing? What's your weekly(or nightly if that's your thing) show that you are now doing without? :( Just curious ...leave me a comment if you so wish. Happy (future) viewing...elizinashe

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year slighty belated I might add...

The holidays kept me busy as for most people...without school for awhile it was nice to tune up my social life and have some fun. The beauty of it is that I was able to catch up with some old friends and tighten up some good girly friendships that have proved to be a good thing, as my New Year is starting off well and with good support from my girls, near and far. School has started again and it's back to work, study and a little down time. But my down time now is spent doing things outside of my normal habits, therefore "broadening my horizons", which is always good for the soul. I have met some new peoples, reunited with old friends and have been reminded that others look to me for support just as much as I look to others for support when needed. Sometimes I forget that. I have had some wonderful nights talking about guys, relationships, past mistakes, hopes for the future, listening to music, dancing to disco and of course, current stress...that part will never go away. (damn.) But, I am thankful to all of my friends and I'm grateful for the life that I do have, although it is not what I had pictured it to be at this point in my life but hey, that's life isn't it? I hope the New Year continues to keep me on my toes and keep me doing different things to break up the normal stuff when it becomes too boring. January still isn't over but man it feels like it's been a long month already...perhaps that's a good thing. I've had alot of cheers to all of my peeps, near and far. Thank you for all the love and support you've given me this past year...I could not have surpassed my milestones without you. Much love, hugs and kisses...elizinashe.

P.S. I promise one of these days I'll be tired of posting all of my silly nun pics..they're just so much fun for me still...