Monday, September 29, 2014

What You Really, Really Want....

So the hunt for the 'perfect' kitchen table has finally come to a close. Or at least, I hope.  Geeze....decisions, decisions....

There is a huge discount place that I had visited at least five times looking at tables.  I finally decided to go with a 'counter top height' style as I just could not shake it off my mind.  I really dig the style and there is still plenty of room.  This one table was really, really nice with fat padded chairs which would make it really, really comfortable.  However, it was way more than I could ever imagine of spending.  Why is furniture so dang expensive?  I made three trips looking at this one particular table but just could not justify spending nearly $1,000 for a table.  Yep.  $1,000.  Seriously?  Of course, being that it was a 'discount place' and they were having a 'Grand Opening ' special in their new place, it would be 20% off which would still be close to $700-800 if not more.  Can't forget that delivery charge....Ugh.  

On the flip side, there was a new retail furniture store that just opened up close to my house with a smaller selection of items but still had some good basics.  I really don't trust big retailers because they just tend to rip off their customers.  Or so I feel.  I have the same mentality with car dealerships but that's a whole other bag.  Anyway, so I made myself go to the new place, just to check it out.  And lo and behold, I did find a table that was very similar to the overpriced table at the other 'discount' place AND it was only $488.  Yep.  $488.  Wow.  I was quite pleased.  The only thing that is doesn't have compared to the other table is the fat, cushioned chairs.  (I do like my ass to be comfortable y'know.)  The style is the same and the color is very similar.  The table itself is not quite as thick but it's not that cheap thin looking pressed fake looking crap either.  I almost walked out buying it that evening.  But being the picky stupid ass that I am, I walked away so I could think about it.  

I went back to that 'discount' place one last time...and no, I didn't buy that table but I really wanted it.  I just could not stomach paying that much money for a stupid table.  Blah, blah, blah...I felt comfortable in my mental decision to go with the cheaper but similar table and told myself that I would go and make my purchase before I went to a cook-out gathering for the afternoon on Sunday.   And so I did.  Another beauty of this deal is that I get some kind of 'extra protection/warranty' for what was supposed to be $50 turned out to be $30.  So if anything goes awry with my table, they will replace it or have it repaired.  And if nothing ever goes wrong, then that $30 is returned to me, most likely in the form of store credit.  Yep.  They give you money back.  Or so they say.  Guess I will find out in three years.  Haha....

But there is a small part of me that still wants that overpriced table, simply because of the big, fat comfortable cushioned chairs.  Aren't I stupid?  I've already have in mind to call this fabric place that does some mending/recovering to see if they can't make some big, fat cushions to put on my chairs.  Again, I like my ass to be comfortable.  And want my guest's ass to be comfortable too.  I know I'm over thinking this whole table thing. The whole 'do I or don't I?'.  Do you get what you really, really want because you think too big or do you take a step back and get what you really need realistic?   Sheesh...hope I still like it once it arrives.  May God help me when it comes time to get more furniture.  Haha...hopefully it will be an easier process without breaking my budget or my sanity.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  elizinashe

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guess What?

Yep.  I'm awake.  I could only hope that I'm in somebody's dream.  Haha...

So as I am coming off three nights of work, here I sit at my pute with a half shaved cat in my lap halfway watching a cheesy family friendly movie with Lea Thompson and Judd Nelson.  Classic 80's stars that have aged gracefully and playing middle aged characters for television.  Never been a big fan of Lea but I do still dig me some Judd Nelson.  

As for the 'half shaved cat' quip, I had to take Hecubus back to the vet for a sonogram so we could get a good picture of his stomach and gall bladder area.  I expected the shaving of the belly part and some of his side, but the vet sure did shave quite a ways up on both sides of his belly.  Poor thing.  He's got a reverse mohawk kind of look to him.  He just looks pitiful.  At least the sonogram results were fairly good.  No changes from last year and no eminent surgery at this point.  Hopefully his fur will grow back  quickly.  

I discovered a little bit of water creeping into my basement last week after a hard rain.  It wasn't a whole lot but just enough to trickle in towards the opposite wall.  I'm sure it's something simple like a small portal of entry from all the runoff from my neighbor's drain.  There was some of that good ol' red Carolina clay mixed in with it too.  Luckily I've got a guy coming Monday to check it out.  If it's a foundation issue, to which I pray that it's not, I guess I will call upon that Home Warranty that the sellers paid for as a part of my sale contract.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  

I've been getting into puns lately.  It started with an email that my dad sent me from one of his buddies that had a few puns in the attachment.  Good stuff.  That led me to searching a website for more puns.  Found some good ones.  Made me laugh.  Who doesn't like a clever 'one liner'?  And so...I will leave you with a couple of quips in hopes it will make you laugh as well.  

Never trust an atom.  They make up everything. 
Police were called to a nursery where a three year old was resisting a rest. 
So this dyslexic walks into a bra....

That last one is one of my favorites.  Makes ya think a little bit.  Gotta love it.  elizinashe

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Something to Ponder


[noo-muh-rol-uh-jee ]
1. the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one's birth, to determine their supposed influence on one's life, future, etc

I like to dabble in the 'new age' type of things.  I've always been interested in Astrology and I was really getting into Palm Readings many, many moons ago.  Numbers is something I more or less paid some attention to but didn't put much effort into the study.  It just seemed kinda hokey.  However....

I've always been told, read, and/or came across that my 'lucky number' was seven.  Didn't pay much attention to it other than random coincidences.  Then, in my late night self-entertainment I began thinking.  I did remember that my first apartment that I landed in Asheville was # 421 to which I felt like it was 'meant to be' since my phone number in Arkansas had the digits '421' in the last four of the sequence.  Recognizing that gave me confidence and reassured my faith that my leap of faith and a big move was the right thing for me to do at that time.  That was sixteen years ago.  

Other second apartment address did not have any 'sevens' in the sequence, however my phone number was a '3679' sequence.  Thus, the seven pops up.  If you want to go way, way back, my phone number in college, long before I even thought of moving to North Carolina, was a '3542' sequence,which if you're a real math nerd, you will recognize that both 35 & 42 are divisible by seven.  Weird, eh? 

And to continue...the very first house I fell in love with when I had only been in Asheville for about three years had a '21' for the address.   Blackjack!  haha..  (Seven times two, duh!)  However, I did not get that house which made me sad for a very, very long time but it was an older house which means a lot of investment to update.  I had good intentions but I certainly did not have the money to truly get it done.  I still love an old bungalow though...

At the time I left my second apartment I had a cell phone to which the digits include a seven.  Whatever...I then stayed with my mother for a few months while I got my act together.  That is another long winded story to which I will not discuss at this time.  However, her zip code did indeed, include a seven. 

Then I moved to my prior rental. A small 'studio' home which felt more like a shack but again...the address was '21'.  Blackjack!  (couldn't resist...).  Again, divisible by seven.  Am I reaching too far?  So many, many moons later and many, many personal hurdles I now have a home of my own.  My address is '49'.  Seven squared if you will....So maybe there is some truth in this numerology stuff.  Maybe not.  I do find it ironic though.  And I kinda like it that way.  Maybe I should play the lottery.  Or Blackjack.  (insert winking face here..)  By the way, if you think I'm really looney tunes about this, our home phone number growing up was a '2124' sequence.  Again...'21' shows up.  Divisible by seven.  Hell....maybe I should book a trip to the casino and play me some cards.  elizinashe

Monday, September 1, 2014

Late Night Ramblings

So I've worked 4 night shifts in the last 5 days.  Thus, I'm awake.  Good thing I have cable.  Otherwise I think I'd be going out of my mind.  Not that I can't 'entertain myself' but after a while, the creative juices leave and the boredom sets in all too well.  

I had mentioned in a previous post about the Duggars.  I have one slight correction.  Yes, one daughter is newly married and newly pregnant after being married for only two months.  Sheesh. However, the next daughter in line is engaged, not currently married as I had thought.  However, like her older sister, the happy couple will have their first kiss on their wedding day.  Apparently the son-in-law to be has moved to the family compound, in the guest house mind you, so the two can be closer and visit since he previously had lived four hours away.  Jesus....What really gets me is that the 'courting time' is chaperoned and they aren't supposed to 'touch' or do any of that normal dating, excuse me, 'courting' stuff.  What the hell?  The girl is 21 years old!  How does monitoring and restricting your child's dating life prepare them for the real world or adulthood or even intimacy?  And get this, the father was okay with the son-in-law to be moving into their 'guest house' because they have 'so much going on' that he can help out with the family.  I kind of find that sickening....using innocent kids for your gain.  Doesn't seem very Christian to me.  

I really don't mind working nights so much.  However, it does kind of put a damper needing to get 'daytime' errands done.  Like vehicle maintenance, regular eating schedules, meetings for work and so forth.  I have friends coming in October for a visit.  I just hope that I can turn around and be a functioning day time person so I can spend quality time with them both, instead of having them wait all damn day for me to 'wake up'.  Guess I will need to make a plan to recalculate my body clock ahead of time.  

I could go on and on since I have time and can't sleep, but I tend to write long blogs anyway, or so I feel, which can be distracting and leave the reader inattentive.  So I will keep this short.  I finally finished my book that I started a couple months ago.  I have a hard time reading at home so I try to read when I go out to eat and sometimes at work, and I haven't gone out to eat very much lately.   Work had been super busy the last couple of months so it became difficult to finish reading.  But alas, I had two nights the past ten days where I could finally finish my treasure.  I do love this author's books and I so want to meet him someday.  I've read about seven of his books which is a real record for me.  He cracks me up and given that today's world is all screwy and I work in a high stress field, his work is a lovely distraction.  Guess I need to put a book signing on my bucket list and make that happen.  Until next time....elizinashe