Monday, September 28, 2015

This & That, Tit for Tat

What I Wished to Have Seen...
So the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse came and went.  It was either the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a new beginning.  Take your pick.  I myself, will choose the later.  Sadly, it was raining out in my neck of the woods.  In fact, we've had rain for the last three days.  Guess Mother Nature was making up for our hot summer.  Oh well...maybe I'll catch it next time.  I do plan on living. 

I have realized that I just don't make enough time for me.  I don't stop long enough to make fun plans and get out like I used to.  I'm slowly making that change, and taking those small steps to do what I really enjoy.  Like taking pictures.  I realized how much I've missed playing with the camera when my dad came to visit.  So, I'm going to make it a point to do more of that.  Our Fall-slash- Leaf season will be a quick one I'm sure.  So I better get out and do some pointing and clicking before it fades away.  

Speaking of Fall weather, it sure has been a comfort to have some cool days lately.  I must say it's been refreshing and good for the soul.  I just hope it lasts for a nice long while.  This chic is not ready for those single digit temperatures like we had last year.  It was rather stressing to hear my heat pump plug away all night long.  I'm still learning about that thing.  I'm just thankful it still works and that it didn't poop out on me.  Keeping my fingers crossed for this up and coming season.  We never know what may come.  

And so...I hope your Fall is turning out to be as lovely as you had wanted.  And I hope you got a chance to see that Moon.  It certainly is a good excuse to look up at that gigantic night sky don't ya think?  Until next time....elizinashe
Going, Going, Gone...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nothing Special

Downtown Greens in the Park
It's been a short while since I've last posted.  There have been numerous times that I've had stuff in my head to write and share...but it's usually at an inconvenient time. (like at work or in the car..and so on.)  So here I be pecking away with all those previous posts that were in my head totally gone.  Haha...oh well.  It will come back to me later I'm sure. 

Dad's visit went pretty well.  I think he had a good time even though he could not stay as long as he had hoped.  And I will just leave it at that.  There are other factors in that mix to which I won't divulge and to a degree, it makes me sad to see him as he grows older and in a "lost" sort of way.  Not lost as in his mind, but just "lost" in what he had expected his retirement would be vs. what it actually turned out to be.  I do have to give him some kudos though.  He weathered some tough times.   I just hope he keeps persevering.  

Oh I hate thee.  I did watch the Republican primary debate the other night.  I wanted to see what all these sad candidates had to say. times it was like a circus side show.  Seriously.  At other times, it was a heated discussion.  What bothered me the most about it is that there seems to be only one candidate that actually is working on facts and a best well meant plan of action vs strong personal beliefs and/or vendettas to initiate in order to run our country.  Disgusting...I won't get on my soapbox here but you need to leave your personal beliefs behind, and make wise and well informed decisions regarding keeping our country healthy and strong.  And yes, we need some changes...but changes that will be to our benefit in the long run.   We are an America of many peoples.  And we need to support that.  

And so...I will stop there before I get pissed off.  haha...Politics and Religion.  Stay away from talking about it, right?  So what's in your wallet?  elizinashe

Monday, September 14, 2015


Time for a Break!
September certainly started off with a bang.  My dad arrived Wednesday the 2nd and I feel like I've been going at full blast since.  Heck, I was going full blast prior to all that.  I had worked a bunch, then in my off time I was cleaning, getting groceries and getting prepared.  Once dad got here, it was a go, go, go kind of feel.  And then when he left, I had one day to regroup and then bam!  Back to work...sheesh!  Glad I didn't pick up extra this weekend.  I needed the time to collect my thoughts. 

Dad's visit was really good.  Slightly awkward at first but we found our comfort zone and fell into a nice groove.  My basement is now cleaned and organized, my front porch looks white again and I now have craploads of junk from the house that I grew up in.  Some of it quite worthy, others...not so much.  I've already taken two boxes of junk to Goodwill.  There's only so many cookie tins that one needs.  Bonus finds:  a couple of pictures of my grandparents that my mom had at the house, my brother's Rektor set and my childhood Hot Wheels.  Yep...good finds.  

Overall, I think my dad had a good visit.  The roles are certainly changing to a degree.  I've been on both my parents banking accounts for a while now, you know...for the 'just in case' in the future.  My dad also gave me a set of keys to the house and to his car.  You know...'just in case'.  I guess there comes a time regardless.  I suppose you never really can be ready for that kind of change.  Guess it's better to be a bit prepared than to be blindsided.  I just hope that when that time does come, I will have the strength and courage to ride that wave and not drown in all that chaos.  

As for King Hecubus, the Snaggletoothed, (as he was once dubbed by a friend), hid pretty much the whole time my dad was here.  He made his appearance a couple of times, but he mostly banished himself to the bedroom and the downstairs late at night, once my dad was in bed and asleep.  What a pecker.  My cat normally doesn't hide for that long, but then again, I haven't had company stay that long either.  I had to move the litterbox downstairs so he wouldn't pee in the closet, as he did that first night.  (ass...).  And once dad left, I found Hecubus a few hours later, perched on the futon upstairs, sitting comfortably in his lair.  What a stinker.  

And so I will leave you's gotten chilly here at night and it's time for another cup of hot tea.  There is something comforting about sitting in your pj's and holding a warm mug in your hands.  I'm glad for the change although I hope it's brief.  It's just too dang early to be this cold at night.  I hope for a nice comfortable Fall and a long one at that!  Until next time...elizinashe 
I Don't Like Sharing My Human! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

And the Adventure Begins...

Woo Pig Sooie!
Here we are folks!  My father has arrived....with treats & treasures & lots of junk from the house.  Oh geeze...just when you get to a point where you're organized here comes more stuff.  But ya know..that's okay.  Some of it's pretty cool and sentimental.  

My dad had told me that he had a 'surprise' that he was bringing me.  Although I told him I have plenty of stuff and really don't need anymore he brought me a thirteen piece stainless steel cookware set.  Yowza!  I pretty much have all the pots and pans that I really need, but....this set is pretty spectacular.  Three different sized omelette type pans.  Woo hoo!  And all with lids.  Super!  Guess I've got a lot of cooking to do in the next few months.  Better make some room in my cabinets on those nights when I can't sleep.  

It's been good so far.  I'm glad to have him here and we've had some nice chats on the deck.   I have to give my dad some credit.  He has told me more in his older years than I ever heard as a kid.  Maybe that's a natural progression...maybe that's just him.  Maybe it's me...I'm older and more mature these days.  At least the older part.  Don't know about the maturity gig.  (wink, wink.)

And so...I will leave it at that.  I made a big fat dinner with a bottle of wine of course and a bit of chocolate for dessert.  Tomorrow will be a guinea pig dinner plan as I have found a one pot pasta dish that sounds delicious and should provide plenty of leftovers.  At least for a little while.  After that, I will have to do some more searching.  I can only plan so far ahead...

Tomorrow will be a Lowe's excursion with a quick trip to pick up some lunch type items and snacky foods for dad.  Then it's on to start some 'daddy do' projects while I begin to construct my pasta project.  With wine of course.  I think a cherry pie will be in order for dessert.  I do like to spoil my guests....Until next time...elizinashe