Monday, April 6, 2009

In Need for Spring

The winter months can be very tiresome. I get very tired of the same old daily grind and I look forward to the time change so I can have that extra daylight at the end of my day. It is such a sigh of relief as I am leaving work and walk out into some daylit sky. No more leaving for work in the dark and returing home in the dark.
This time of year can be such a tease. We will go thru periods of rain, cool temperatures, a couple of warm days and then a quick tap of cold weather. Such is the case today. It was 75 degrees yesterday. I quickly made some use of our lovely weather and went for a nice drive, found a sunny picnic table and layed down in the sunshine, listening to the wind in the trees. It was almost like listening to the ocean. It was a nice little cat nap that was much overdue. The school and work thing has really weighed heavy on my mentality. Being able to detox my brain by going outside and getting out of the four walls has a tremendous effect on my being. ahhh....

So now we are back to the slap-in-the-face cold snap. bleh!!! It is chilly, windy and the temps are supposed to drop and there is a chance of rain/snow mix late tonight and tomorrow. yee-gads!!! It's April already!!! Can't it stay nice for a few weeks??? I need warm, sunny skies to push me through the end of this semester. I'm tired of being inside the four walls. I spend alot of time encased school buildings and work. This butterfly is ready to fly. Oh, please spring hurry up! I'm tired of my cocoon. elizinashe