Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beautifully Ugly

Just had to share this. I came across this photo from the Detroit Zoo on the internet which some of you may have seen already but I wanted to share this in the blog world. This lovely creature was born earlier this month at the Detroit Zoo. He's an aardvark for those who aren't familiar with the animal world. He's so ugly that he's cute. His 'toe nails' would certainly hurt somebody but his ears crack me up. I think the blurb about him said they're about 4 inches in diameter. (wow!). That's alot of ear wax (ew). Maybe he'll 'grow into them'. haha. Hope you enjoyed your Wild Kingdom moment. elizinashe

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay so I finally had my holiday freakout boo-hoo yesterday late afternoon. It's still hovering but is gradually lifting away thank God. I am ever so grateful for the life I have, a roof over my head and food to eat and more than grateful for the friends I have near and far, but I had become overwhelmed with that holiday sadness and a lack of merriment that I have long desired to have in my holidays (the merriment that is). Now my Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn't totally pathetic or isolated, but just more different than usual and still living in a single woman's world. It gets harder as I get older when you would think the opposite and that I'd get better at handling such holiday stuff, but I haven't gotten any better. In some ways I think it's slightly worse. This year my parents chose to spend their time apart for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tricky part is not to feel guilty about their situation and still make time for each parent even if it is just a phone call around my working hours. I guess what has really bothered me the most is the singlehood this year. It just gets harder every year. Now having a man in my life doesn't define me or my interests by any means but it sure would be nice to have that someone special to spend my time with and have that extra person around mixing with my family. I truly hate coming home alone around the holidays. It's just not fun.
I could really dish out the dirt and totally expose myself and the whole enchilada of my breakdown yesterday but I just won't. There were/are many facets of why I have felt so crappy and why I had my boo-hoo. I don't want to come off as being pathetic. It's just a lot of stuff and I had my moment to cry about it all. I look forward to the New Year and I hope that it will be better. I know that there are many changes coming my way, especially in regards to my parents. I just want a better round of holiday merriment next year that's all. elizinashe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Intentions

Why is it that when you have well-meaning plans and tasks to tackle with the time to do so that it just never really happens to get completed? Just one of those things I guess. Tonight was supposed to be the perfect time for me to catch up on doing my Christmas cards and thank you cards from my birthday and in general the post-finals get-my-self-organized. However it has turned out to be a totally different night than expected. I just can't seem to utilize my time tonight like I had really wanted to. Too many interuptions I guess. The work thing tonight has had a different vibe than it normally does and I'm just having a hard time getting through my little check list of 'things to do'. At least I have the next two days off to do some double time on my check list. Just another reminder that well-meaning plans don't always happen when you want it to. Hopefully my next entry will be more enlightening than this post. I've got lots to talk about and have had alot of great ideas for subject matter but the school thing kind of took some priority vs. the creative outlet department. Now I can put school on a back burner until January (thank God for that!). However the whole writing thing just isn't happening for me right now along with my other tasks and tenative creative projects. I just want to veggitate for a while, finish out my shift, go home and crawl into my little nest of a bed. I can always try again tomorrow. Better luck next time. elizinashe