Monday, February 29, 2016


I Refuse to Carry This Load!
We all have our "stuff".  Things about ourselves and in our past that helped shaped who and what we are.  Some of that "stuff" is really, really good.  And some of that "stuff" is really bad.  I hate the bad stuff.  And I feel like it's been creeping into my head a bit too much.  And I'm not sure why.  

I have a pretty good life.  Now that the weather is more friendly, I've gotten out more and making plans for more fun.  The warmer weather and sunnier skies have got me a bit more motivated and I am beginning to start making more decorating plans for the house and trying not to overshoot my budget.  I want to shop for the house and make plans for a real vacation. 

But yet, there are times when those angry and frustrating thoughts creep into my head for no reason whatsoever.  And it's driving me nuts!  I've had some really unhappy dreams lately that lingers in my head for a few hours as I try to interpret where it's coming from and why, so I can be rid of it.  

I don't want to live my life with such negative baggage.  It's eats away at my soul and leaves me in a grumpy mood.  I don't like being grumpy.  However, sometimes you just need to go with it, and embrace that moment so you can enjoy the good things that come your way.  Or so I tell myself.  It's good to feel all feelings, I just want to feel more happy ones.  

So, I will do my best to let this wave of baggage pass.  Maybe it's a spiritual growth spurt.  And hopefully it will lead me to bigger and brighter things coming my way.  Perhaps it's the Universe's way of "clearing out the cobwebs" to make room for something better.  I have to believe in that.  Until next time....elizinashe
Choosing to Pack Happy Adventures!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Reality TV...

Please Make it Stop...
I've never been one to watch reality television shows.  Now, I am guilty of watching The Real World when it first came out.  It was different.  A bunch of young 20 somethings living in a big fat loft in New York City.  It was a glimpse of what living in 'The Big Apple' was like. Sorta.  With personality clashes and drama. And then there were other cities.  And yeah, I did watch a few of those too back in the day.  But I never watched every single episode or every single season.  It got to be pretty old real quick.  

Since then, it seems we have been hammered by all things reality TV.  And I think it's sad.  Not that I think we need all things naive like "Leave it to Beaver" or all things innocent and wholesome like Disney, but I do believe we need something different.  Hell, bring back Archie Bunker.  I'm sure he'd have a lot to say.  (wink, wink...)

We have watched these 'contestants' lie, cheat, steal, back stab, manipulate, bring false pretenses, show their asshole side and their bitchy attitudes all for that perfect man/woman to marry, to win the big  prize and seek that quick fame and fortune without much merit.  Is this what we have become?  Is this what we have to look forward to?  A falsehood to soothe our own ego?  

And with that said, having that influence of horrible television, has it influenced the general public to make horrible decisions, believe what they see and hear without proof and follow the popular vote without making any kind of critical analysis or real decision making skills independently?   It seems people are making very poor choices and forgetting what's really important.  Not only could you apply this to what is going on in our country and current  politics,  but also how individuals, families and communities make decisions and voting choices based on what they see, read or what they are told which is typically one-sided, without investigating information for themselves. 

How did we become so ugly?  It seems we have become a society of hate, bullies and tyrants living under an influence of fear.  (Unless you side with the one who is arguing to win.)  I find it very sad and quite frightening.  How did we get this way?  Is it really the influence of Reality Television, or have the times changed so much that we have become this horrible?  Just a few thoughts folks....Be kind.  Smile at a stranger while you hurriedly shop for your groceries.  Hold the door open for that person coming in to pay for their gas.  Send a plate of leftovers to your's the little things folks.  You can always DVR your favorite reality show.  It's really not that important.  Just sayin'....elizinashe
I Vote For This!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Food, Neighbors & Independence

I really need a better hobby other than food.  I do like to cook and when I can't sleep at night, I find links to new and exciting recipes that I gloss over and then "pin it" to my ever growing Pinterest food board.  Sheesh!  I spend plenty of money on food anyway...I don't need an excuse to spend more.  At least the recipes I choose are healthy.  

Speaking of food, my neighbor is a fellow foodie.  He likes to go out to eat and has some favorite hot spots downtown that he likes to frequent.  Which is not a bad thing, but he's also an early riser and one of those "three square meals" a day kind of fellow.  I've never really been one of those.  Even in childhood.  So lunch for me, at the typical 12 noon to 1 o'clock kind of deal is a bit of a struggle especially since I work nights and my body pretty much stays in a delayed kind of fashion.  I need to work on that I guess...anyway, we had lunch plans today and headed downtown.  It was a chilly but sunny day after a weekend of cold, crappy wintery weather.  It was nice to get out, but I so wasn't that hungry.  Glad I found a nice small salad to get me going for the day.  And that was enough.

As we were coming back to the neighborhood, my lunch companion had asked me why I wasn't married yet.  Good question.  I really have no clear answer for that.  I guess the older that I have gotten, the more independent I have become.  I've never been one to always be in a relationship, but when I am, it's a pretty committed and serious deal for me.  I don't take it lightly.  And the men that I have had relationships with just didn't work out.  For one reason or another.  Maybe I'm too selfish.  Maybe I'm smart.  I can tolerate quite a bit, but I won't take a bunch of crap either.  Maybe it's just not meant to be....I don't know.  Wish I did have an answer for that.  

And continues...I have one more night of freedom before the work stuff kicks in for the week.  Good thing is I will have really yummy leftovers to take for my meal.  Which is way better than midnight cafeteria food.  Now...what to cook tomorrow night?  elizinashe
I Need to Do More of This!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dang It's Cold!

Poor Birdies....
Okay, I get it.  It's February and it's supposed to be cold.  But sheesh!  I'm tired of it!  What stinks is that we've had a pretty mild winter this year.  We've been a bit spoiled.  Heck, Christmas was almost 70 degrees.  Ahh...and now...Old Man Winter has settled in for a while.  Insert frowning face here.  

At least I have this weekend off.  And that's a good thing.  This past week at work has been challenging to say the least.  I wish the Doc's would listen to us measly nurses.  Just sayin'.  

So my big plans for my Valentine's weekend?  Make a mad dash to the grocery store to grab some basics and a few extra's for some recipes that I want to road test.  Hopefully I won't ' over do it' but that's a part of the fun I suppose, right?  I do like to cook when I have some time away from work.  It takes me a while to plan and plot.  Other times, I just go out...I get bored with the same old stuff.  And some of the recipes I have found make too much for one person, which is always a challenge.  If it freezes well, then I'm good.  Who wants to eat the same thing four nights a week?  Not me.  

And so...this dangerous woman is living it large this weekend.  I did have an invite for dinner from my neighbor, but knowing myself, I really needed to have this weekend for me and do some hermitting.  It's how I recharge my soul.  I do have plans to get out in the day, but my goal is to be home by the evening with dinner plans brewing in my kitchen with a nice bottle of wine and parking my butt on the couch.  That's not too terribly bad, eh?  

Until next time...elizinashe

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feeling Blah..

I Think This is Really Beautiful...
It's dark and cold, with a tease of snow and freezing rain for the night.  Ugh.  Even though we've had a pretty mild winter, with one major winter storm, I'm tired of it.  I'm ready for some sunshine and flowers.  Aren't you?

Today has been one of those "feeling all wound up" days.  Just felt like I've had a lot to do in a short amount of time.  Including a dentist appointment.  Yuk.  At least my teeth are pearly white again.  

Had a good Super Bowl evening.  My neighbor had invited me over for a steak dinner with wine, game watching and conversation.  It was way better than meeting friends at a loud and overcrowded bar.  I might start a new tradition Super Bowl wise.  Have a couple of peeps over for snacks and drinks.  Bring your pjs and spend the night.  That way you don't have to worry about driving home and getting caught in a DUI check.  Or have some other idiot hit you.  That would suck. 

And week begins again.  Going back to work for the next three nights and the weekend off.  Which I totally need.  I keep procrastinating about getting organized, cleaning up clutter piles and making room on the kitchen table so I can have my neighbor over for a dinner, as I have promised but have yet to fulfill.  Mostly due to work issues.  And I will leave the work gripes alone.  It's been pretty intense lately.  I need to get out of town.  And soon.  Thanks for reading.  Next post will hopefully be more cheery.  Just needed to vent.  Cheers.  elizinashe

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oh It's Gonna Be Good....

Exercise Your Right!
So the Iowa caucuses happened.  I don't get into politics too much, nor do I completely understand it all simply because it's a lot of red tape to decipher in your head to which I have a very low threshold for such matters.  Regardless, I am happy to learn the one candidate that I absolutely cannot stand to even look at, has slipped among the popular vote.  I hope he continues to slide downward into the fire pit where he belongs.  And yes, I know how ugly that sounds, but that's how I genuinely feel.   What will be really interesting is how two other candidates who are currently tied at this point will eek out the next few weeks.  Looks like it's gonna be a bumpy ride.  I just hope the voters make an informed decision and think about what our country truly needs.  Do you want a bunch of hot air or do you want a real plan?  It's up to you folks.  Get out and vote.  And be careful of who you do vote into office.  

I had a required meeting tonight about "clinical boundaries".  You know, how to remain professional in your job description among your clients, or patients in my case, as well as your coworkers.  I think we all know how to keep our boundaries and such, but I do think it's a good reminder to have a quick one hour class just to rehash what we know.  And it's always good to have such discussions among your peers too.  I always learn a new way of how to handle certain sticky situations.  I just hope that others who have or will have attended this class walks away with a new perspective as well.  It's easy to get too comfortable in your work environment, especially if you have worked there for a number of years.  Your coworkers become like a second family.  But you never know when you cross that one boundary that another finds offensive, or wants to nick-pick and make an issue out of it.  Mountains out of molehills so to speak.  Hopefully, I will be more mindful of my big mouth as it tends to get me in trouble, and I won't have many mountains to climb.  haha..Unless that mountain is on the outside if you know what I mean.  Until next time...elizinashe
I Totally Agree....