Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Duggars, Eastwood and...Yeah, That's About It

I've been a bit curious about this family although I have never watched their show and most likely never will even if I did have cable.  This is the couple that have chosen to have 20 children, all biological mind you, in the course of their marriage due to strong religious beliefs and a choice of not using proper birth control.  They believe that children are a 'gift from God', to which I can respect, but God does not get you pregnant.  Sheesh....Anyway, I have written about them before and even asked one of my nursing instructor's on how she felt about multiple births and how it affects the body not to mention the complications that can arise as the mother ages and continues to become pregnant.  However, the fact that they do have many children is not the point of this particular post.  

As they are in the media spotlight, it came across that their 20 year-old daughter is now officially 'courting'.  Not dating mind you because that would implicate something more physical, but 'courting'.  Huh?  Um...what year is this?  I do respect their beliefs and wanting to protect their child when it comes to dating, especially in this day and age but to oversee everything as if it were an arrangement of some sort is just damaging.  Or so I feel.  This girl is 20 years old and according to the story, has never been kissed because she's 'saving it for marriage'.  Huh?  This young couple is not even allowed to hold hands.  They can side hug each other upon greeting but that's about it.  I find that tragic.  How is this girl ever going to cope with the first time of being 'touched'?  Not to mention being kissed for the first time ever?  Geeze...kissing is one of the best things ever!  I love kissing.  I love a good make-out session.  And this girl apparently has no clue as to what that feels like.  What if he's a bad kisser?  What if he gets really overwhelmed when they do kiss and goes a little overboard and gropes her?  This girl is going to FREAK!!  I feel sorry for all those children who are so over-sheltered such as this.  I respect those who teach their children about saving their virginity for marriage.  Your body is a sacred and should be respected and given to those who are deserving, but to not allow hugging and kissing in a relationship?   What kind of message does that really send?  Seems a little too medieval to me.  

On a lighter note, I never did write about taking my NCLEX test.  I was one of those who had many, many questions.  One right after another.  Two hundred and sixty three to be exact.  I thought it would never end.  By the time I had hit over one hundred fifty questions I was praying to God to strike me down because my brain was just shot and I was ready to run for the hills.  However, I did survive and walked out with my belongings piled up in my arms, bleary eyed and not knowing what had just hit me and quite starved for some real food.  

After I had bolted from the testing center, blindly driving down the road back to my side of town with my Camel light relieving my stress and fresh June air blowing across my face to bring me back to reality.  I had no idea what had just hit me nor did any of the questions that were presented seem like anything that I had studied or prepared for.  At that point, I didn't care.  I was on a mission for a couple of tacos and a much well deserved beer.  To which, that mission was accomplished.  

After about an hour I had my lovely tacos and cold beer, I finally crashed.  And crashed hard.  To which was expected after all that stress.  The best part about that was the dream I was having shortly before I woke up.  I was in a very familiar area back at home where I grew up.   It seemed that I was at the corner gas station having some sort of 'shoot out' against some 'bad guys' to which I could not see their faces but I was brandishing a gun and shooting like crazy AND with Clint Eastwood behind me doing the same thing.  Yes, it was me and Clint Eastwood shooting at the 'bad guys' making our escape out of some sort of trailer.  And while I was shooting my pistol, I was thinking that I needed to grab a bag and grab some of my personal items, like make-up, shampoo and clothes because clearly I could not return to that place and I was on the lam.  With Clint behind me. What's even more perplexing is that I was grabbing my clinical bag that I took to my rotations during school to throw my personal belongings into in my dream.    Now that's some funny shit!  So I woke up still groggy, confused and analyzing my dream, I came to the conclusion that I was not in any way shape or form projecting any anger at all to the whole NCLEX testing experience or the nursing program for that matter.  No way.  Not at all. 

Speaking of Clint Eastwood, have you seen his son?  This apple does not fall far from this tree.  

Good looking boy if I must say so!  Sure wish he would pop up in my dreams!  And if he did, we wont' be shooting guns and there would be a lot more than just 'side hugging' going on.  Just sayin'.  elizinashe