Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me

My kitty Hecubus is the best kitty ever. Of course in calling him a 'kitty' implies that he is young which is not quite the case. He is in fact an aging kitty in his 'elder years' but his personality is still young at heart. I've had him for 15 years now and he still cracks me up and always keeps a dutiful watch over me.

Since school has started he had taken on a new roll in his care over me. He has become quite the study buddy. Although he can't verbally interact with my studies, his behavior helps me in a unique variety of ways.

He's become very good at sitting on top of my book so it doesn't fall off the couch while I'm trying to read and take notes. He loves sitting directly on top of my notes while I am reading them, just in case the wind blows through the open window so they don't 'blow away' and scatter across the room. He has even considered reducing any musculoskeletal damage to my wrists by rubbing on my pen while I try to write so I don't develop any writing cramps. He has also become a great deterrent to any Carpal Tunnel maladies. He assists in my typing class lecture notes by sitting in my lap therefore allowing me to use his body as extra support while I type. Who needs one of those computer wrist cushions when you have a cat? And when I begin to type too much he nudges my wrists to remind me that I need to stop and take a break which usually results in some stroking of his head.

He's even keeping watch over me as I slumber, ensuring that I get a good night's sleep before class the next day. He will curl up in my shoulder and neck, resting his head on my cheek therefore allowing him to ensure that I stay warm, especially my nose as well as making sure that I am breathing properly throughout the night. He will even stretch out his paws into my neck and into my hair as if he's giving me a long-lasting hug. I am certain that this is his way of checking my carotid artery and checking for a regular and healthy pulse. And sometimes he will place a paw over my ear thus blocking out any outside noise that might keep me awake. How thoughtful is that? And of course we can't forget the Eskimo kisses he likes to give which gives me warm fuzzies and the moral support that I sometimes need. I think this is a secret way he checks to see if I'm breathing okay through my nose but I know he would never admit to that. He's sneaky that way. Clever cat he is! And as a bonus, I always get a lullaby of some strong purring to soothe me to sleep. A perfect end to a long day of studies don't ya think?

With all sarcasm aside, and yes I am being slightly sarcastic here, I wouldn't trade my cat for anything. Yes, he can hinder my studies but then again when I look at it from a different perspective it makes me laugh and appreciate that I have such deterrents. It keeps the stress level down and gives me reason to write something silly. Pets can be a great pain in the ass when you're trying to get things done but they mostly bring joy. Because it's the good things that you always remember about your pets and the impact that they have made in your life. I love my kitty and I look forward to more nights of studying with my cat sitting in my book telling me I need to stop and pay attention to his needs while he's keeping my stress level down. Who needs to read for class anyway? elizinashe

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

News and Other Stuff

This week is 'Fall Break' from classes. And thank God for that! I finally had a day where I can sleep late and tackle some household duties. The bathroom light is now repaired, the floors swept and laundry is caught up. I haven't cracked a book in two days. Today will be a slow migrate back to the books since we have an assignment due Friday. However, I am relishing the fact that I have some down time to catch up on my studies.

So Amanda Knox has been freed and is now back in the States. Good for her. I don't think she was guilty in the first place and I can't imagine what the last four years have been for her. What a nightmare. But we all know that it won't be long until Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters will be knocking on her door. I say leave her alone so she can regroup. She's got a lot of healing to do. Nuff said.

There were two scuba divers left behind in Florida on a tourist dive. Apparently when the two had resurfaced the boat had left. What the hell? Whatever happened to doing a head count? Luckily they were found by a private yacht after clinging to a bouy after a couple of hours. Can you say refund?

There is a woman in California that is seeking parole for the murder of her husband back in the early 90s. She had killed her husband within the first month of marriage, chopped up his body via garbage disposal and mixed some other parts in with leftovers and there are claims that she even 'barbequed' other bits and proceeded to eat him. Now she wants to be free. I guess she's getting tired of jail food and is in need of something more sinister. I wonder if she likes Chianti.

Another boy has taken his own life due to bullying because he's different. My heart goes out to his family. He was 14 years old. There is no reason that a child should take their own life because of the hatefulness of others. I really wish more was done about bullying. It's so mean and is clearly becoming an epidemic. And yet, very little is done to the guilty parties who make another's life miserable. This is just wrong in many aspects. I saw that Lady Gaga is taking this bullying matter to the White House. Hooray for her! I hope that we have a multitude of parents following in her footsteps to make some changes. I guess this is this generation's equivalent to what racism was back in the 60s. What do you think?

Fall is descending upon us nice & easily. We've had a few chilly nights already and I have turned the heat on a couple of times. It's been a nice change, calms my soul in a way. Other tasks to complete during my fall break is to bust out my fall to winter wear and put my summertime wear into hibernation. New, cozy sheets for the bed and a heavy comforter for good sleep. Gearing up for making some soup and freezing leftovers for a quick meal when I need it. With med calculations peppered betwixed said household duties. Sounds exciting, eh?

I have been having some food issues with my cat. He prefers the canned stuff now and getting him to eat more of his dry food is becoming a meowing pain in my ass. I have ruled out any mouth issues via a trip to the vet but he is getting older and has had some intestinal problems in the recent past. I still can't figure it out why he's gotten so spoiled over this but it's all a part of being a pet owner. And now that is has gotten chillier at night he's back in my personal space at night while I try to sleep with his head resting on my cheek and paws up in the pillows and in my hair to keep warm. Yes, his whiskers tickle me awake sometimes but I really don't mind so much. He's been the best boyfriend I've ever had the last 15 years and that's a good thing. And like myself, he's a big fan of my flannel sheets. Purrrfect sleeping gear. elizinashe