Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Procrastination..To Do or Not To Do..

Tomorrow is Another Day....
I used to be really productive in my off days.  I had a routine and pretty much kept to that schedule.  I was thin ,exercised regularly and ate really healthy.  I had a good job, a nice apartment and was well on my way to becoming the adult that I had always wanted to be.  Then things changed.  Some for the better and some not so better. 

Since then, I have traveled a long way from that journey.  I realized that I was a rather "closed off" kind of person, and all that energy I spent being productive with work and outside of work was not good for my soul.  I spent too much time trying to be "perfect".  Or at least, as perfect as I could be.  

Now my life is quite different.  I have a better job, a better place to live and many plans in my head to tackle.  However...that need to be "perfect" still hangs over my head and the things that I need-slash-want to tackle seem a bit overwhelming at times.  And those seemingly over whelming tasks go on the back burner for another day.  Am I procrastinating?  Is it anxiety?  Or is it just a matter of priority?  

Certain tasks always get done.  Like laundry.  Or dishes.  But the vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms are always on the back burner.  Plus, those are the two household tasks that I absolutely loathe.  What I struggle with is the justification of delaying it for just a few more hours.  Being that I am usually up at night, I tell myself that I will clean or finally unpack what few random boxes I have a get organized.  So when I have people over, they don't think I'm a total slob.  However...the night time hours come and I yet again put it off...telling myself that I will do it all tomorrow.  And then tomorrow does in fact come...and I choose not to tackle such silly things.  I do live by myself after all and my cat doesn't mind so why should I?  

One of my good friends, who was super smart and very successful in his career didn't torture himself with such things.  Yes, certain parts of his home was uber organized and he divulged in his hobbies but he also would take his time when it came to completing projects.  He didn't care that he had a pile of crap that laid around the house for months until he felt motivated to finish it off.  Guess I need to practice that more.  Or maybe not.  Does it really matter?  I do want to get my place a bit more organized and get back into a routine of using that pesky vacuum, so when I do have guests and friends over, I don't look like a complete mess of a hostess.  But then again, true friends won't really care if you have a little dirt in the corners or a pile of unfinished clutter, do they?  And why am I so bothered by this in the first place? 

And the wee hours of the night continue to grow towards dawn, the vacuum cleaner will remain hiding in my closet for a nice long slumber for a little bit longer.  Tomorrow will be putting the laundry away.  Mom always said make sure you have clean underwear know.  (wink, wink).  Happy Procrastination!  Embrace it.  Tomorrow always comes.  elizinashe
Sound Familiar?

Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers

A Rainy View...
You know what they say.."April showers bring May flowers".  Well, that certainly seems to be true thus far.  We've had a lot of rain this month..but that's just how it goes.  Can't really complain I suppose.  I'm just happy that my flowers that I bought a couple of weeks ago haven't drowned yet.  Sure would like some sun so they can get their Vitamin D.  

If something happened to you, who would know?  Meaning, if you had some sort of health scare, or God forbid, a serious car accident, who would be by your side?  Who will come and take care of your household responsibilities and/or your pets?  What if you have kids?  Do you have a spouse?  What if you're single?  Which one of your peeps will know what to do?  Just a few random things that have been running through my head lately.  Mostly due to I am surrounded by such matters in my work life, and I have had a couple of "health scares" myself.  Which really made me think.  I have good friends and really, really good friends.  However, I don't have that one "go to" person to help me out if such issues arise.  Guess I should work on that.  Life is short and you never really know.  

Speaking of Spring, I've been thinking of getting a year round pass to the Biltmore Estate so I can have an excuse to get out in pretty weather, go for a nice walk and take pictures, as that is one of my favorite hobbies to indulge myself with.  But...being that I tend to procrastinate, I fear that I may not use it as often as I should.  I need reason and purpose to motivate myself.  And being that I work nights, sometimes my day activities get delayed.  Guess I should stop making excuses and just do it.  The vacuum can wait and those pesky household duties aren't always a priority when I need to do something fun for me.  I need to practice that more.  

So what are you doing for fun this Spring?  And who are your "go to" peeps when you need help?  And do you ever think about that stuff?  And does your mind ever wander with such thoughts as these?  Just curious...until next time...Happy Spring!  elizinashe
I Need More Sun Please!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Few Bits

Pay Attention to Me!
I love my cat, but man is he driving me crazy.  He's gotten really particular about his canned food as he's gotten older.  Lately, he doesn't like any of it, until he's really hungry and then he will snack on it.  He's gone back to an older flavor that he really likes however it makes him puke now.  Too rich.  And he always has dry food available.  I just wish he'd eat what's put in front of him.  Picky ass of an old man he is.  But...he's my cat and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  And he's happily in my lap and in my face as I type.  Typical. 

Spring is in full swing.  It seems that everything is popping out at once.  It's gotten really green lately and more to come.  April Showers as they say...along with the pollen.  Achoo!  
Rain = Green

The Duggars....I will make this one quick.   They really do annoy me.  And I don't think they are very good role models.  Word has it that the older son, who is married with three children and another on the way owes four years of back taxes to Uncle Sam.  For shame!  And they just bought another house.  How does that happen?  The daughter that just has her baby before her first year of marriage has ended just about put her newborn in grave danger.  She was in labor for what was reported for 70 hours before she relented to a C-section.  She wanted a home birth, which I can respect, however relying on your God to help you deliver when your body is slowly killing your firstborn is not the smartest move.  She should have gone to the hospital after not delivering in 24 hours.  Trust me on that one.  The other daughter who got married is being pressured to start having kids.  Her husband is only 19 years old, and I am assuming without a real job and no college degree.  In fact , I think he's still in college.  What the hell?  And now..they have an 18 year old son who is "courting" which always leads to marriage and then the expectation to have kids right way.  What the hell?  He's eighteen!  No job, no college degree.  Yeah...that's real good parenting folks.  

I hate to vacuum.  Seriously.  Now my place isn't a total pig stye, but the cat hair does add up.  Thankful for a Swifter and a Dustbuster.  However, I do need to vacuum at some point.  I wonder how effective those Roomba's are.  And I know the Dyson's are really, really good.  My mom has one.  But, those Dyson's are so damn expensive!  I don't know if I'd use it as frequently as I should and thus, I'd feel like I'd be wasting my money.   However, they do seem to do the job rather I or don't I?  And how effective are those Roomba's?  Just a thought.  If only I had a male servant...haha...a girl can dream, eh? 

Anyway...Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is on the tube.  May have to focus on that for a bit.  I do like a bit of ridiculousness.  Happy Spring!  elizinashe
Love this Color! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rediscovered Treasures

What was my Grandmother's Dishes..
I recently collected some of my stored belongings that had lived in my mother's basement for the last 10 plus years and brought them back home to me, now that I have more space.  I knew what I really wanted and was prepared to throw a bunch of shit away, as I no longer need so much crap.  And how does one accumulate so much crap in the first place?  It sure was important to me at one point.  Not so much now.  

My most treasured belongings are family pictures and heirlooms that hold special meaning to me and hold wonderful memories.  It has been such a delight to unearth these long, lost treasures and give them new life again.  It has brought smiling tears to my eyes at I do miss those carefree days I spent with my grandparents in their backyard in a small town not far from where I currently live.  They were wonderful people and I always loved  looking at all the old pictures that were scattered around their little rock farm house and sitting in the backyard eating a big fat meal with my extended family.  Those were good days.  
Love, love, love this one!

I also found a great picture of my grandparents on my father's side of the family that I almost forgotten about.  I never knew my grandfather as he passed away when I was two, so I have no memory of him, but I have fond memories of my grandmother and to see a picture of her in such beauty is something I never really knew.  She was always a conservative widow, wore pants and blouses from an earlier time, necklaces and screw back earrings, as her ears were never pierced, and always had a sixties era type pocketbook.  You know, the short handled squarish kind with a clasp instead of a zipper.  Good stuff.  And she always had fresh home made brownies and sugar cookies upon arrival.  Everything was made from scratch.  Even the ice cream.  I wonder if any grandparents out there today do any of those things?  Or do they do the whole store bought thing?  One thing is for sure, the world has certainly changed.  
Their Wedding Picture 1930s.

I just hope in this day and age of immediate media, texting, Instagram and Facebook that there will some kid out there who had the experience of the little things such as I had experienced and hopefully that will mean more to them as an adult rather than updating their Facebook status.  That is, if Facebook will still be in existence when they get older.  I am certain there will be something bigger and better to impact our young media savvy minds.  As for me, I'm perfectly happy with my old school stuff.  It was pretty good then, and it's still pretty good now.  Until next time....elizinashe

Monday, April 6, 2015

Chaos Is Contagious

Take Note Folks...
Yep, it's been a full moon alright.  You know what they say about those full moons.  And this past weekend was a full "Blood Moon" along with an eclipse on this Easter Weekend.  I worked in the muck and mire of all that craziness and somehow survived.  Barely.  Good thing I had wine at the house.  

I don't do drama.  Not the kind that you read about or watch on TV or a play.  I'm talking about that immature eye rolling attitude drama that people give you when it's a personal issue or the information received was misconstrued or misinterpreted.   Give me a break.  I don't have time for it and I won't feed into it either.  And holding a grudge and keeping that eye rolling attitude doesn't help matters either.  Grow up and get over it.  If you can't do that then don't let the door hit you on your way out.  That's it, plain and simple.  

Speaking of work, I must say that I have the most awesome coworkers ever.  No wonder I've stayed there for so dang long.  We are a very unique group of mixed personalities and my fellow nurses do not hesitate to jump in to help out, especially when there is an emergent need.  And that I am thankful for that to no end.  Any job can be pretty intense but when it comes to nursing and you have a significant emergency, it can be really overwhelming.  I'm still pretty new to all this nursing stuff, but I know I've gained some really strong skills and I learn new stuff all the time.  It does take a village to raise the family, and I think our village is pretty damn great.  Minus the eye rolling attituders of course.   (wink, wink.) 

So my readers, I hope you've had a wonderful Full Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon Easter Weekend.  I hope it was drama and lunatic free.  Now go on and eat the rest of that Easter Candy! Your dentist will thank you.  elizinashe