Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blah & Bleh

Feeling Twisty....
We finally got walloped with the snow Wednesday night.  Unfortunately I got walloped too.  I got sick at work, right before I was to clock in for my shift.  Totally sucked.  Didn't see it coming.  At all.  It pissed me off and kinda freaked me out.  It was a very uncomfortable feeling and I wouldn't wish that kind of ick on anyone.  Not even on my worst enemy.  Not that I really have one, but you get my point.  Let's just say it was a horrible feeling in all aspects.  

I have a good friend who has been going through his own medical issues.  For the most part, it's just a lot of tests and follow up tests.  Health wise he's great.  But it's very frustrating for him nonetheless.  I have faith that he will continue to be in good health and strive to live his life to the fullest potential as he's always got something exciting lined up and plans on living to 100 years young.  Not a bad goal to have.  Plus he's got a great girlfriend to be by his side to help him if he's unable to drive or needs monitoring.  And that's a good thing.  I however, don't have a 'go to' person to help me when I am really sick.  Guess I need to work on that.  

All this winter mess and stress is beginning to wear on my own mentality.  I'm really sick of it.  I've never been really good at making social plans ahead of time, plus I'm pretty independent so it's no big deal if I'm at home on a Friday night.  But it sure does get old sometimes.  Most of my friends have the typical Monday thru Friday job with holidays and weekends off.  I've never known that world.  Probably never will. And that's okay.  I don't think I would be happy otherwise.  I just need to work on my planning skills and allow myself to have more fun.  I do believe I inherited my father's work too damn much.  Guess I need to work on that too.

I love my cat.  He's been a great companion and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  But he's going through a super picky eating phase right now which is driving me nuts.  I guess he's allowed given his age, but your damn food!  What's funny is he's really picky about certain textures and sometimes flavors.   Sliced vs. Minced.  Shredded vs. Chunky.  Beef vs. Chicken.   One brand vs. another.  Seriously?  Eat your damn food.  Such a putz.  But...he's my cat.  And he cracks me up.  I just wish he'd eat what's been put in front of him.  I'm tired of going to the pet food store every week to pick up his flavor of the week.  Sheesh!  elizinashe  

One Spoiled Mess

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bits & Pieces

Hurry Up Spring!
So our bitter weather has waned for the short term, only to return with some snow showers late tonight and into the morning.  The bonus is it's not going to amount to much, plus it will be above freezing during the daytime so going to work won't be much of a problem.  However, our weatherman keeps talking about a 'more significant event' Wednesday into Thursday but never says how much snow he thinks we are going to get.  And again, the temperatures during the daytime will be above freezing but most likely I will be driving in the snow going to work so I'd like to know how much of an event he's predicting.  Guess I better find me a new weatherman. 

Did you watch the Oscars?  I caught most of it.  I do like watching award shows from time to time.  Plus, it gives me a heads up on what movies I've missed and ones that I really should go see.  I'm not too political or anything but I will say there seemed to be a more serious tone and an 'awareness' to this year's festivities.  From Patricia Arquette's impassioned speech about equal right's for women, to Julianne Moore's Alzheimer's Disease research, to which if I'm not mistaken, the director who made the movie has ALS, to Graham Moore sharing that he attempted suicide at the age of sixteen.  Pretty powerful stuff folks.  You can't make that stuff up.  I'm glad that there are some famous faces putting the word out for such delicate matters.  They certainly have more ways and means than the average family to help support such causes.  And hey, did you know the Glenn Close is a mental health advocate?  Yep.  She has a sister with Bipolar Disorder and a nephew with Schizophrenia.  Yep. Sure does.  It just goes to show you that nobody is immune to what a lot of people struggle with everyday.  
Gogol Bordello
On a lighter note, I found out that this crazy band I saw a few years back will be in Asheville this coming week.  Oh the joy I had when I heard the news!  I saw this band open up for the Dave Matthews Band outside of the DC area.  It was my first exposure to this group and I loved them!  They are certainly different and were cuckoo crazy but in a good way.  Think gypsy punk on too much caffeine.  They are a rather large group which I kinda dig because there are so many different instruments that make up the whole, including an accordion.  Yep.  A nerdy accordion.  Groovy.  So imagine yourself at some east European drunken wedding reception with a loud local street band and you've got it.  I'm looking forward to checking them out.  Just might have to find something new to wear for the occasion.  It will give me a good excuse to buy new clothes.  Maybe something purple.  elizinashe

Check them out!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Winter's Night

Peacefully Cold It Is! 
It's cold.  Really cold.  The streets are dark and quiet.  A fresh dusting of snow has blessed itself on our road.  Neighboring houses have been dark and hibernating for hours now.  All is calm.  All is quiet.  Cars parked and coated with fresh snow.  Just enough to blow off and allow the wind to take it away.  

It's rather serene.  The kind of stuff you read in a novel.  Minus the holiday cheer, as that would seem more fitting for the occasion.  But alas, it's February.  Old Man Winter is making his mark.  Spring will soon be on its way.  Looking forward to some greener days and a warm Sun.  That will be a true blessing.  

But for the short term, I too will retire and snuggle deep into my bed with a cat purring in my ear.  Work always comes and work never ends.  But one thing for sure, is that this nasty weather will surely end one day soon.  And that will be a welcomed delight.  Hope you find yourselves warm and cheery in these bitter cold days of winter.  Spring will be here soon and we can all shed those nasty winter blues and breathe a new life once again.  Just don't forget to breathe deeply.  elizinashe

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Work It Girl !

Is She a Buggle?
Ahh...Fashion Week, how I have missed writing about you.  Guess I've found other things to write about that seem more fun and/or ridiculous.  (Duggars.)  But alas, I just couldn't help do give me some good fodder to focus on.  Shall we start? 

Now I know, fashion is inspired by many things.  History, politics, the economy, the media and so on and so on...however some looks are just downright frightening.  I am almost certain that this look is supposed to be some sort of artistic statement but to me it's just horrifying.  Maybe the designer has some sort of clown fixation.  Regardless, it creeps me out.  Why does Tim Curry pop into my head when I see this?  
David Bowie Could Do This..

Did you know that the first Barbie was created in 1959 by some lady who happened to be a co-owner of Mattel?  The doll was named after her daughter Barbara.  Not too surprising.  But what I didn't know is that Barbie had a full name.  Barbie Millicent Roberts.  She was supposed to be a teen fashion model.  And apparently the clothes for Barbie were styled after the latest runway trends from Paris.  Wonder if this trend came from Barbie herself.  I think she's already worn that look twenty some odd years ago.  Maybe they're trying to bring back the 80's look.  
I'm a Barbie Girl....

Speaking of the past, this next bit reminds me of the old days of Russia.  Not that I spent any time there, but I can't help but be reminded of the Old World Europe where aristocracy ruled and the ladies wore shitloads of clothing.  Mostly to stay warm I would assume and rightly so.  However, I wonder how much this thing weighs?  And where in the hell would you wear it to?  A masquerade ball?  Maybe on a shopping spree so you can shoplift and hide your goods under you dress.  Just a thought.  
Give Her Some Vodka!

And how can we forget the men?  I haven't seen too much ridiculousness for menswear, but the purposely open fly for this new look is just about stupid.  It even made the news believe it or not.  Do we not have enough 'privates' showing from all those baggy ass pants?  I don't want to see some guy's ass crack or his underwear when I'm out in public.  It doesn't look cool and it doesn't turn me on.  I'd much rather undress my guy in the privacy of my own home thank you very much.  So why would I want to see some dude's penis playing peek-a-boo due to an open fly.  Again, I'd rather see that stuff in my private world.  Besides, what if it's some nasty, unattractive guy walking around wearing those pants?  Oh the horror!  Ugly dude, penis sticking out.  Think about it.
XYZ Dude...

As for me, give me a nice classic style.  Dress me up that little black dress, or in this case a nice green one.  I could go for something like that.  Couldn't you?  Just don't set me up with a date that is missing a zipper on his pants.  Or a clown.  Or a clown missing a zipper on his pants.  That would be a nightmare for certain.  Until next time....elizinashe
 I Do Like Wearing Green....

Monday, February 16, 2015

At Least I'm Not in Boston

Stupid Arctic Blast...
Well, it came.  Our wintery weather has descended upon us and it's nasty out there.  My neighborhood is completely covered with a layer of snow with a nice sheet if ice upon it.  Our roads are a gleaming white.  I'm thankful that I've been able to be at home today.  Tomorrow might be the chance to escape and run amok among the public before all this mess refreezes.  I'd much rather have snow than this ice crap but I am certain our New Englanders might beg to differ at this point. 

Being that I've had some leisurely time today, I've spent some time straightening up what is to be my guest bedroom.  It's slowly coming along and once I get the bed and box springs I will be one step closer.  It's kinda fun to decorate in this manner.  I want my guest bedroom to be nice and cozy with my own little twist.  Who wants a traditional room?  

My dad keeps telling me what he wants to bring out when he comes to visit.  Sheesh...he keeps 'finding' me stuff.  Some of the stuff will be coming from the house I grew up in.  I do appreciate him thinking of me and he has already sent me some really nice things to help set up my new digs this past year, but the other stuff he talks about I don't think it's gonna be my style.  So how do you tell your dad to stop?  He typically picks out very traditional items, or stuff that my mother would choose which is totally not my style, but that is what he thinks I like because that is what he knows.  He had talked about renting a small truck and hauling his own car so he can bring me some furniture from home, one including my grandparents bedroom stuff, which I would like at some point, but mostly I just want my dad to come and visit.  I don't think he realizes how much of a pain in the ass it would be to haul a truck with furniture and his own car on a trailer out to my place.  Not to mention I really don't have the parking space for a truck, trailer and a car even if it's for 24 hours as he assumingly assumed.  I hope he hears me on that note.  What really needs to happen is that I need to make a trip back home and help clear out the house of unwanted crap, sell what needs to be sold and take what I need back here.  However, I just don't want to do that.  It's kinda painful to return home sometimes.  And I will leave it at that.  

I don't care what you say, cats are pretty damn smart.  I've had my cat for 18 years now.  Yep, eighteen.  He's got his 'old man' issues but for the most part, he's pretty damn healthy.  However, being a cat, he gets into things that he's not supposed to and jumps up on areas where he is not supposed to be.  And all I have to do is give him that verbal command/warning and he obeys with a complaint.  Or at least most of the time.  (He is a cat after all.)  I've always had dogs growing up, and I do miss having a dog.  But I feel like I just don't have the time to dedicate to having another furry friend even though I'd love to have one.  Having a cat surprisingly suits me and I can't imagine my life without one.  Well, I could but I won't.  Hecubus loves being the only cat now as I had two previously and he is all about me.  And that's okay.  There's something to be said about how having pets enrichen our lives, which I do believe is a good thing. 

As for our nasty weather, I am thankful that I have a nice, warm place to call home.  I know there are many who don't.  I know there are many who are struggling to stay warm and keep food in their bellies.  I wish I could do more to help for those in need.  Nobody should ever be cold or be hungry.  I think that's got to be a pretty miserable feeling.  We are looking at some below zero temperatures at night this coming week.  I'm not happy about that.  But when I think about it, there are many more people that will be struggling with the negative temperatures other than myself.  So I will do my best to keep my mouth shut and keep my prayers said.  I hope everyone has a nice warm place to sleep and food in their belly because that's a good feeling to have.  Sleep tight ya'll and keep those in need in your prayers.  It never hurts.   elizinashe

Saturday, February 14, 2015

It Ain't Spring Yet

Baby It's Cold Outside!
We are due for another Arctic Blast this weekend.  This time we might get some of that sleet snow crapola down here in the city.  Our neighboring counties usually get hit first, but us city folk just might get a good hit as well.  Good thing I'm off for those days.

My 'fiendly ' blogging competition that's not really a competition is coming along.  My friend is ahead of me by five posts.  By the time I post this it will be down to four, unless he feverishly blogs again this weekend.  Haha...and that will be okay.  I kinda feel like I've lit a fire under this keyboard and therefore he's writing more just to 'win the game'.  Not that it's a real game between us but it does seem like we've begun a new challenge with each other.  I think that will keep us both motivated to write more frequently and more creatively. I still have ten months to get ahead.  haha..

One of my coworkers laughed at me for not knowing how to navigate the Google + search engine.  Whatever.  I'm not so savvy on the latest and greatest technology stuff.  It's just a sensory overload for me.  I can 'join' the Google + world and possibly get more readers for my blog out of it, but I'm not sure that if I want to join another 'group' so to speak.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding the whole thing.  Guess I need to Google that, eh?  

People never cease to amaze me.  Mostly for the better.  Or so I think.  The others, not so much.  The lack of common sense astounds me at times.  What others deem as urgently important is really not that big of a deal.  It's just shallow and stupid.  But I guess if that's what is important to them, then it means something.  It just doesn't mean anything to me.  I'm glad I have enough foresight to not engage in such stupidity.  At least most of the times.  Guess I need to practice more kindness and understanding.  Or maybe I'm doing it right by just walking away from drama like that.  I think I will focus more on the positive side of things.  That seems to inspire me more and it's better for my soul by all means.  And that's a good feeling to have.  Don't want to lose that.  Until next time...elizinashe.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Woman Designing

I Really Dig These Shelves
When I got my new digs I had this great blank new space to make my own.  There were some things I knew exactly where I wanted to place them, how I wanted to make up the bathrooms and what I wanted to do with the upstairs area where my futon and tv reside.  I set up fairly quickly as I needed to be able to function and jump back into work.  I still have some tweaking to do but it's mostly minor stuff.  

My first real home purchase, other than the washer and dryer, was a kitchen table.  That took about four months.  I wasn't in any real hurry, but I did have a deadline as I was to have company in town in October and I wanted to have them over for dinner.  I finally found a table that I liked and it fits nicely with my kitchen decor.  At least I think so. 

December was setting up a 'guest bed' as I have never had one.  I already had a headboard and footboard in storage.  I just needed the side rails and the crossbars to support the box springs and mattress, to which I don't have yet.  Just a naked frame.  However, the frame looks really cool.  Now it will be doing a search for the said box springs and mattress and new bed linens to follow so I can officially have guests over, one which will include my dad as he was ready to come out when I began to move so he could 'help me'.  Ugh...that would not have been a good thing having him out here at that time as moving is such a pain in the ass.  Now that I'm closer to having a guest bedroom, I can plan on having him out in the Spring which will be much more comfortable for both of us.  

Anyway,  I still have boxes to sort and a guest room to tweak.  My room pretty much remains a mess but I don't mind it so much.  I'm trying to stay focused on the bigger picture without busting my budget.  I found a couple of floating shelves pics that I really like.  I don't like the typical store brand floating shelves as the wood is cheap looking and just 'blah' to me.  I like the reclaimed barn wood idea and I'm pretty sure one of my friends knows exactly how to build me some.  And I know which walls I want to place them and therefore, I will be able to unpack a couple of the said boxes that have my 'knick knacs' and give them a place to live.  Fun stuff.  

My ultimate goal is to have everything tweaked and homey by the end of the year.  It may be February but time flies and Christmas will be here soon enough. I want to put a tree up this year but  I will need to rescue my steamer trunk from my mother's basement first as most of my Christmas stuff is tucked away in that big black treasure.   And if I'm really, really productive, I can host a holiday dinner in my new space.  Guess I need to scope out some extra dishes as I don't have many of those either....I guess setting up house is never ending process, eh?  Until next time...elizinashe

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Monday Snow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Well, we've made it this far into the winter season without tons of snow.  Today is our first real taste.  It won't amount to too much, just an inch or so but the temperatures will drop which will make the roads fairly slick.  Especially the black ice.  Yikes!  

It started to snow a bit earlier than expected and the temps were hovering around freezing.  Depending on the source you read.   Regardless, I whittled my five errands down to two and took my butt back home.  I live on a big hill and I wasn't about to attempt to drive up that incline when the roads do get a bit dicey.  

So, on this lazy snowy Monday, it will force me to catch up on some household duties that I have chosen to ignore like Thank You cards, Valentine cards, laundry and if I'm really productive vacuuming.  I've already gone to the store so I'm good in the food department.  I really wanted to road test a new 'macaroni and cheese' recipe that I found online.  Now you've got to understand,  Mac n Cheese is my crack.  I have very little will power when it comes to my favorite childhood dish.  So I try to avoid it at all costs because I will eat a big heaping pile of it.   However, I found a recipe that uses pureed butternut squash, cheddar cheese and Gruyere  cheese.  Mmmm....sounds delicious and more healthy.  But, when I scoped out the Gruyere it was more expensive than I wanted to pay for just for an experimental dish.  I might need to search some other dishes so I can use up all that expensive cheese.  It's definitely on my list of things to try.  Gotta have that crack fix.  haha...Until next time...elizinashe
A Little Valentine Color

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Superbowl & Mistakes

Get Ready Arizona!
It's Superbowl Stupor Bowl!  Get your game face on and drink up!  Isn't that what we're supposed to do?  I typically join other bar flies at a local joint that I frequent, however I'm not going tonight.  I'm just not feeling it.  I do like watching the game although I'm really not pulling for any single team but I do like to watch a good game.  And oh yeah, the 'half-time show' is a good watch, depending on who's performing.  But it's usually too loud to really hear the performance anyway because of all the game watchers packed into whatever venue you have parked yourself at yelling and screaming not to mention all the TV's are turned up to the max which is nothing but a sensory overload.  Why do they have to crank up all those television's up to the loudest point anyway?  Hurts my ears just to think about it.  

How do you handle mistakes?  Do you freak out or do you just curse and move on?  Does it depend on the significance of the mistake?  Do you feel guilty?  Or do you just chalk it up to a 'dumbass' moment?  I had a fairly significant mistake at work last nite.  One factor was a computer error, but for the most part, it does fall on me as I just did not follow my usual routine nor did I double check as I should have.  No real harm done, unless you count smacking my face on the counter as I attempted to lie my head down for a brief moment of despair.  Ugh...Once I realized what I had done I had a bit of a panic attack and a huge wave of guilt fell upon me.  I've had those moments before.  That uneasy sinking feeling that you really fucked up and your head begins to waver and if you stand up you know that you will fall straight down onto the floor.  God, I hate it when I feel that way. Not only do I feel like a complete and total dumbass but it's also humiliating.  However, I recovered fairly quickly and followed up on what I was supposed to do when you fuck up.  I know it won't be my last work mistake, however I hope it doesn't happen like that for a long, long time.  Lesson learned.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, right?  
Damn It!

Give Me Some Lenny!
So it's Super Bowl Sunday and this chic is choosing to stay at home on this cold, gray rainy evening.  I don't feel like being around a bunch of loud, drunk people and then drive home in the dark on wet rainy roads.  It's just too hard to see where I'm going.  Guess I'm getting old.  I really don't care to get too involved in watching the game, but truth be know, I do dig the ' Half Time Show. ' I could care less about Katy Perry.  I really don't like her music, plus I find her slightly annoying.  However, I'm excited that Lenny Kravitz is joining her for the show.  I dig me some Lenny.  Plus he's kinda hot.  I say give Katy the boot and have Lenny do the whole show.  In fact, why not just screw the whole football game itself and let's have a four hour show of Lenny!  Now that would be something I could watch from beginning to end.  Guess I need to keep wishing on that one, eh?  Hope you enjoy the game.  Or the show.  Whatever floats your boat.  

By the way, if you haven't seen this weather clip from Arizona check it out.  Apparently there was a computer glitch of some sort and the weather guy just went with it.  Totally hilarious.  Hopefully Glendale isn't sweltering and at a 'total loss'.  Haha...gotta love it.  Enjoy!  elizinashe