Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's the Little Things

Happy is the Heart
The last few days have been mentally stressing as life tends to be...my anxiety of trying to get things done before I return to work kept me feeling slightly frazzled. 

However, the Universe was on my side and my day ended up being relatively stress free.  I had acquired a big, fat shiny bolt in my tire over the weekend.  Luckily, I did not end up with a flat tire, nor did my tire lose any pressure when I aired it back up on my way to work and it held until I was able to get it repaired today.  My mechanic pulled the sucker out, plugged up my tire and I was back in business.  I had already scheduled an oil change so the timing was perfect.  I am now a proud owner of a 2 inch silver bolt, slightly squished on the head.  I think I will keep it in my car as a deterrent for other bolts to stay away since I've already been poked.  No need for a second sting. 

As I was finishing up my run to the grocery store, I had concerns because I was finishing up right as our "rush hour" was beginning.  Our town has really grown, and sometimes driving down the interstate/beltway if you will, gets to be quite dicey with slow moving traffic and sometimes bumper to bumper action.  The kind of traffic that I absolutely hate.  I have such a low threshold for that kind of stuff.  But, as luck will have it, traffic going home was smooth sailing and I got home just in time to drop off the said groceries and cat food too without much hassle or idiot drivers.  I was pretty relieved to say the least.

I made a quick dash to my local joint for eats and drinks, finished up some laundry duties, saw a beautiful falling star from my deck and got a surprise call from a girlfriend who will be in a neighboring city for about a month for work.  A brief visit and reunion is soon to come.  And as luck would have it, we are both off on the same days each week.  What a blessing.  Looking forward to catching up with a super awesome lady who never ceases to amaze me. 

Yep..June has been busy, hectic and at times quite stressing but it's the little things that keeps me going and eases my soul.  Today has been some of those little things.  And it has made me quite happy and thankful for that.  I hope the little things that come across your way make you smile and your heart happy.  It does for me.  Until next time...elizinashe
It's the Little Things That Make Life Beautiful

Monday, June 26, 2017

Busy In the Head

Dancing in the Wind
Wow..where did the time go? 

I feel like May was a growing, happy and creative month.  June...well..it's been hectic, busy and full of mixed emotions.  It's been a whirl for sure.

My dad came out to visit over Father's Day Weekend.  Over all it was a good visit but it came with crap from home and some emotional moments.  There is still a lot of baggage from the past, current worries and small steps for the future.  Sounds a bit cryptic I know, but I will spare you the details, as there are many.  As one of my good friends had described it when I was giving her a quick "run down" of that weekend, there are many layers to the whole story.  I think I'm still processing it all. 

I've had little time to myself it feels and it will still be a few more days of work until I really have enough time to myself to regroup.  Sounds selfish I know but that's how I rejuvenate and reset my inner batteries that way.  And knowing that, it makes me wonder if I'm really geared for a long term relationship.  Hmm...it's been so long I really don't know how to be a girlfriend anymore, nor do I know how to function in a relationship.  Or at least I think.  I hope I'm wrong. 

Regardless, the quiet time I do have now is a welcomed feeling.  I think I will relish in that for a little while longer.  Until next time...elizinashe
Channeling Some Inner Peace

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Single NIghtshifter

Time for a Refresher
Ask any night shifter and they will tell you that their sleep cycle is always a bit screwy.  Even if they are one of those people who can "turn around" easily, it's still gonna mess with you a bit.

I really don't mind working nights.  In fact, I almost prefer it.  It does wreak some havoc on my body and it certainly weighs on my mentality but the mental part would most likely be much worse if I was a day shifter.  Sometimes I miss working the daylight hours, but the mental baggage and stress would be about the same if not worse.  Plus, there is always more drama in the daytime.  Always.  I don't do drama.  I don't have time for that shit. 

But...being up late at night in your off time has it's perks and the opposite.  Lately I feel like I'm going through the opposite.  It gives me too much time to think and wallow...I know it's just a phase but man...its getting sucky.  Would I be happier working in the daytime like most people?  Probably not.  I've been there and done that and had similar struggles that filled up my little head.  The trick is not to allow all that baggage swimming upstairs make a home and unpack it's load for a long stay.  I refuse to let my current worries and fears plant roots.

I guess what I've been struggling with the most during this phase of mine is the singlehood part of it all.  I'm rather proud of the fact that I've been independent enough to make my own way without having to rely on anyone else to help keep a roof over my head or put food on the table.  But it sure would be nice to have someone around to help with the emotional stuff.  Sometimes it can be pretty hard and scary.  Too much thinking can drive you crazy.  And I'm pretty good at the "over thinking" stuff.  One of my charms I suppose.  😉  But as we all know, this too shall pass.  I just need to move through it. 

I still have lots of conquering to do and fun plans in the very near future.  Gotta get my game back on and send this mental stress out the front door.   Sunny days are ahead!  Until next time...elizinashe.
Open the Door and Let It All Out!