Monday, June 26, 2017

Busy In the Head

Dancing in the Wind
Wow..where did the time go? 

I feel like May was a growing, happy and creative month.'s been hectic, busy and full of mixed emotions.  It's been a whirl for sure.

My dad came out to visit over Father's Day Weekend.  Over all it was a good visit but it came with crap from home and some emotional moments.  There is still a lot of baggage from the past, current worries and small steps for the future.  Sounds a bit cryptic I know, but I will spare you the details, as there are many.  As one of my good friends had described it when I was giving her a quick "run down" of that weekend, there are many layers to the whole story.  I think I'm still processing it all. 

I've had little time to myself it feels and it will still be a few more days of work until I really have enough time to myself to regroup.  Sounds selfish I know but that's how I rejuvenate and reset my inner batteries that way.  And knowing that, it makes me wonder if I'm really geared for a long term relationship.'s been so long I really don't know how to be a girlfriend anymore, nor do I know how to function in a relationship.  Or at least I think.  I hope I'm wrong. 

Regardless, the quiet time I do have now is a welcomed feeling.  I think I will relish in that for a little while longer.  Until next time...elizinashe
Channeling Some Inner Peace

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