Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Night Life

Who Doesn't Like Milk & Cookies?
Being a night shifter has its perks.  

1).  You don't have to get up really early in the morning.
2).  Shift differential. 
3).  Your fellow night staff.  They will always rock!
4).  You can drink wine in the morning and get away with it. 
5).  Sleep deprived silliness with your coworkers.  

The downside...
1).  You tend to stay up almost as late in your off time. 
2).  You feel like you miss out on daytime activities with your friends who work 'normal hours'. 
3).  You don't feel as productive in your off time because you're trying to be a day person.  
4).  Scheduling appointments.  Always late in the afternoon. 
5).  It can be lonely at times, due to being up late anyway in your off time. 

Regardless, I really don't mind working nights.  At least it gives me time to prepare for work before I clock in and jump in the mix of the unit.  What really helps is having the extra time before work to run an errand or two to knock out other necessary adult stuff so I won't have too much to do in my off time.  And when winter weather hits our area, I feel like I have more time to prepare and drive into work in better daylight vs driving on untreated roads in the dark before the sun arrives.  

And in this late nite owl status that I have adopted, I have discovered some really cool movies, concerts  and a few documentaries on the 'boob tube' now that I have cable.  I refuse to watch all the popular series stuff like a lot of my peers follow, simply because I'm in the middle of the series running and I don't like to 'binge watch'.  So I just that stuff alone.  

I have also discovered mounds of delicious recipes that I have "pinned to my board" to test out in the coming months.  And yes, I have discovered the Pinterest.  Geeze....that's a whole other world.  At least I have kept it simple.  Mostly recipes as I like to cook.  It's an endless battle.  

I have also seen quite a few shooting stars and have heard mystery sounds from some kind of creature late at night while I'm sitting on my deck.  Good stuff.  I hope to experience more of that.  Especially the shooting stars bit.  I have quite a few wishes to make.   

And so...that is it folks.  At least for now.  I had intended to write about something completely different, but as I began to hammer out on my keys, this came out of my head.  Guess that's a good thing.  Until next time....elizinashe
Oh If Only It Were This Exciting!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

So Much to Say....

You Know You Want to Sing It! 
What the hell is going on in our world these days?  Sheesh!

Again, I feel like "Reality TV" has brainwashed the minds of our youth and those who have grown up watching that shit.  Nobody has any scruples anymore.  Or so it seems. 

So much gun violence.  And so much hatred.  And a lot of it is one sided.  Yes, there are some who are trying to have open discussions and start a conversation about how we can make it all better.  But yet, there are those who are adding to the problem and turning up the heat without thinking about the consequences.  

There have been peaceful protests, and violent protests.  I'm glad we live in country where we are allowed to do such things, but when you impede on public safety, instigate violence and shut down city streets and highways, ( yes...a highway folks.  Oakland I-880 just this past week) then you are adding to the problem.  And I won't even touch our politicians.  They are all a part of the problem too.  

What are we teaching our kids?  Certainly not much.  Not just but 30 minutes ago, my neighbors kid got her friend's SUV stuck behind our homes on a narrow street and halfway in a grassy area that is sloped in a rather steep like fashion.  The driver's back wheel is slightly bent.  Three teens....not drunk mind you but in a bit of a pickle.  The SUV needs to be towed out of this predicament. Otherwise, it might roll over.  The neighbor's kid has been nice and thankful for what assistance I provided.  The owner of the SUV, who doesn't even know how to put her SUV into 4wheel drive, is on her phone, calling somebody who I think was not a parent, not even looking at me or thanking me in my attempts to help.  The third teen, somewhat thankful but he quickly turned his attention to his companions.  Whatever happened to common courtesy and saying "Thank you" when someone is trying to help you?  Jesus...

Anyway...just some quick rants.  I used to joke back in high school that I would move to Switzerland because the country pretty much stays neutral in all worldly political things, the people are friendly and happy not to mention having really good chocolate available at any given time.  And oh, the landscape is breathtaking.   Now I think it's not such a bad idea.  I find a lot of Americans rather self indulgent.  And again, I think our society encourages that kind of mentality.  I fear of what may come to pass for our country.  I hope and pray that I am wrong.  Until next time....elizinashe
Be Careful of the Seeds that You Plant