Friday, December 18, 2009

Customer Service

So I got a nice glossy 'thank you' from American Express for being such a 'valued' customer, wishing me a great 2010. Gee, thanks. Yes, American Express has its perks and it has saved me in a tight pinch, has funded flights and hotels across the miles, paid for emergency vet visits for my kitties and dental visits for moi. However, knowing how much I have actually spent with American Express over the last 3 years I want something more than a generic advertising glossy 'thank you' from the veeps. I know that it's all a part of a marketing protocol and whatnot, but STILL, I think I should deserve something more, like a free plane ticket or a gift card to somewhere really nice other than Red Lobster. (bleh). It is the holidays after all and I will continue to be an American Express customer, valued that is, but I want more bang for the bucks I have spent. And believe me I have spent some bucks!!! Is that too much to ask or am I just being selfish? The economy still needs some help and I could use some assistance in boosting the spending power of the average consumer. What do you think? It's just a thought. elizinashe