Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Stuff

Ever have many ideas to write about but you never put your fingers to the keyboard? I have many of those moments. Most of my blog ideas come when I'm trying to fall asleep and I tell myself to remember the thought of blog when it's not so late and I'm off work. Rarely does this happen. Procrastination, perhaps? I dunno. I really don't want to get in the habit of writing late in the night when I should be catching some zzz's due to work. I typically get out of bed by 5am on work days and boy does that alarm come early! Maybe I'll just start writing late at night anyway. I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I do believe there will be many late nights in my future burning the midnight oil for my impending studies. I guess we will just have to wait and see. At least I blogged before the late night news today. Haha.....elizinashe

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well, It Happened

Apparently the third time is a charm for me. I have been accepted into the LPN program here at the local community college and I am currently on the waiting list for the Rn program, both which start this fall. I knew when I checked my mail today that the fat envelope from the school was going to be good news. I was on my way to run an errand so didn't open it up until I reached the parking lot. I needed the short drive to prep myself as my mind was already spinning. Needless to say my errand was uneventful as I was in shock and quite distracted.

I quickly looked over all the paperwork that was sent and stuffed everything back into the envelope. So much to do already! Physicals, blood work, Hep B injections, mandatory meetings and a photo. Or something like that. I just couldn't bring myself to read over every little detail just yet. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. Right now I'm still processing. I don't think it's quite hit me just yet although the few peeps I have told so far have given me praises and congratulations which makes it a bit more real. Yes, I'm excited but slightly terrified at the same time. It's going to be a whole different ball game now. So long social life, goodbye bank account and hello migraine. Cheers! elizinashe

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So far March has been a cool, sunny start into what's hopefully a lovely spring season. I'm ready for naked toes and t-shirts. Especially since I have found a couple of new tees to show off. Bring on the sunshine I say!

Margaritas & I get along quite well. Actually, too well. It's like Kool-Aid to me, it just goes down all too quickly. I love that tarty flavor. Forget the salt, it just gets in the way of the drink. I try to limit myself but then when you begin to run into old bar peeps and they offer to buy you a drink, then naturally you thankfully accept. Next thing you know you're on that tequila high and you feel mighty fine. At least I didn't do any drunk dialing.

Gas prices are climbing once again with the prediction of hitting five dollars a gallon by Memorial Day. Gas went up 25 cents in one day. It's now up to $3.46 as of last night. Totally sucks. And with the gas prices climbing, so will groceries, restaurant prices, dry goods and so on. It will cost more to send trucks out to pick up and deliver goods and therefore hurting those even more who are struggling to make ends meet. Will our economy ever get better and what's to become of those families who are hurting financially already? I hope for better days but the reality of that scares me.

I missed a deadline in regards to 'scholarship' through work if I get accepted into the nursing program. I'm not really mad about it. I kind of have a 'don't care' attitude. I do care about the nursing school but I'm not worried about the money part of it right now. I'll stress about that later. I guess winter really did take a toll on my mentality and work kept me quite distracted. Sometimes when you don't try to control things in the way you want them to be then the chips fall exactly where you want them to be. I'm just gonna have to go with that.

Taxes are done. What a pain in the ass. It took me a good couple of hours to load everything up and start clicking away. Good thing is that I will be getting a federal refund which is needed however I have to pay the state of North Carolina this year. Although it's only $21 I'm still kind of peeved about this. Last year I got a whopping refund of $9 which was fine but I don't understand what's changed this year. I'm still on the low end of the totem pole salary wise so why am I having to pay state taxes this year? What a bummer.

I'm coining a new phrase. We've all heard 'going postal' in regards to erratic behavior. Being that Charlie Sheen has made a complete ass of himself it has given the media and the general public much to talk about. So I'm gonna start using Mr. Sheen's antics for starting a new catch phrase. "Don't make me go all Charlie Sheen on you!" What do you think? Catchy don't ya think? Just a thought. Cheers for a sunny March and no more margaritas. elizinashe