Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I used to keep a journal on a regular basis. Once I got a computer I started to journal on a word document and created a file so I can always go back to it and never lose what I wrote. Then I started my blog. Sort of an open journal for others to read but doesn't require a name to a face. I was still anonymous. However, I do have the old fashioned paper journal that I keep in my car for those moments I feel the need to write on paper.
I was thinking of putting a tab on my facebook profile of all the concerts/shows I've seen for whatever reason and I remembered that one of my journals had some ticket stubs pasted in the pages as reminders and to mark the event. So I started digging & quickly flipping thru the 5 journals I have in the house right now. (who knows how many more I have packed away in my mother's basement). As I was flipping thru the pages I noticed that I would paste lots of other momentos in my pages to keep and remember. Cards, places I've visited, pic of places I wanted to see, the house I almost bought, stickers and words of love & appreciation from others.
Don't know why I stopped writing & pasting stuff in my journal. I guess the computer world took care of that. Anyhow, there are still lots of stupid things I like to keep and they tend to pile up taking up space. Stupid things like cards, odd phrases, useless trivia, stickers, (I've always like stickers!! Especially if I'm mailing something to family/friends.)and other what-nots. I think it's time to start that habit again. I miss writing down my stuff in the old-fashioned way. I usually did it over a lunch date with myself. It was a good excuse to get out of the house and do some writing without being interupted by my cats or the phone. Now it's too easy to turn on the pute and type away. It's easier to edit as well. My brain tends to speak faster than I can write or type and some words or phrases tend to be left out. Writing things out on paper slows me down a bit and it's a struggle to write my thoughts down without skipping around a whole bunch and still having that entry make some sense. At least some sense to me. I don't know who will read all my crap once I'm off this planet. Maybe somebody will find it interesting. Regardless, sometimes it is best to do things the 'old school way' in order to really develop your craft. elizinashe

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stuff to Write

It's been a while since I wrote/blogged last. Sorry to disappoint but I've been pretty busy. However I do have many topics I'd like to talk about but my list in my head is numerous and trying to focus on one topic has proved to be ...well...???? Which one do I start with? So I thought I'd at least put it down on my list o'things on my blog in hopes it will give me a better start. So here it goes.
1. MJ -so much to say on this one. New stuff pops up everyday. Great talent, sad man.
2. Old High School Peeps- been finding alot of those on facebook which has been a surprising perk. One which includes a boy I went to school with who claims had a terrible crush on me back then and still does after all this time. Shocker I know.
3. Re-discovering your own city and enjoying the unique amenities that it has to offer, especially when the weather is nice which allows for an all day affair of exploring.
4. Lady-this was the primary dog I grew up with as a kid. I have been telling lots of 'Lady' stories lately so I guess I should write them down before I forget. She was such a funny dog and I miss having her around.
5. Another brick in my schooling career and a delay in my endeavors. UGH!! However I am making lemonade out of these lemons and returning to San Fransico to visit a girly friend that I miss terribly. Can't wait to pack up and board that plane!
6. The new Dave Matthews album. It Rocks!! That's all that really needs to be said about that one.
7. Work, the economy & personal finances. Why didn't I do it right the first time I went to college?
8. I really don't have a # 8 but I couldn't end my list with a #7. It just didn't seem right.
So that's the short list for now. I am certain I will think of more to add when I go to bed as my head tosses & turns when my body is trying to rest. Sometimes I wish I could flip a switch like a light panel to stop my head from over-thinking so much. But if that were to happen I guess I wouldn't have these creative spurts sprouting about. Maybe that's a sign of genius. HA!