Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashion Week

It's Fashion Week Ya'll!! One of my favorite topics to blog. Oh my, isn't this a doozie? Um...what can one say about these two? Apparently a wrap of dead rats around the shoulders and a cube over the head with tattered sleeves is high fashion this year. I may be in luck. I have a lot of clothes with tatters and holes in them. I wonder if pen ink stains is trendy this year. I have those too.

But wait! There's more! Here we have a few other hot items to admire. I spy a Batman fan, I spy a fan of healthy red blood cells, I spy Humpty Dumpty's widow, I spy a terrible drag queen paying homage to Carmen Miranda, I spy a really bad German art flick actor, I spy a sad art house Mickey Mouse Club kid.

Now I know these get-ups are merely just a way of making an over exaggerated statement on how creative each designer can be, however these designers are supposed to be stylists which no matter how over-the-top all this may be, I see no style whatsoever. It just looks stupid and impractical and yet somehow all these get-ups influence the trend on what really will hit the streets for us normal peeps. For those of you who have seen 'The Devil Wears Prada' will remember Meryl Streep explaining to her homely secretary on how one little belt influences on what we buy at Sears. (whatever.) So I'm guessing that the trend will be lots of dark colors, slim fits and strange hats. I guess I better start throwing out all my cheery colors out of the closet. I wouldn't want to be out of style. ;) elizinashe

Monday, February 15, 2010


There are some products out on the market that I just refuse to buy. You can find a carrying case for just about anything you want. Money, makeup, lipstick, credit cards, cigars, cigarettes and yes tampons. Give me a break!

Now the last thing I want to 'show' the world as I make my way to the ladies room is that I'm in that 'special place', although there ain't nothing special about it. I don't care how stylish the carrying case might be ( such as sparkles ) or what the creator deems as clever (such as 'Go with the Flow', or the 'PMS Queen') crammed full of tampons as I make my way to do my business. And I am almost certain that my peers and strangers in a restaurant or any other public place would not want to know what I'm doing in the ladies room even if I do have a trendy & stylish carrying case for my personal business. Being in that 'special place' is not pleasant. You're tired, cranky, bloated and it is usually followed by a few hours of cramps. Why would I want to brag about that by carrying a freakin' tampon case? I'm just saying. That's just too much information. elizinashe

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ever have days when you feel like this? Barely hanging on, trying to get back on top with all your might? Yet it just does not seem to work. You just can't reach your goal. Perhaps you shouldn't be on that particular branch at all. Maybe you're at the wrong tree.

So what would happen if you just let go? Would you spread your wings and let the winds guide you to safety? Or would you flap your wings in a panic to keep yourself from falling to an inevitable crash? Would you just let go and plop to the ground without even flapping those wings at all and just give up? Or would you keep trying to get back on top of that branch?

There are many metaphors that I could elaborate on but I won't go that far. I think you get the picture. As much as I would like to just 'give up' and crash into oblivion b/c it would be so much easier, in all honesty I think I would let the winds guide me to where I am supposed to be. I think the adventure would be a lot more fun than just crashing to the ground. Sometime spreading your wings to take flight on a different path is exactly where you are supposed to be. elizinashe