Friday, August 31, 2007

For the Love of Music

There is a plus side to working night shifts at the hospital sometimes. As I was working with one of our nurses last week, she had pulled out her laptop and started to play some music as we were doing charting and other nightly duties. Hearing some music while working was a huge blessing to me, it's hard to work in complete silence. It makes it easy to fall asleep. Long story short, this was a website that is similar to internet radio. You log on and type in your favorite artist or song and your own personal station pops up, playing whoever you typed in and similar songs/artists will play also. It's a continual round of music tweaked to your liking. And being that my stereo has died and I haven't been able to replace it, this has been a most lovely find for my musical palate. I just can't get enough. I am soo loving this!! I can work around the house, do other computer work as I am doing now, do my homework and listen to music without having to change CDs on my poor substitute for a stereo. And if there is a song that I don't like I can reject it and another song will pop up. And it's FREE!! Now that's a real bonus!!
So for all you music fans out there check out Pandora Radio. It's a beautiful thing! I doubt that you'd be disappointed. elizinashe

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girlz Nite

While I was at work one day this past week, I let it 'slip' that I had visited a particular store here in town that caters to ' adult-like things '. Which the assumption isn't nearly as perverted as the real story. So instead of bitching or babbling about my week I'd like to share a wonderful 'girls night ' story.
As I have said before, a couple of my girlfriends and I would get together one night every week to catch up and bond, complain, eat, play, laugh, cry or whatever the occasion we wanted to celebrate. Bar hopping was never on the agenda, we just wanted to start off our workweek with some quality girly time. A few years ago, I had a wonderful experience of watching a burlesque show put on by a local theater troupe with a bunch of women. Having watched other women do a song and strip-tease in the process down to their panties and pasties re-sparked my want and curiosity of having a pair of pasties of my own. I've always wanted a pair of 'titty tassels' just for kicks.
Sooo..our weekly girls night came around. We met up at Leonhardt's house, snacked on some treats, cracked open a bottle of wine and started discussing the titty tassel idea. We were in agreement that we just had to check out the local "adult toy store " for a pair of pasties. This was our task for girls night. Now might I add that this was right around the holidays. Christmas was just a few weeks away. Certainly this place would have had some pasties around to stick under the Christmas tree...
I do suggest that if you want to go to an adult store, then by all means go around the holidays. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. As my girlfriends and I passed through the ID check,( you must be 18 to enter), we walked into a store with a plethera of 'stuff', more than we really expected, along with Bing Crosby singing " I'm dreaming of a White Christmas " over the pa system. Then there was "Hark the Herald the Angels Sing " as well as " Jingle Bells " and many, many more christmas songs both popular and religious. What a mesh of two different worlds: porn and family-oriented christmas music. HA!! We purposely stayed in this store for almost an hour, browsing around while we listened to holiday tunes. There was something that just didn't seem right about these two worlds mixing. It was just too funny, how could we leave? This was truly a valued entertainment momment. It was girls night afterall!! Dirty porn sprinkled with happy holiday tunes for your shopping pleasure. " Oh what fun it is to ride...."
Eventually we did leave sans the pasties. Shockingly they did not have any at all. But we did not leave feeling unsatisfied. Having that experience made our girls night truly memorable.
As for the titty tassels...well you can find anything on e-bay :) elizinashe

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friggin' Computer Crap

So I had my first day of classes...big deal. It's funny how you think one class is going to be the bitch and another will be a cake walk. I thought that my sociology class would give me trouble and my computer class would be slightly easier being that I'm somewhat computer savy and can figure most things out if I fart around enough with the programs. But, oh no...this is going to be a complete role reversal. I'm already pissed off with this computer stuff. It's supposed to be user friendly. Whatever. It's almost midnight, I work all day tomorrow and won't get home until almost 10pm, long after the computer labs are closed. I can't figure out how in the hell I'm supposed to copy and paste this assignment from the school's on-line site that my teacher is using and create a document from a program that I had to load on my laptop. How do you get two different sites to marry?? That's the only way I know how to explain it. And when I tried to email my professor about my dilemma, it wouldn't send my message. Thanks Microsoft. You are really frustrating me in this late night hour. I feel like I'm already behind and unprepared. It will be a mad dash to the computer lab with hopes of some geek around there to help me. I know there is a really simple solution to this problem but I just cannot figure out the freaking answer. What a fucking pisser. I have no idea how to contact my teacher as he is an adjunct teacher and has no office or phone. Aren't I lucky? I have to have this class as a requirement since I haven't had any computer classes in the last 5 years. So I'm stuck with this class regardless of my choice of major. This totally sucks. Fuck it. It has got to get better. elizinashe

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot for Humor

It's been really hot here lately. We're talking about 90 degree weather with no wind or rain. UGH!! Granted, it is August and we are just now reaching our hot, summer weather and yes, I grew up in Arkansas where it can be 90 degrees in June which is quite ridiculous but nonetheless, I've lived here long enough that when it gets in the high 80s I become a big whiner baby like everyone else. I used to laugh at the locals when they'd complain about 88 degree days. Now, I get lazy and sloth-like along with the many fine folks that live here in our wonderful mountains. My 'to do' lists remain unfinished, although I have managed to complete 90% of my tasks within 3 days. I guess that's not too bad. It's just this hot weather zaps every ounce of motivation out of my system.
I shouldn't feel that bad I suppose. I know where my classes will be next week, I've managed to have my car looked over with very little expense,(thank God that there wasn't a major problem as I had paranoidly suspected.) I have contacted HR twice about getting my benefits kicked in, I've looked into a gym membership, made a CD for my mom's crazy artist friend who sent me a care package, found some treasures on clearance and Goodwill, and have stocked up the fridge for a couple of days. Not so bad. And when I get too hot and tired, I sit in front of the pute which is right by my air conditioner and play around. (tv just sucks.) Even the cats sits in front of the air flow to sleep and stay cool. Which brings me to my next point...
I looked up Hugh Laurie on You Tube, just for kicks. I really like his character on House. He's such a smarmy ass I just love it. I had found that Mr. Laurie is quite the comedian. Typical of British humor which I love. And of course by looking up Hugh I came across John Cleese(love him!) , Rowan Atkinson, and Absolutely Fabulous. Truly a nice way to spend a quiet evening to stay cool. What is it about British humor that is so much funnier than Americans? I can't recall too many f you's, or cheap stabs just for a laugh. You really have to pay close attention to the content. If you aren't somewhat educated then you probably won't find it funny at all. I haven't seen any American comedians or movie that made me laugh as hard as I do when watching the British. Of course I don't have cable so I may be missing out on something really great but I doubt that. All I'm saying is that I appreciate the effort that some of these British entertainers put into a monolouge, skits, prat falls and insults. Maybe it's the way the utilize the english language. They definately have a wonderful way of using their words to describe their day or a rant. I think Americans are just to quick to use a large amount of cursing to make something funny. What's so funny about that? Maybe it's just me. Bullocks. elizinashe

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Frustrating Day

Somebody just smack me please before I really get hurt. What a frustrating day it has been. It's been really hot here which zaps every ounce of energy and motivation you may have out of your body. I am having troubles knocking out my 'to do' list of things which really are simple tasks to complete but it just too tiresome today to finish it all. I'm having problems finding the mistake in my checking account balance and I can't get anything to match. I went to the bank today to get an updated postings of what I've spent and what has cleared and I find $60 that has been taken out of my account but I have no idea where it went to. What the hell?? I have always been very careful of my banking stuff, always knew what the correct balance was and where my money was going but now that I have this updated post info it has made it worse. How hard can it be?? These printout posts that my bank uses is just not easy to understand sometimes. I've pretty much given up on trying to figure this out. I'd much rather sit down with one of the tellers to go over my balance crap and start fresh. Sometimes it's just easier that way.

I've also decided to try and get back into the exercise routine which has always kept my head clear and made me feel better. I scouted out this one gym in town which gives a discount to hospital employees and has the equipment and plenty of space that I was looking for. I'm sure I could swing a one-time fee for the first year. That's all I need right now,but as I was leaving I backed into the bumper of a car that was in my blind spot. A nice Chrysler Sebring. I had no clue that it was behind me. Crap. So, I move my car back into where I was parked and proceed to look at the damage. Not much to my car, just a scrape in my plastic bumper, which I could care less about. I looked at the victim's car and really found nothing. Relief!! Not a paint scratch, no dents, just a potential buff that looked like you could wipe it off with a soft towel. SOOO, being the good person I am, I proceed to write down the make of the car and the tag number so that I may go back to the gym to have the owner paged so that I could inform them of what just happened. I just could not justify in driving away. That is not my nature. So, we have the person paged over the intercom as I was telling some of the other employees about my dilemma. I did not have a camera nor do I have a camera on my cell phone so there was no real way to take any pictures to prove that there was more than minimal damage. So the guy who gave me a tour of the facilities agreed to look at the damage with me, as I had planned to leave a note on this car in case they needed to contact me. Of course when I was debating this one of the other gym workers had put the bug in my ear that the owner of the car could accuse me of some damage that wasn't there and file a claim against me or something. (paranoia sets in.) So as I was walking out to a second survey with my gym host there was a lady walking with us, well dressed, probably in her 50s or more walking in the direction of this car that I had bumped. I asked her if that was her car.(yes.) Oh, I'm so glad I found you, I say...I accidentally bumped into the back of your car and I was just about to leave a note. (some relief that I found the owner.) Once I said that, this woman's body language quickly changed and she started to walk faster to her precious car. (I'm sure her dear hubby bought it for her as a gift.) Anyway, she was somewhat nice about it but took my name and number, I asked for hers and we pretty much left it at that. She couldn't see anything, I couldn't see anything but she had said that her car is always dirty and that her husband is more oberservant than she and he may see something that we don't. Whatever...go ahead and sue me. I have nothing. Geeze. So here I sit, anxiously awaiting a phone call from some crabby husband waiting to tear me a new one and threaten my livelyhood. I wonder if he'd accept a kidney...

Upon my return home from a long, guilt-ridden lunch, I realize that I forgot to pick up a prescription that I had called in this morning. Crap. It's just too damn hot to get back out for one item. Unless I make an excuse to go out for a drink, which I don't need but I am thirsty and did I mention how hot it is outside??? I am not looking forward to this evening. I've watched plenty of movies lately and I'm tired of sitting on my growing ass. I will not go on any shopping sprees because I'm trying to watch my budget. And oh yeah, my bank balance is all screwed. With the exception of a basket of clean clothes, the house is relatively clean. And thank God for that. I loathe the vaccuum and hate scrubbing out the shower. I wish I could afford a pool boy to cook and clean for me. That would be just lovely...but then again, I'll be taken to the cleaners shortly by a mad husband. Anyone got bail money?? I've got to be out by bekons me this weekend. I wonder if I can blog in the slammer due to my good behavior.

cheers...cell mate 269389crapola elizinashe

Friday, August 3, 2007

More Internet News Wonders

Internet news is a wonderful thing. I came across two stories that have just baffled my brain. Truly amazing. One is a 7 legged lamb that was born in New Zealand. (talk about a lot of lamb chops.) I didn't see how the mother ewe gave birth, I suppose it's possible to give birth naturally to a very unique offspring. Nature does have a funny way of making things work. Perhaps they did a cesarean birth. Either the blurb attached didn't say or I have already forgotten by now...short term memory problems, gotta love that. Anyway, it's just one of those 'wow' moments in the world of nature. What a gene pool, eh? I bet that lamb will be the fastest babe in the field.(ha-ha).

Story number two: a woman in Arkansas has given birth to her 17th child. OUCH!! And this blurb tells how she and her husband are talking about having more. WHAT??? ( no short term memory problems here folks.) Truly, it looks like this is a very happy family but seriously folks, I think there is a little OCD going on here. All the children's names start with the letter J. All seventeen of them. Are the parents not aware that there are 26 letters in our alphabet?? This woman's hormones must be off the charts. The blurb said she's been consistently pregnant for an average of 10 years. WHAT??? They must get one hell of a tax break. Kudos to them, seriously. I have a hard time some days with the kids I work with at the hospital but I always get to come home and leave their care in the next shift's hands. This woman is probably never away from her kids. How does she do it??? That's alot of diapers, colds, toilet paper, braces, food,food, food, sibling rivalry and so on and so on. This woman must be a saint. I'm curious how many psychologists are wanting to do a life study on this family. This certainly would be one for the books. Two thumbs up for this family. I'm sure it isn't easy but there is no doubt that there is alot of shannanigans among the siblings. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in that household for a day or two?? My question is when is enough going to be enough? Isn't she tired already? Geeze woman, when are you going to stop? Perhaps there's something in the water up there in their neck of the woods. I'll be sure to drink bottled water next time I'm in Arkansas.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In the Doldrums

My college roomie left me a note asking me where have I been in the blog world. I haven't posted in a while and I guess she's missed me a bit. (Big smiley face here). It's nice to know that you're missed.

I haven't posted because I've been feeling blah lately which affects my creative flow. Transitions in your life can suck. Financial changes can suck. Close friends who live far away that you can't visit as often can suck. Trying to meet new, trustworthy friends can suck. Living alone can suck. It's been a real pity party. I try not to dwell on the past so much as it is not productive. I tell this to the kids at the hospital quite often. Move forward with what you've got and keep trying. Now it's time for me to take a dose of my own medicine. I refuse to fail. That's a good thing, but I do feel hindered to a degree. I know there are many roadblocks to blast away. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it all. I envy those who know what the hell they want to achieve in life and know how to lay the plans out to success. How is it done?? Anyway...
So in order to distract my pea brain I watched one of my favorite old movies. I normally don't make a habit of watching old movies but this one is pretty good. I watched Auntie Mame, the one with Rosiland Russel, not the musical which I really don't care for. But this movie is full of colorful characters, great one-liners and plenty of alcohol. I like Mame's mantra, 'you've got to live, live, live. Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.' I think that is a fabulous mantra to live by. I always have that stuck in the back of my head. I just need to practice that more I guess....sometimes I forget. It's proving to be harder than I thought in my forward move in my life's pursuits. I guess I needed to touch base with a movie that gives me some inspiration. I know I will get there somehow, I just don't know when or how and that drives me a bit batty. I don't like feeling that way. But that's life. Tomorrow is another day, right? Until next time...elizinashe