Sunday, January 29, 2017

What a Fine Mess....

Dear Mr. President...
ROAR!!!!!  We the People are speaking out and taking it to the streets.  I am amazed with so many of our citizens of all nations, race and gender stepping up and fighting for our rights.  I have never, ever in my life seen such a political mess nor have I seen a President so intolerant, ill-equipped and ignorant.  He absolutely frightens me but I have faith that he will not win in the end.  We the People are taking charge in our fight for what is right.  

I was asked to go to the Women's March in Washington D.C. but I chose not to go for mostly anxiety provoking reasons and a hard travel time.  I wished I had marched here locally but getting away from work could have been a bit tricky plus there were so many others who had asked off so I just stayed and slaved away and supported the cause in spirit.  

As the pictures came across the news and internet, I was astounded.  Millions not only in our own country, but across the globe.  Hell, the scientists on Antarctica were holding up signs on their boat!  Men, women and children from EVERYWHERE were marching in solidarity.  EVERYWHERE!  Now that really says something....Our march here locally had about 10,000 people.  Wow...

I am not much of a political activist but I just might start to become one.  For the first time in my life, I am afraid of what our President elect is going to do.  He already initiated a ban on immigrants from certain countries out of fear of terrorism.  Funny thing is, those countries that he placed a ban on have no ties or evidence of being guilty of terror attacks on our country.  Those countries were not tied to 9/11 or any other attack.  However, those countries that did have ties to 9/11 and following attacks on our soil, our President elect has business ties with them.  Think about that for a minute.  

So when I get down and afraid with all this political shit, I look back at the masses who took time to march in solidarity in support for Equal Rights and for our Freedoms.  When I see all of that it truly brings tears to my eyes.  Trumps regime is doomed....I have to have faith in that.  He is not my President and I will do my level best to fight for what's right.  I will not live under a dictatorship.  No way, no how...I live in America and we are a free nation.  Let's keep it that way.  Now if you will excuse me, I have some Senators to call....until next time~elizinashe
Wonder What Abe Would Say?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rambling Bits...

A Busy Brain I Have Today...
And so the waiting game begins….

I’m having some recalls repaired on my Toyota after much procrastination.  My schedule keeps me pretty busy plus I really hate not having any wheels as I need to get shit done.  But alas, here I finally sit…waiting…at least for a couple of hours.  So they say.  We shall see about that. 

I’ve got a pretty serious crush on my heating and cooling guy.  But that’s not why I have him over to do my maintenance checks.  I had a minor but anxiety provoking issue my first summer that I had my new place.  I did the Facebook “who do you use” thing as I was getting ready to start a long string of nights at work, and did not want to worry while I was away about my HVAC unit blowing up.  So I called this guy suggested by a friend and he came out at the end of his day, on a hot summer eve and fixed the said minor issue.  Man was I ever grateful.  And I remembered that… so I wanted to use him again in the winter for a maintenance check to make sure all the bells and whistles were ready for cold weather.  The being good looking thing was just a bonus.  And I swear, he gets better looking each time I have him over.  Sigh….why can’t he be ugly?  I will still support his business but his good looks is a bit distracting to me. I can’t help but stare at him and babble away.   I need to “accidentally “ run into him somewhere so I can flirt with him more.  hahaha..

One of my girlfriends from long ago is having a bad time.  Or so I hear.  We haven’t seen each other in a couple of years and I really haven’t missed that.  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  She allows her life to be dictated by drama and I really got tired of listening to it.  Does that make me a bad person?  I felt more drained that refreshed after spending time with her and that just was not fulfilling to me.  Am I being too selfish?  Anyway…I’m hearing through the grapevine that she’s got a lot more crapola in her life and I really, really hate it for her.  I want to reach out and talk and give her some support, but I feel like I will just get sucked into that world all over again and I don’t want that in my head.  I pray that her life will turn around and I ask for forgiveness for being such a lame friend. 

Our past winter storm came and went.  And of course I had to work.  I refuse to sleep at work in some crappy area with others and I was not about to get a hotel room so I could make it back for my shift the following night.  I made it home safely the morning of the big dump, with a coworker in tow as she lives on top of a mountain and could not drive up her road to get back home.  I must say, driving in that 6-8 inches of snow was a bit anxiety provoking but I sure as Hell did it.  Nice and slow…not bad for an Arkansas girl.  My friend ended up staying until Tuesday morning which was perfectly fine with me.  The weekend ended up being a bit of a spontaneous slumber party.  We had fun and I loved having her at my place.  I think I kind of needed the company.  It was certainly refreshing to my soul and helped start off my New Year on a good note. 

So that’s it folks.  Not much else to tell…Hopefully I will be able to meet some other long, lost girlfriends for a dinner tonight and catch up.  I need to do more of that in my life.  Next month is a Ben Folds concert.  That should be pretty groovy.  I’m determined to make 2017 more fruitful no matter how small.  Until next time…elizinashe

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Monday, January 2, 2017

So Did You Do It?

Unlock the Possibilities...
It's a New Year.  Did you watch the ball drop?  Did you toast the midnight hour with someone special?  Did you make any resolutions?  How about that exercise program?  Did you eat your ham with black eyed peas and collard greens?  Football? 

I guess I'm a bit superstitious or perhaps traditional, maybe a bit both but my New Year's Eve went just fine like I had wanted.  Sadly I didn't get a midnight kiss but that's okay.  There is always hope for the future.  But I made sure I had my ham with the black eyed peas and collards.  My world wouldn't be right without it on New Year's Day.  haha...

I don't make any resolutions, but I do make a "wish list/hopes & goals list".  I try to be realistic about it all because I know I won't follow through with any "resolutions".  I keep that "wish list" out in the open all year long so I can look back on it and try to tackle things one at a time.  I never do meet all those goals/wishes, but I guess I get enough of them to make me happy and feel productive.  Now I just need to work on it and keep moving forward.  

I also did that jar thing, where you write down the happy things that happened in your life every week.  There were some weeks that I didn't write anything down, mostly because I forgot or I had a shitty week.  Who wants to remember that?  But...maybe we need to remember the shitty weeks so we can embrace how we emerged out of that said shitty week.  I'm doing that jar thing again for this year.  I hope to fill it up with even more happy days.  Apparently, this past year was filled with lots of food and friends this past year.  I hope to have more of those this year and more happy surprises.  Why would I want anything less?  

So...what's in store for you?  What are your wishes?  What do you want for 2017?  Make that list, start a jar and go for it.  You won't regret it.  Until next time...elizinashe

Plant Something New This Year and Watch It Grow!