Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Coming....

Thanksgiving Survival Tips
Yep, the holidays are fast upon us.  The Thanksgiving feast with the carved beast, too many fixin's, family stress and probably too much alcohol.  Pre-Black Friday deals, the oversaturated Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday.  Ugh.  Yeah, you can score some great deals as long as your willing to give up your free time to camp out and shop 'til you drop among thousands of other idiots.  I am proud to say that I won't indulge in any of that crap.  I pretty much have all I need.  Besides, what I really want is not for sale.  And that's okay.  At least for now that is....

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays.  It's just not what it used to be. Nor is it what I expected it to be at this stage in my life.   I love my family and enjoy my time with them, but it has never been the same since my brother died.  No big surprise there.  I think that's a rather normal existence in any family that has suffered some kind of loss.  Regardless, I will make the best of it with what I hope to be a positive attitude and understanding.  I might need to pray about that a little bit more.  

I just watched a documentary about the band R.E.M.  Man, I used to listen to them a lot. "Life's Rich Pageant" was always my 'go to' for long car trips.  I still have the cassette somewhere. (and the CD, duh!)  They really were good together not to mention starting up the whole 'college radio' genre.  And quite by accident.  They just wanted to play at some college parties and drink beer.  Little did they know what was in their future.  What I really admire about them as a band is their 'brotherhood' if you will.  They were a band who treated each member with equality especially when it came to song writing.  Nobody took complete credit for any one song, as they all contributed to what they wrote.  Therefore, no arguments about who gets credit for what songs they wrote because in their mentality that is why bands break up.  Arguing over songs.  I think that's pretty cool.  Who does that these days?  I need to revisit those albums...maybe even buy their last one recorded.  A girl's got to have her music ya know?

Aside from the snarky quote above, I hope that you have a good Thanksgiving no matter how you choose to celebrate.  I have a lot to be thankful for and I don't forget about it either.  I wish I could give back in more ways than I do at this stage in my life but I hope that the thought and will to give more will be enough.  I'm a firm believer in 'what goes around, comes around'.  There are so many that are struggling and /or alone.  Nobody should have to live that way, but I know it happens which makes me pretty sad sometimes.  In the meantime, may your plates be full, your table surrounded with loved ones and your ears filled with laughter.  Happy Thanksgiving!  elizinashe

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Busy Day Restless MInd

Goodbye Fall
I had a post in my head earlier but it just didn't seem to have the flow that I was wanting.  Sometimes you just can't get it together.  Maybe it's the stupid cold weather we are having so early in the year.  Hell, it's not even officially Winter yet....

I've felt  rather accomplished this past week.  I did a lot of cooking last week while I was off so my little meals to take to work were quite satisfying.  Midnight cafeteria food pretty much sucks.  I also got some of my pipes wrapped up in the basement, just for that extra security.  Even though my basement is pretty well insulated and there aren't any open windows or vents to allow cold air inside, I wanted to keep my new home protected as much as possible.  I don't deal well this household crisis.  It just stresses me out.  Vehicle crisis freaks me out as well.  I like having my wheels in working order.  This chic needs to be able to get to work and take a hot shower, ya know? 

My cat is getting more curious about the basement.  At first he could care less but now when I go down I can hear him meow at the door.  Guess he can't stand to not know where I am going. Haha...and even though when I come back up and open up the door to get back inside and attempt to block him from going down,  he slips down the stairs and runs to the bottom to check things out.  Sneaky tart.  I don't want him to get used to going down there.  I have insulation that is exposed and I don't want him to start 'inspecting' it.  I can just see him giving it a 'taste test' or clawing at it because that's what cats do. 

Guess I should go to bed, eh?  It's late...however I don't have to get up early since I work the night shift.  At least I have a good excuse for being up.  It would really suck if I worked the day shift.  Maybe one of these days I will have a more normal working life.  Maybe not...I've always been a bit different.  Until next time.....elizinashe

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Short & Sweet

Downtown Asheville
I met one of my coworkers and his partner Saturday downtown for some photo taking opportunities.  It was really good company on a really good day.  I must remember to do that more often.  

I've had some of the most ridiculous conversations at work.  And I do mean ridiculous.  It can be rather silly and possibly immature.  However it does make me laugh not to mention reduce the stress level for all involved.  I guess that's not a bad thing.  

December is upon us.  Hard to believe.  We have about 6 1/2 weeks until Christmas.  And then we will be ringing in the New Year.  Sheesh!  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Any New Year's plans?  And dare I ask about any resolutions?  

I've never been one to budget myself on a monthly basis.  Believe you me, I've tried but it's just too tedious.  It's busy work that I care not to spend my energy on.  I do pay my bills on time and always have had money for that.  My biggest expense, other than my mortgage is most likely food.  I spend way too much.  Gonna work that.  

Speaking of house stuff, I've had my first 'home repair'.  Apparently my Pressure Reducer Valve was going on it's way out.  Two shower heads that 'squeal' is something more than just a nut-n-bolt-slash-washer type of issue.  Glad it's repaired.  I have dishes to wash and laundry to do!  Now if I only get motivated to use the vacuum.....

With Winter creeping fast I hope you get out and do something fun on beautiful days like I had on Saturday.  Those cold gray days will soon be the only thing we see out our windows.  I'm hoping for a mild winter but you never really know about Mother Nature.  I could use some more blue skies for a few more weeks.   elizinashe
Red Leaves & Blue Skies

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This & That

I love a good soup.  Especially when the weather gets chilly.  Who doesn't, right?  Now that I have a new place with a real kitchen, I've been diving into some new recipes that I've had earmarked for quite some time.  I do find it rather therapeutic making a big mess in my giant soup pot and road testing something new.  A good bowl of soup with some warm crusty bread and a nice glass of wine it just the ticket these days.  

"Silence of the Lambs" had been playing on TV this past month.  Y'know...October...Halloween...all that creepy scary stuff.  And of course I watched it.  I forget how good Anthony Hopkins was in that role.  His diction and fluctuations with his speech was genius.  Not to mention the taunting and teasing he played upon Clarice.  However, as a result I am now a little bit scared to go down into my basement.  I'm afraid I might find a bunch of creepy larve and flying bugs down there.  To which I know won't be there, but still....I'd much rather run into Hannibal and offer him a nice glass of Chianti.  Hope I have some Fava beans in the cabinet. 

I feel like I'm becoming more and more obsessed with this Duggar family.  Maybe 'intrigued' might be a better description.  They've been all over the internet lately with two of their girls getting married, talking about their 'first kiss' and one newly pregnant already.  Ugh.  Come to find out, one of my coworkers is just as obsessed about them as I am becoming.  That kinda makes me feel a bit better.  I have someone else to discuss this with.  And she shares the same feelings about this strangely confined turned reality show personalities as I do.  Glad I'm not the only one.  

I told myself that I wouldn't post some big ol' long blog as I typically do.  I often think of quick one-liners or just a few sentences just to make a quick point, but once I get to the computer I just keep going and going and going....sorry.  I just can't help it.  However, I will end it here as I'm kinda hungry and I want a little snack.  Better check the fridge.  Maybe there's some leftover soup in there.  elizinashe