Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Festivities

Spring has sprung which makes me one happy girl. My social calendar has seemingly sprung up out of the winter's ground as well. I can't remember a time when I was so popular. It's good to be needed I guess.

My dad was in town for a couple of weeks for a short visit with me and an attempt to reconnect with my mom. Although the outcome was not what he had wanted I think he had a good visit regardless. Although it's hard to be around my father sometimes I know one day I will miss our Sunday lunches. He came bearing gifts of toilet paper and laundry detergent. Eight bottles to be exact. He cracks me up. He likes to bargain shop for essential items and I get the end result. Clearly he's been planning this trip for a while since I ended up with 18 rolls of toilet paper and eight jugs of Tide. Now if he had brought more then I'd be questioning some hoarding issues. Good thing he's still in therapy right now. Haha.....Thank You Dad, I love you!

I had a friend blast through town this past weekend for a quick 3 day jaunt around town. There was much food, a few libations and lots of picture taking with a little power nap snuck in before dinner. Hitting the downtown area was the first venue our first day out. Great weather and great street performers. I scored some tickets to the Biltmore Estate for the following day. If you haven't been there then you need to go. It certainly is an amazing place to see and it is definitely a photographers dream. And you will spend the whole day there so have no fear! I haven't been in years and it was the first time that I have gone when the spring flowers were bloomed out in all their glory. It really was spectacular. We ended our tour at the hotel that was built on the grounds a few years back, sipping on over-priced drinks sitting out on a veranda looking out towards the mountains. It was a great way to end the afternoon.

I bought tickets for our local symphony for their May concert. When I saw the line up earlier this fall I saw that they were performing Rachmaninoffs Piano Concerto #3. Man, oh man I can't wait for this one. The 'Rach 3' as it is dubbed is one monster piece of music and I love it!! It's a killer and I am certain that I will end up peeing in my pants, crying or both. And the beauty of it as I was splurging on pricey tickets close to the stage I ended up getting on ticket for free!!! Can I get a Hallelujah?? Woo-hoo! I think I'll surprise my mom and take her as my date. The concert is the night before Mother's Day so the timing couldn't be more perfect. Aren't I a good daughter?

My lovely E and her boys will be in town in early May for a friend's wedding. YEA!! I miss her terribly and I cannot wait to smother her in hugs and kisses. Good thing she has a wonderful husband that doesn't mind that I want to steal her away. However, their son is so edible that I might just keep him here with me. There might be some protest but I am certain we can make a compromise. I'm looking forward to our time together with all three. Good friends are hard to find and the really good ones I hold dearly to my heart. And that's the truth.

So there ya go folks. Hope your spring has bloomed with good peeps, beautiful flowers and new adventures. See ya later! elizinashe