Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quips & Bits

It's been all things cardio lately.  The heart is an amazing thing.  Physically and emotionally.  But I will refrain from the emotional part.  That's a whole different world.  However, the physical stuff is really mind blowing.  It's a shame that most people don't take good care of their ticker.  Including me.  I really should stop smoking and get back into that thing called exercise. 

The weather has been really crazy this winter.  Warm days, high winds, lots of rain, quick biting cold weather peppered with snow and then another warm up.  And more rain on the way.  I fear that next winter might be a doozy.  All this rain will eventually change to snow.  And previous rainy winters have proved to be more snowy the next time around.   Tune in next year for my report. 

Valentine's Day came & went.  I spent my day with some of my study mates prepping for a test we have tomorrow.  Lucky me.  At least I wasn't alone.  Sure would have liked a kiss though from a handsome man.  Guess I will have to wait for that one.  Valentine's Day is overrated anyway.  I get more kicks at mailing out V-Day cards than a romantic dinner and flowers.  

I have a wonderful fairy tale locked in my head regarding DIC.( again, more nursing crap.)  I keep writing the story in my head as I am studying the disorder itself.  And then I start laughing which leads to more distraction.   I just may have to hammer it out after our test for shits & giggles.  If I start it tonight I might not sleep very well nor will I remember anything else that I should know test wise.    Funny how things pop up in your head when it's not convenient.  It's gonna be a great story though.  Stay tuned for your educational entertainment. You just might learn something.  haha....

And that's it folks!  Stay warm, stay tuned and stay healthy!  elizinashe