Monday, November 23, 2015

Putting It Out There..

Throwing  It Out to the Stars...
I've always said that if you want something, then you need to ask for it, pray for it, wish for it, meditate for it and do a bit of legwork on your own.  In other words, put it out there to the Universe.  And then let it come to you. the Holidays keep us rushed and busy with all those mixed feelings that seep into our brain I am putting my wishes out there for the remainder of this year and for years to come before I get too cranky and forget.  

I wish that all my holiday engagements to be fun and stress free surrounded by family and loved ones with a plateful of delicious food and good wine. 

I wish that I too, will have someone wonderful to share new adventures with and create a new branch in my tree of life. 

I wish to never be broke, cold and hungry.  Nobody should live that way.  And I wish that some day I can donate a large sum of money to our local charities who do help those in need with food and heat costs.  

I wish for my aging cat to have a healthy end to his life, when his time comes and for me to have the strength and courage to let him go when the time is right.  He's doing pretty good these days and I hope he sticks with me for a little bit longer.  

I wish for my parents to have good health as they are aging and facing their own new challenges.  And I wish to have strength, courage and a solid rock to lean on when things get tricky, as I am the one who will most likely be their voice and advocate.  And for those who are dealing with that right now, I pray that they have peace in their minds and courage to guide them through their trials.  

I wish for more girl's weekends, more concerts, more travel and more pictures.  I want to get out more in our beautiful mountains, as I have done before.  It's time start up that habit again.  

I wish more fascinating and weird friends and experimental dinners at my place.  And I wish for a cleaner home as I tend to be lazy about the vacuum.  haha...guess I need to work on that one, eh?

I wish for a less violent world, as it just seems to be way out of control.  I pray for our soldiers that serve our country and I imagine more will be sent out to protect our freedom.  I pray for a safe return for them all.  

And I wish for more treats, a healthy lifestyle and good wine.  And hopefully good peeps to share it with.  

Not a bad start and not too much to ask don't ya think?  So what are your wishes?  
Cheers Ya'll! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's Beginning to Happen...

Dig It.
It's true what they say.  Things change as you get older.  And though you may laugh and tease your friends and loved ones when they go thru their changes, when it happens to you it becomes a small slap of "yep, you too."

I don't mind getting older.  In fact, I kind of embrace it.  I like me and I like the person that I've become.  I was pretty proud of my first gray hair.  I found it after my first semester of nursing school.  It was a beautiful, shiny silver long gray hair peeking out from my brown tresses.  I earned that gray hair!  Every inch of it.  

After nursing school, I was in desperate need of some new bras, as the ones that I had been wearing really didn't fit, nor were they comfortable.  I just assumed that it was because they were cheap and old.  That wire stuff really doesn't last as long as they claim.  So after I began to make some money, I relented and went to the mall to get me some new garments for 'the girls.'  I hate to shop, and I hate to try on clothes so going shopping for the necessities took a lot of patience on my part.  However, I chose a few in my regular size, but they still didn't feel quite comfortable and I wasn't about to spend money on a bra, or two when they felt like my old ones.  So I left.  But then I got to thinking, maybe I should get 'sized' just to see if it was me, or the style of the bra.  Much to my surprise, I've grown a cup.  Or most likely, the girls are starting to hang a bit more and carry all the wine that I drank during school.    haha...Who knew that your boobs can get bigger on their own after forty?  Sheesh! 

Now, here I am two years later, and I've noticed that I'm beginning to hold things a little farther away from my face in order to see the print.  Dang!  And this has happened rather quickly it seems.  Like in the last two, maybe three months now.  I kind of laugh about it, but then again it is a bit frustrating.  I have road tested some "readers", a very low grade of 1.25 which seems to help but might not be what I really need.  So...being that I haven't had my peepers checked in about 5 years or so, I took out a vision plan with our insurance so I can get a thorough and proper exam after the New Year.  Guess it's time I start planning ahead with that sort of thing, eh?  

Again, I don't mind getting older.  I still feel like that awkward 12 year old trapped inside of that sloppy post college age adult.  I really have no idea how to really plan ahead, especially when it comes to my health.  All I know what to do is keep brushing my teeth and continue to eat healthy.  Which I pretty much do for the most part.  Guess I just didn't eat enough carrots, huh?  Until next time...elizinashe
Here We Go!