Sunday, September 24, 2017

The New Guy in My Life

Trevor Noah
Okay, so no...I really don't have a new romance as of present, but I do however have a new famous person obsession.  I may be a bit behind the times on this, but then again perhaps not.

I've been hearing about Trevor Noah for some time now.  I've been catching him more frequently on the Daily Show and have seen him on a talk show or two.  He seems to be a really hot ticket these days.  At least in America.

1).  He's really funny and wicked smart. 
2).  He grew up in a difficult time that 90% of us could never understand. 
3).  He's got a keen sense of observation. 

Need I go on?  I saw that he was coming to do a stand-up gig in my town a couple of months ago.  I immediately knew I wanted to go.  And I knew immediately who I wanted to go with me.  For some reason, I felt like this was extremely important to see this show.  Not that I felt like it would be some big political thing or one of those "life changing moments", but I knew I just had to go.  

And so I went.  With my bestie in tow.  And it was all worth it even if we were in the first balcony.

I was lucky enough to find his book about a week prior to the show at a used book store.  I read it in a within a week which is a record for me.  It was painfully funny and very well written.  I felt like I could hear him tell his story as if he was sitting in front of me. 

Trevor grew up in South Africa during the Apartheid with a black mother and a white father.  That was a big "no-no" back then not to mention totally illegal.  (huh?).  This guy lived through some shit, y'all.  Even slept inside a car at night because he did not have a proper bed in one phase of his life.  There were times when there was no food, so he went hungry.  But somehow...he survived.  And became very successful.  He broke the cycle of living what could have been a horrible life.   And he's humble about it too. 

I learned so much by reading his book that I am just fascinated with his story.  I want to know more.  I want to know what happened to his friends he mentioned his his book.  I want to know what happened to the girl he fell in love with and that suddenly moved to the States as her father got a job here in our country.  He never did get the chance to profess his feelings.  I wonder if he's found her now on Facebook.  Maybe she found him? 

I want to hear him speak the six South African languages he learned, mostly out of survival and some of it rooted in  ancestry.  Check out the Xhosa language.  I find it fascinating.  And he can speak that as his mother was Xhosa.  I've already Googled the other languages too.  Again...I find it fascinating. 

What amazes me the most, is this guy grew up in an era that was rooted in hatred, racism, violence, crime and poverty.  And yet, this guy overcame his hardships and made a career for himself.  Yes, many comedians have some sort of tragic background, thus they cope with comedy and silly jokes.  But this guy makes his experiences funny and in a way, a teaching forum.  He's always grateful and humble for his success.  And he really doesn't say a mean or hateful word about his subjects in his comedic routine.  He's wickedly sharp.  And I want to know more and more and more about his life and hear more of his stories.  I've always been a sucker for a good yarn or two. 

If you haven't read his book yet, I highly recommend putting it on your reading list.  I promise you won't get bored.  There were times I just wanted to hug him, and others I am laughing my ass off.  His mother must be a Saint and that is all I will say about that.  Check it out folks-"Born a Crime" -it's a good read.  And you just might find yourself wanting to know more about him just like me.  Until next time....elizinashe. 
Something To Remember

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Angel In Disguise?

Little Things Can Mean So Much
I had an unusual experience today while driving around town running errands.  And when I thought about it a bit more, it seems like I've been having frequent "unusual experiences".  I guess you could say it's more of a Good Samaritan experience vs. something strange or not common.

Example you say?  Well, for one, I found a man's wallet lying by an ATM on a late Sunday afternoon a few weeks back.  There was no one else around, the bank was closed and the overnight depository was made for envelopes and not for something bulky, like some dude's wallet.

I could not in good conscience leave the wallet there.  I'd hate to think that some random person would discover this wallet and steal all that he/she could.  That would just suck.  So I turned the wallet into the Lost & Found at the grocery store that was in the same complex with hopes of management tracking this man down and returning his belongings.

And that was just one experience of many the last three months.

Today, I saw a little old lady walking down a very busy road next to our municipal golf course walking pretty much in traffic and not in the grass.  She stuck out like a sore thumb so to speak.  No purse, no golf gear, not even looking for a lost golf ball.  She truly seemed out of place and perhaps a bit lost.  You just don't see little old gray haired ladies walking down a city road everyday.  So I called the police department to voice my concerns and encourage them to go and pick her up.  I gave them my story, a description of what she looked like and where she was going.  I hope they got to her before she got hit by some driver because that could have totally happened.

I have had other incidences that I have encountered recently to which I will spare you the details.   But when I reflect on the last few months and these little encounters that I have found, I can't help but wonder why me?  Maybe it was "meant to be" .  Maybe if I ignored such things, that a negative outcome would have occurred as a result.  Maybe it's a new calling?  Not that I go and search for this sort of thing, but rather just "happened to be there".

I hope that old lady is safe.  And I hope that guy got his wallet back.  They say good deeds don't go unpunished.  I guess I will know someday that these small good deeds will be repaid when I need it.  In the meantime, I will continue to move forward in my life, watch over my aging kitty and make time for the little things.

May we all be blessed and may we all remember to be kind to each other, even if it's a stranger.  Until next time...elizinashe
It's a Big World Out There!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Restless, Bored & Wide Awake

Ever Have One of These Nights?
Ah..the night shifter blues....

It's late and I should be in bed like a normal person, but I am not.  I'm a bit restless, bored with the television and wide awake.  Ugh..

I suppose I could do a little cleaning but I'm just not motivated.  I did load up the dishwasher and turned it on, so that counts right? 

I've done pretty good knocking out my "to do" list the last couple of days.  My main goal was to get a few errands out of the way before Irma's leftovers hovered over our part of the world.  She sure was a bitch.  We've had steady rain since late afternoon and our nighttime hours were flavored with some high winds and some a gusty blasts that left you a bit nervous.  There are numerous trees down in the area and some folks are without power.  So far I'm good.  My lights flickered for a bit and I did lose some power for about 5 seconds.  And that's about it.  I'm so glad I moved away from my previous residence as I am sure the trees around that place were soon to come down on a windy night.  Sheesh!

I had hoped that the eclipse were to bring good ju-ju and a new beginning.  It seems like it's been quite the opposite.  We have horrible fires out west, two significant hurricanes and an earthquake in Mexico between the said earthquakes.  Mother Nature sure ain't happy.  Maybe she's trying to tell us something.  Maybe this is Mother Nature's way of resetting the game.  Guess time will tell...

In the meantime, I will continue to flip through the cable with hopes of finding something that will catch my attention for a bit, maybe step outside for a smoke and hit the hay within the hour.  I still have a few things to knock out before I return to work and I need some normal daylight hours in order to get it all done.   Keeping fingers crossed.   Until next time...elizinashe
Tomorrow is a New Day

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Think I'm a Romantic

😊 Hearts Make Me Happy 😊
I've never been one to always have a boyfriend or even have a date every weekend.  Hell, I can't even remember when I actually had a real date or a boyfriend as a matter of fact.  But I still have hope...

I've never really been big on flowers or a box of chocolates although that is nice every now and then.  I do like the little things though.  That little kiss on the back of the neck, maybe a slow dance or two and small gestures without the assumption of sex or some other form of a payback. 

I watched a romantic movie earlier tonight, one that I've seen a dozen times but the story in itself was lovely.  It wasn't one of those super sappy romances but one that builds on friendship and trust and then blossoms into love.  I kind of like that.  I am now on another romantic movie, loosely based on a true story.  Again, I like the story line.  It's not too sappy and the movie shows how this one couple rebuilds their life after tragic events and rediscover each other again and fall in love like they did the first time around.  Peppered with first time dates and building on a friendship, leaving their past behind.  Oh yeah, I've seen the all of the newer Jane Austen movies derived from her books too.

Does this make me a secret romantic? 

In my younger years, I aspired to have a relationship like my grandparents had instead of my own parents.  I'm not sure why, other than the way my grandparents met and they way they always worked together as a couple inspired me.  Yes, they had the struggles and arguments but they worked through those waters and always kissed each other everyday.  They were married for 60 plus years before my grandfather passed away.  That's a lot of years folks.  And a lifetime of love and memories.  I like that.

I don't think I will make it to 60 years of marriage.  Hell, I'd do well if I can even keep a guy for more than a year.  But again, I still have hope.  There is a part of me that has always believed that I'm just going to be that girl who has random boyfriends and never really will have a partner to stick with me until the bitter end.  I'm kind of okay with that and kind of not. 

In the meantime, I guess I will stick with my movies, memories of my grandparents and live vicariously through my friends who have wonderful and just as inspiring relationships.  I admire that too.  And maybe one of these days, I will write my own romantic story and live that life outside of the movie screen.  Until next time...elizinashe
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Sunday, September 3, 2017

What? Summer Is Over?

🙋 Thanks for Visiting!  🙋
Wow..where did August go?  I feel like it just flew by in a quick blink.  I feel like I didn't do much, but once I reflect back I had a pretty fun month.  And September began with a piano concert with my mother and one of our other girly friends.  It sure was a treat.

This past month has also been a bit of "kitty patrol".  My old man Hecubus is old and getting frail.  It really makes me sad and I know his time is limited.  So I try and give him extra love and comfort, watching for signs of further decline and praying that I will be at home and away from work when his time on this Earth is done.  I hate the idea of being at work and my kitty is in pain and alone in the house.  I hope that won't be the case. 

We have a bright, beautiful moon out tonight.  It's nearly full and quite comforting to see.  There is a change in the air with cooler temperatures and a gentle breeze.  In fact, it's been chilly enough late at night that when I step out on my deck I put on my bathrobe to keep me warm as I take in the stars and fresh air.  I guess I'm turning into a little old lady in some ways.  Maybe that's not a bad thing. 

My hope for the coming Fall season is to have more happy thoughts and adventures.  I pray for our country to heal and unite as there has been so much hate spread across our map.  I just don't get it.  I pray that Congress will put country before party.  I think they have forgotten that vital piece of democracy.  I will say that the countless volunteers, famous folks and local businessmen have stepped up to the plate in helping out thy neighbor down there in Texas.  There are some good people in this world.  I think we all need to remember that everyday don't ya think?  Until next time...elizinashe
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Restless & Frustrated

Feeling a Bit Like This
I really shouldn't complain about my world.  I am blessed and lucky.  And my heart breaks for Texas.  I could not imagine what those people are going through.  But...I just can't shake this depressed like state of mind.  Maybe it's Mercury pulling on me.  What is Mercury you ask?  Look it up Mercury Retrograde.  It will save a lot of babble talk from me. 

I know for the most part, it's just situational.  But it still nags at me.  I've procrastinated on a couple of necessary things to which now, I feel like it's a bit overwhelming to tackle now, so I procrastinate more.  Ugh...and then I continue to feel bad about procrastinating.  To some, it may be no big deal, but to me, it's bothersome.  How did I become so lazy?  Is it working the night shift?  I don't know.

My kitty waxes and wanes.  When I think it's time to "make that call", he perks up and he is bright once again.  I feel like I've been on cat patrol for the last month.  I've been keeping a daily record of his eating habits, bowel movements, medications and all that jazz.  It's getting a bit ridiculous.  He's not in any pain nor is he suffering.  I know he feels puny at times, and then he rebounds.  It's a strange cycle.  My biggest fear is that he's going to get really sick while I'm at work and I can't do what needs to be done.  Another strike for being single.  Man it would be so much easier if I had someone to walk this life with me.  Or so I think. 

My summer has been good and I've had a lot of fun, but it sure would have been nice to escape to the beach.  I still need to do that and soon.  But again...unexpected expenses and a sickly kitty keeps me from staying away too long.  Ugh...

I just wish I could catch a break.  Again, I'm lucky and blessed.  I just wish this unhappy feeling would just pass and lift away.  Something good needs to come my way.  I need a boost.  Until next time...elizinashe
Aiming for More of This

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mean People Suck

Feeling All Jumbled
Regardless of what you do for work, you will always have personality clashes and ones that you can never please no matter what you do or say.  I am no better than the next person, I make mistakes and I expect that my fellow co-workers exude the same temperament.  However, I know that can't always be true. 

I also know that one or sometimes two persons who have those unrealistic expectations and perfectionist ideals will never be happy with the work you do.  I also know that it is something that has been taught or learned due to something in their past, or an expectation that was made of them and has followed them into their adulthood and working life.  I get that. 

What I don't get is a consistent disapproving, condescending, micromanaging, disrespectful attitude towards others and co-workers, leaving them feeling unappreciated, angry and sometimes in tears for no reason other than their expectations and their high standards were not met, when in reality, that is just an unrealistic expectation to begin with. 

And when such behavior is thrown in the face of many, and not just one person, then it's a problem.  The tricky thing is, sometimes when you do address such an issue with your superiors, nothing ever changes or worse yet, that superior may be "tight" with the said person with the unrealistic perfectionist issues. do you work around that?  What kind of charge do you get by being so mean and high & mighty?  I would think it does nothing but start your day off feeling stressed out on top of an already stressed out job.  So why would you want to put yourself through that?  And watching good co-workers being treated with such behavior doesn't make you feel good or appreciated either. 

It's a tricky deck of cards that's for sure.  I refuse to be played like the Joker and I always aim for winning Aces, but sometimes your going to get a Spade.  And that's okay.  I just wish some people would stop expecting Diamonds every damn day.  ( How do you like that use of metaphors?  😉 )

Until next time....elizinashe
Why Can't We All Just Get Along?