Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Powerful Message

Oh So Pretty!
Many years ago, one of my best friends came to visit along with her son who was quite young at the time.  Not even seven year old if I remember correctly.  He was a very inquisitive and imaginative little thing, carrying a toy ninja sword and a head full of curly hair.  He was a cutie. 

So as we all peruse downtown, we walked into a shop full of giant geodes, amethysts, crystals and petrified bugs in amber.  One of those "natural rock" places where it's all sparkly, shiny and very, very delicate.  The type of shop where you really don't want to take children, especially the hyper ones if you know what I mean.  It was one of those "If you break it, you buy it" type of shops.  But we go in anyway.

Before we entered, my friend told her son to be very mindful of his space and not to touch and pick up anything, which is hard for any kid not to do in any kind of store.  Is it not?  And I must say, this child did so very well.  Oh that curious mind was inspecting all things shiny with intent and wonder.  Some of the pieces were just as tall as he was at the time.  He would get down on the floor and look at the whole thing.  Get really close and would touch them on occasion, but he never picked anything up, ran around in the store nor did he bust out his ninja sword to combat any imaginary monsters that might have lurked around.  Nope, he did very well and did as he was asked. 

On our way out, the store clerk approached the three of us and commented to my friend's son on how well he did in her sparkly shop.  She was impressed as to how well he kept it all together and told him so.  And on that note, she gave him a small crystal from a counter top basket as a reward and a thank you.  The delight on his face was priceless and the message that this shop owner sent to this little boy was more impactful than you could imagine.  I had tears in my own eyes. 

My friend's son said his "thank you" and then squealed with delight once we left the store.  What a treasure he was given.  In many aspects.  I am glad I was there to witness that moment. 

I wish more people would send such powerful and positive messages such as that lady did that day.  Gestures of love and gratitude doesn't always have to be grand.  It's always the little things.  Right?

I wish more people could be a witness to such kind gestures.  Our current state of affairs have become so horrible, or so it seems to me, that I sometimes think that people have forgotten how to be nice.  Or even kind.  I don't get that.  My hope is that there will be more people spreading more positive and powerful messages like this shop owner did that day.  I think we all could use a little crystal.  Don't you?  Until next time...elizinashe
Let's Make Them Soar!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Quiet Gentle Night

Let It Wash Away...
It's late.  All is calm in the neighborhood tonight.  It has started to rain out my way.  A nice, gentle rain to soothe the soul.  No, it's not an opening to a horror flick but it could be, eh?  haha...Halloween is upon us after all. 

One of my favorite movies is on although it's almost over.  I guess you could call it a "chic flick" but the story is a good one.  A story that has three intertwining mini-stories that are connected with some impressive backdrops.  And a couple of very moving scenes that has always spoke volumes to the story.  Or at least to me.  If you're in the mood for a good one, check out "The English Patient."  I don't think you'll regret it.

Many changes in my world.  Mostly good and I'm still learning about all that.  Others...well it's just the normal swing of life.  And that part I'm still learning too.  Life is grand for sure but it never fails to surprise you, both good and bad.

It's been a bit of a prep day for me.  Groceries, gas and the what not.  I still have more to do, but I am thankful that tomorrow will be mostly chill at home, make some necessary calls and prep some crock pot magic for my dinner guest tomorrow.  Maybe I will even stop and take some time to play on the piano for myself, as I have ignored this giant monster that sits in the front room of my home.  My work does take priority and my off time I tend to focus on all those little, stupid adult things instead of making time for things that bring me joy.  I need to work on that.  The joy stuff that is. 

In the meantime, enjoy the coming change of the seasons.  I look forward to Fall and a slower pace as we all seem to be in such a hurry.  Life really is short.  I hope to live a long life and I don't want waste all my time on things that don't really matter.  Trust me, we all have responsibilities and commitments, just don't forget the little things.  Some things can wait.  Until next time...elizinashe.
A Good Nights Sleep

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Yea Adulthood...

Pretty Little Things
Well August certainly has been a surprise.  I'm glad I had fun in July because this past month has hit me with unexpected adulthood trials  both good and bad.

I've had a series of car repairs which was quite frustrating.  What really pisses me off about all of that is that I had one more payment left on my credit card and I would have had a zero balance for the first time in years.  Zero.  Years. bueno.  😒.  I guess that's how it rolls these days.  It certainly is frustrating to have such high balances compared to the way I was raised, but then again car repairs didn't cost as much as they do today.  I blame technology. 

I had some planned house repairs knocked off my list.  One which has made me very happy and will pave the way for other household bucket list projects.  But life always has another surprise.  I have some creature, most likely a groundhog, making a home for himself underneath my house via the porch.  Ass.  I'm so pissed.  We have numerous animals in my neck of the woods, including bears but this fucker has decided to mooch off of me.  Or at least my dirt.  And the he's kicked quite a bit of dirt out too.  Busy little bugger.  Again, I am thankful to a neighbor who gave me the heads up otherwise I would not have known.  I've officially named him Fucker.  I find it quite appropriate.  That little project will cost me a pretty penny too.  One that I was not prepared for. goes on.  Hopefully all will be back to normal within the week.  Plans for trap and relocate begin Friday.  Guess that's a good way to kick off the weekend.  Oh yeah, I have bagworms on my trees too.  Ain't that a dandy? 

On a positive note, I've met someone.  Shocking I know.  I certainly wasn't expecting this to happen nor was I really looking but I'm not complaining.  Funny thing is that we are both in a bit of shock as to how we crossed paths after going to the same watering hole for years.  Yet, we did not meet until recently.  Funny how things work out.  The founding layer of this new beginning was nothing but conversation.  I found myself really enjoying just talking with him and wanting to talk even more.  And then one night he planted a big, fat kiss on my mouth.  And I liked it.  I really can't go wrong with that.  This may be the first real adult relationship I've ever had.  Not sure what to do with all of that.  And surprisingly enough, I haven't been over thinking it a whole hell of a lot.  Oh my brain certainly has been a busy one, but it feel natural to just "let it go" and make plans to sit and talk like we've done on many occasions now.  Which I really love.  And oh...the kissing?  It's very good.  This just might become something so real that I really won't know what to do.  Maybe I'm not supposed to know. 

So yeah....adulthood.  Fun stuff.  If it becomes too much I'll just hide under my blanket fort and start coloring.  That's always a safe place to be is it not?  Until next time...elizinashe
Channeling the Fire Within

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Daydreaming, Big Ideas & Reality

Loved This One!
Ah...daydreaming. I am pretty certain we've all been guilty of it, especially while in school.  Makes me think of that Warner Brother's cartoon where that pudgy boy, Ralph Phillips, gets lost in his own imagination while his teacher is speaking to the class and getting lost in his head, dreaming up that he is some fighter pilot, explorer or McArthur.  Remember that one?

I like my daydreams.  I guess I've always been a bit of a dreamy person, but my imagination sure can be a wild ride.  Reality always has its way of bringing me back down to Earth but it sure is fun to escape inside my head and live out a different life, reinvent myself or chase a very wild dream.  That kind of thinking sure does make me feel happy for a bit.

Big Ideas?  Yeah, I've got those too.  Are they like Daydreaming?  Maybe, but I see them as more attainable.  More real.  However, my Big Ideas tend to be a bit over-the-top with a mix of anxiety and excitement and then those "Big Ideas" tend to deflate as I know myself better and I will never really follow through.  Plus, those Big Ideas tend to require much planning, organizing and patience which is not my forte.  At all.  But I like my Big Ideas too.  They are a lot of fun and typically involve many people to be a part of the game.  The more the merrier, eh?

And then comes Reality.  One of my faves.  Really.  But sometimes not really.  Reality is always a bitch.  It can be a good thing but it can also be a really fucked up thing.  Whenever I do get all excited with my head in the clouds whether it be Daydreaming or those Big Ideas, Reality comes into save the day, or perhaps ruin the day given the circumstances.  I appreciate my friend Reality.  I do.  As much fun as it is staying lost up in the clouds of my head, Reality is always there to keep me grounded so I don't float away too far and get lost.  And I really hate being lost.  It's not a very comfortable feeling. 

So here's to all the Daydreamer's, Big Ideas and our parent Reality.  I think all three play important parts in our busy little brains.  I hope they stick around in my world for many more years to come.  Don't you?  Until next time...elizinashe
Let Your Mind Escape

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Friends & Neighbors

😊 Treats & Conversation 😊
You can't pick your family.  You're kind of stuck with them, good or bad.  I've got a pretty good family but there's is something to be said about your friends and neighbors.

I know lots of people.  I have lots of "friends".  But I have very few good friends.  And I mean really good friends.  And I keep those people very close to my heart.  I know those people totally "get me" with all my quirks, crazy ideas, insecurities and the bitchy side.  And I know they will still love me all the same.  I really cherish that. 

I live in a nice, quiet neighborhood.  I have good neighbors and one in particular that has helped me numerous times when I have needed a favor or assistance.  And he never expects anything in return.  Although he never complains when I bring him leftovers from my kitchen or a nice bottle of wine.  And boy do I owe him some wine!  I am so thankful that I have a good neighbor who is always more than willing to help me when I need it.  I am pretty blessed to have that.  And he's become a good friend in the process too.  I like that. 

I went out with a new friend the other night for drinks, treats and good conversation.  It was a refreshing change from the norm and he too was able to help me out on a small favor and was more than happy to do so.  How do ya like that?  It was a lovely night indeed and I look forward to having more of those nights with my new friend. 

So we headed into Downtown and stopped in a bar for a quick drink.  A bar that I had taken another friend I had met long ago which prompted the memory of how I met that friend.  And it's a good story indeed.  This friend I am speaking of now has been in my circle for nearly 10 years now.  Stepping into that bar brought back a lot of memories, trials, tribulations and the long journey I have taken since moving from Arkansas to Asheville.  My what a long strange trip it's been.  I look forward to continuing this journey with all my friends old and new.  I hope to add more special friends as I grow into this life of mine.  It's been pretty good thus far...I'm not ready to stop just yet.  My heart always has room for more people to explore and love.  I really can't complain about that.  Until next time...elizinashe
💗 I Dig This Barn 💗

Monday, July 23, 2018

It's Been a While...

You Know It!
Happy Middle of Summer!

I am in the beginnings of my vacation time to which I took a lot of time away from work.  I've earned it.  And I need it!  Otherwise I'd be stuck in the hamster wheel. 

I kicked off my vacation time via making a quick trip to Raleigh with a girlfriend to visit another girlfriend of ours and her family so us chics could go to a Dave Matthews Band concert.  I typically go every year that the band tours and aside from the two times I've gone with a male friend, I always go with my girls.  It's a thing. 

The band didn't tour last year so I was in total withdrawal....their live shows are so super spectacular that I could follow them the whole summer if I could.  But alas...there is a thing called a budget and a mortgage.  Dang that adulthood thing. 

I had gone to a comedy show prior to all of that and I've got 'Goat Yoga' coming this weekend.  Yes, Goat Yoga.  It's gonna be a hoot I'm sure.  I will most likely laugh more than yoga, but the idea of attempting to bend and contort my body while there are baby goats jumping around me or possibly on top of me sounds super fun and very silly.  I need more of that.  Especially in today's world.

Speaking of our world, being that I've been away from the news and just now catching up I cannot believe my eyes and ears!  I really haven't missed a thing have I?  Absolutely disgusting.  I wish I could stay on vacation forever.  I have been perfectly happy not knowing what the Hell is going on. 

In the meantime, I hope your summer is super fun and stress free.  I still have adult duties to tackle, which is another reason I took time away but I sure haven't forgotten to take some time to have some fun.  Otherwise it wouldn't have been a very productive or fulfilling vacation time.  I encourage you to tune out and break away.  It sure does help heal the soul.  Which is something we all need do we not?  Until next time...elizinashe
The Only Summertime Gear I Need

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

And The Wheels Keep Turning

Ever Feel Like This?
It's been hot here this week. makes me cranky.  And frustrated.  I haven't been able to focus on much of anything but my brain won't let me rest.  It keeps spinning in a anxiety provoking cycle.  I really hate it when that happens.

I have much to do adult wise but I get distracted and overwhelmed and then I don't want to follow through with what needs to be done.  Like scheduling a physical, as I have procrastinated on that task for way too long.  And being that I've waited too long, the fear of something bad is going on in my body is growing.  And then I begin to think about how will I manage my affairs if I am sick?  What will I do about my bills?  How will I cope and more importantly how will I deal with my parents freaking out?  Because I know they will.  Jesus...not a boat I want to be stuck in. 

Speaking of parents, they are aging and in relatively good health but my mother has had more issues lately and that kind of worries me.  She acts as if she's in a hurry to get all her affairs in order and get rid of junk from the house so I don't have to deal with it.  And my dad...well he still asks about her when we speak and still tries to communicate with her despite their divorce.  He's already said that he'd remarry her in a heartbeat if she was willing.  But I know that is the last thing that she'd ever want.  And that makes me sad for my father.  If anything does happen to her, it will kill him.  And I'd have to pick up those pieces.  Somehow.  Oh, did I mention my dad lives over nine hundred miles away?  Yeah...add the distance thing in the mix and it gets more complicated. 

Speaking of dad, I hate that he lives alone.  For the most part, he's doing really well.  But he's in need of cataract surgery and the flexibility of my schedule, or shall I say inflexibility it seems makes traveling back home to help him is a bit difficult.  I'm sure he will be fine.  His neighbor can take him to the appointment he says but I have moments where I question this neighbors "good deeds" when it comes to helping my dad.  Don't get me wrong, my father still has his cahoots about him and his mind is still sharp, but I have a feeling that he will be the one to lose is logic and a functioning brain.  And being that I primarily work with dementia patients and see how families struggle with the care of their loved one it makes me a bit anxious.  I don't want to be the one to manage that shit.  And to complicate matters even further, I am the only surviving child between my parents.  My brother died unexpectedly when he was twenty so that left me.  I'm stuck with the responsibility and I really hate that.  Really. 

I have really good friends and I am so thankful for that.  My cousins keep in touch via Facebook but I haven't seen any of them in years.  If it weren't for Facebook we'd probably never really talk.  And that' sad.  They all have their own shit to deal with, and some of them I wouldn't even think of asking them for help.  I think they might be a bit more screwy than myself.  So....what do I do? I've got a really good friend who has already lost her mother a few years back.  She's been through the mess single handedly.  I know she will be a voice and guide for me.  At least I have that. 

So as I troll through reruns of a stupid show I stop to write and complain.  I'm too awake to sleep but too restless and frustrated to clean or tackle that many projects that have been ignored for way too long.  That sort of thing never ends so I need to get over that.  Guess my expectations are a bit unrealistic on that end.  I know it does not do my any good to stress about this stuff now.  I don't know why I allow these thoughts to make camp in my head.  It drives me nuts.  I guess I should just embrace it and allow it to pass until the next worrisome thoughts make a home.  Ugh...Hopefully the next batch of mind monsters will be a much happier one.  Until next time...elizinashe
I Need Some of This!