Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Feeling Frenzied

My Brain Won't Stop !
The last couple of days I have been distractedly focused.  Does that make any sense? 

I've been focused on doing some crafty projects around the house, which when I run into complications really frustrates me and then I get angry.  On top of that, I've been running around trying to tackle some necessary household stuff, get some cleaning done and get bills paid so I know how much money I have to leftover to pay off other debts as well as money for play in between my crafty stuff.   Ugh..

I feel like I can't really concentrate on one thing for very long because I'm constantly thinking about other things that seem more important.  I finish one thing and then flutter about trying to finish three other things as the same time which is never really productive because it takes longer to finish the other three things vs just one thing. 

The first crafty project was an epic fail.  That pissed me off as well as made me disappointed in myself.  I hate that feeling.  However, I cleaned up the first failure and began another one.  The second crafty project went better but it's slightly askew which bothers me.  It's just not quite going to work to my satisfaction.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely anal but I do have a certain vision and I do allow mistakes, but for this....just can't do it.  Which led me to an internet search to redeem my "askewity" which may or may not work in the near future when I once again, tackle this one particular crafty project that I must complete as it is a bug up my ass that I must achieve. 

Another pest is my car.  I desperately need to get a peeling paint area patched and repaired.  It's really getting bad and I've procrastinated too long.  It began as a really simple thing...but work calls and it's my only car so getting rides around town is a challenge.  I refuse to take a cab and I have yet to do the Uber thing.  I just don't want some random stranger knowing where I live.  That's just a bit creepy to me...single girl issues.  I'm protective of myself that way.  I did get an estimate before the holidays...yes...I've waited that long...which was doable for the cheaper way but this place would have had my car for nearly three weeks.  Nope...can't have that.  The other guy that I know may be able to do the job more quickly and perhaps more economically, but now that I've waited too long...it might cost me more.  Ugh....the price of waiting too damn long.  Will I ever learn?

Now..you could say this surge of "getting too much done" is hormone related which very well could be true.  But then again...I feel like it's something else too.  As in preparing for something...which I do not know what that "something" might be.  And when I overthink that I drive myself even more crazy.  Maybe the Universe is getting ready to throw something wonderful out my way and when it comes I won't be worried about anything else.  I do hope it's something like that as opposed to the alternative. 

Regardless, I do hope this crazy neuron over-firing calms down a bit.  I certainly could use the energy to really tackle some responsibilities but the distracting fluttering about is driving me nuts.  Maybe it's the chaotic Spring weather.  I don't know...I just wish I could focus and chill a bit better.  Work is looming...I need to move past this phase before I hit the floor- unit wise that is.  Keeping my fingers crossed and my mind untangled.  Until next time...elizinashe
Breathe In...Breathe Out...

Sunday, May 7, 2017


This Looks So Inviting...
I don't know why so many of my posts begin with cold, rainy weather.  It's rather unintentional but almost consistent.  Guess I should be more aware of that and start my posts from a different angle.  By the way....it really is cold and a bit rainy this weekend.  😉

They say things "happen in threes".  I think we've all seen it if not experienced it.  But it seems that it's usually bad stuff or something stressful and negative.  I keep waiting for the positive kind.  Speaking of the threes, two of my neighbors from home, grown men mind you, have gone to meet their maker as well as one of my former bar guests.  I guess the Heavens gained three new stars this week.  Guess I can count that as a positive. 

Fun vs. Responsibility.  This one is tough for me.  I have a good friend who makes it a point to schedule something fun almost every week around her work schedule.  I think that's super cool not to mention a great way to keep your own mentality in good spirits.  She's way better at planning than myself that's for sure.  But I'm trying to work on that too.  We've got some fun stuff planned and some ridiculous stuff too.  I dig that.  But with all the things on my "bucket list" it's hard to pick and choose without feeling guilty of spending too much money. I've got car and house issues to tackle and my dad will be coming to visit next month so there's more money right there.  I'm trying to get my credit card bill down, even though compared to others, it's not that much but it's enough to make me more aware of what I'm spending and how much.  I've never been one to micro-manage my budget, but I do need to be more watchful.  But as my friend once said, she's going to have fun now while she can because "you can't take it with you".  I like that mentality.  Maybe I should embrace that a bit more.  Small steps right?  Until next time...elizinashe
Unlock Yourself

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Windy Night, Foggy Brain

I Kind Of Dig This...
Our weather has been quite lovely the last few days.    The nights are a bit cooler than normal but that's okay.  We've got some pretty wicked winds coming through.  Yikes!  Apparently we've got a day or two of some gusty stuff making it's way across our mountains.  I hope my trash can doesn't blow away...I'd hate to chase it down.  Sure does cool things off a bit in the wee hours of the night.  I'm just thankful that I have moved away from the little shack that I had been living in previously as there were many tall trees fighting for space.  Nights like this with powerful gusts always kept me up in fear of a tree falling on top of me while I sleep.  Although I did have trees fall around the property while I lived there,  I was blessed enough to have never have one crash on top of the roof and smash me to bits.  Sometimes I still worry about whoever is living there now, as I am certain that something horrible like that will happen one day.  I hope they will remain safe.

I went back a few years on this thing, rereading some previous posts.  Man...what memories.  I used to be funny.  At least I think so...and more clever.  I guess I"m still funny at times but I think the inspiration to write back then was differently inspired.  Weird animals, fashion shows, silly thoughts, weird internet news...you get the picture.  Perhaps it's because I've grown a bit (?) or maybe the internet influence has changed.  I used to find all kinds of fun stuff, especially if it was weird or unusual but times have changed.  It's all politics, stupid celebrities, food recipes and the "bait and catch" type of stories.  Whatever happened to the stories of the two headed calf?  Or the 14lb baby?  However, we did have a live feed of "April the Giraffe".  The poor thing seemed to be in labor for two months with many anxiously awaiting to watch a live birth.  Guess I could have written about that...haha...And well, I just saw some images from the "Met Gala" with all the stars in their get-up but it's just not worth it to me to write about.  Too many self absorbed people...no fun in that. 

So that's it for now folks.  Just a quick random post.  My mind has been a bit distracted and lazy.  I'm slowly chipping away at my "must do " list but it seems that doing nothing and keeping it simple is taking priority right now.  Work beckons and then I will be done for a while.  I'll tackle the rest in due time.  One thing I have learned, but still struggle with is that it's "okay" if you don't get everything done that you think you're supposed to do.  It's perfectly fine to take your own "time out" and do absolutely nothing.  Because when you do, you end up feeling better and recharged.  Gotta take care of yourself, right?  Until next time...elizinashe
Stop and Take Time to Write !

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Late Night Bits

Green is Good
Well the sun finally came out today after two days of steady rain and a third of off and on showers.  Sheesh!  We surely need the rain but man...it was getting old.  I'm just thankful that I don't have any major leaks in the house as a result.  Counting my blessings on that one !

Spring has sprung for sure.  I swear my Azaleas seemingly popped out overnight and that was before all the rain.  They sure do look pretty.  My guess is that they will grow madly now...at least I hope.  The seeds I had thrown in my pots earlier this month are sprouting green.  I now have quite a few greens sticking out of the dirt.  Maybe I was doing this flower thing all wrong to begin with.  Meaning, start from scratch instead of buying flowers that have already bloomed.  I'm hoping my Grandmother's green thumb is laying her blessings on my flowers.  I do wish I had her gardening magic. 

I'm thinking about ditching the cable like many others and going the Netflix and Amazon way.  I still need internet for sure, but I'm trying to cut costs to save more in the future.  However, my TV is really old.  I don't even have a Flat Screen or a "Smart TV" so how do I hook up the internet to a 15 year old TV?  Plus, there isn't really one show that I consistently watch and I get kind of bored doing the whole "binge watch" thing.  I like to surf...and sometimes my attention span is really short so with cable at least I can click away.  I don't know...guess I will figure it out.  I will miss Paladia for sure.  Which is now MTV Live, but still...it's a good channel if you like music.  And that's all that it is.  Music.  No stupid shows.  Just music.  The heartbeat to my soul. 

Speaking of music, there are so many shows on my 'bucket list' and there are some good ones coming.  There is one dude~Robert Randolph~ that's coming to town and tickets are cheap.  I just might have to go to this one folks.  It's in town and it's very doable.  The Tedeshci Trucks Band is playing in Charlotte in July, Blondie and Garbage in Raleigh in August and Green Day in September again in Raleigh.  Sigh...I can't do all of them.  Or at least I feel..I wish I had a unlimited supply of money so I can go to all the live music shows that I wish.  However, bills come and go, unexpected bumps in the road and there is something called a savings account that I really need to pay more attention to...decisions, decisions....it's hard to choose. 

So what are your summer plans and wishes?  Who do you want to see in concert?  And the cable stuff...ditch it or keep it?  What do you do?  Until next time....elizinashe
I Need More of This !

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Bits

Let's Bloom! 
Happy Spring Y'all.  The trees are beginning to pop out, people are planting flowers and the giant bumble bees are hovering around.  Ahhh...what a relief. 

Friends in need....I have a friend whom I have distanced myself from due to drama.  I really haven't missed her and I don't feel bad about admitting that.  Sometimes you have to take care of yourself.  And I have.  However, she recently has reached out to me and there is all kinds of crap going on in her world.  To keep it really short, she's getting the help that she truly needs.  That's a good thing.  However, despite the texts and messages that I told her that she had sent to me and apparently to her cousin, she blames me, her cousin and her older son for the predicament that she is in now.  Nope...you did this to yourself sister and you were screaming for help.  Own up to that.  I may lose her completely as a friend but that's totally okay with me.  I don't feel bad for contacting others to follow up on her safety.  I've done it before on another friend and I'd do it again.  I wish her well. 

Speaking of planting flowers...I typically stick with planting after Mother's Day as the old timers do.  But I decided to buy some cheap flower seeds and throw them in my pots that already have dirt.  I typically buy flowers already potted and bloomed out, but I'm taking my chances.  Hopefully I will have some sprouts in a couple of weeks.  We shall see...don't hold your breath. 

I'm going to see this crazy band tomorrow night that I've seen before.  I'm excited.  The first time I saw them they opened for the Dave Matthews Band.  I was impressed.  I knew I wanted to see them again.  And I did.  They came out my way about two years ago.  Man...what a good show.  And now they are returning to the same venue here in town.  This will be a lovely way to spend a Sunday night.  I've really missed live music and I going to make an effort to do it more often as it fills my soul and makes me happy.  One of my girlfriends from work is going to be my co-pilot.  She's never seen them but I'm pretty sure she will walk away amazed and wondering "What in the hell did I just see?".  I'm looking forward to the girly time.  I can always use more of that.

In the meantime, get out an enjoy the sunshine and go have some fun!  See ya later!  elizinashe
Gogol Bordello

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Friends and Fiends

Amen !
I love my peeps.  Hands down, I've got some really good friends some of which are miles apart.  Sometimes it's hard to keep up with each other, but there are plenty of silly texts, catch up emails and random cards.  Somehow we stay connected. 

One of my bestest girlies now lives in Raleigh.  She's one busy chic and it's hard to slow her down sometimes because she throws herself into new challenges, projects and educating herself on top of working full-time while juggling a marriage and parenthood.  I admire her tenacity.  She is always finding a way to give more back to others, throws herself into being involved in her community, her family, her child and pretty much finds something new to tackle for her own curiosities.  And when she gets overwhelmed with all that she does, she's pretty good at reaching out and making a plan to get away from it all.  And sometimes that includes crashing at my place.  I like that.  It gives us time to catch up in person and drink some wine like we have many times in the past.  She's one of my bestest peoples in my world.  Don't know what I'd do without her. 
And She Does !

I remember the day that I saw my childhood best friend.  We were in the first grade.  I saw her walking back to her class after recess.  She was short with dark hair, wearing a Love's Baby Soft t-shirt.  (I'm telling on myself here.  😉)  We became friends shortly after and we are still in touch to this day.  We nicknamed each other "wusband" many years ago-a combo of wife and husband if you will-as a term of endearment for long lasting relationships.  A friendship marriage it is...and a good one at that.  We haven't seen each other in person in a very long time, and we don't talk much because our lives are so hectic but I can certainly say, when something is going on with either one of us, we know.  And then we call.  And it's like time hasn't passed so much.  I guess with a friendship like that you will always be connected in that weird sort of way. 
Many Talks About Our Mothers....

Fiendship.  Yes, I said "fiend".  I met one of my other really good friends on the Internet.  And not in that way as you would think.  We both laugh when people ask "How did you meet?".  It's a fun story to tell because it was so random, but when we finally met in person, it was an instant connection, and no...not in that way.  The original plan was to meet for coffee while he was in town for a couple of days but we opted for wine instead.  That was a much better idea in my book.  The word fiend came up a couple of years later as a typo but we stuck with it just for fun.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's the extra wine we drink when we get together.  Maybe it's just something silly.  One thing is for sure, he & I are definitely connected in odd ways that cannot be planned or known ahead of time.  It's just "one of those things" and I'm thankful for that.  And yes, he's a dude.  I do believe men and women can be friends and close friends at that, without it being weird.  You should try it sometime. 

So that's it for now folks.  Until next time....elizinashe

Monday, March 20, 2017

What Do You Do?

It Was a Cold and Dreary Night...
One of my coworkers asked me what I liked to do for fun the other night.  I had to stop and think about that one for a bit.  And I'm kind of glad that he did as it was a heated moment at work that night. I needed a brief distraction from the chaos. 

So what do I do for fun?  Well...I have this thing.  Which has been quite therapeutic and most likely has saved me loads of money in therapy, although I probably could still use that from time to timeIn fact, I met one of my very best friends through this thing.  And that's a whole other story to which I will spare you for now. 

 I like taking pictures and I'm not talking about a bunch of selfies although I've done that too.  I'm talking about walking around and finding odds and ends and trying to capture that in the camera lens.  Vacation time is always good for that which is another thing I need to do more often.  I like finding that arch in a building, a quiet flower or some random object and getting that on film.  I've been lucky a few times and others not so much.  But there is always room for improvement. 

Trying to Stay Calm

I like cooking and trying new recipes that won't take me all damn day long because that's just stupid.  I like having friends over to try the said new recipes, or something more traditional and sharing good conversation and wine.  Can't forget the wine!  It makes me happy to plan a  meal, make a big mess and have special people over and spoil them a bit.  That's fun for me.  

Cards...I like sending cards.  Mostly silly Halloween and Valentine cards but it's fun for me.  I don't think people do such things anymore given modern technology.  I feel like it's a "lost art" so to speak.  I don't even think people send Thank You cards anymore like we were taught when we were younger.  Why is that?  I will spend more money on a stack of silly cards instead of a purse or shoes.  I hate to shop, but card shopping is way more fun for me.  That's not so bad is it?  

Getting crafty...I have my moments.  And I'm slowly getting back into that.  I have a couple of stalled crafty projects that I need to tweak and finish instead of allowing it to collect dust.  I'm pretty good at that too.  I used to hike quite a bit and I really miss that.  Those days were a lot of fun for me.  I seriously need to get back into that.  Not only did it recharge my soul, but it also gave my the opportunity to use that camera.  It was win-win situation.  I think this will be the year to get back into the habit.  Or so I hope.  

Music...I love it.  I love catching live music and I used to be out almost every weekend but that was way back in the day...I've already caught a Ben Folds show last month which was super awesome and next month I have tickets for a crazy band that is returning to Asheville for another show.  I'm really looking forward to that.  I know it will be good.  Music does fill my soul...it is my "go to" in many aspects.  

So..I guess there are quite a few things that I "do for fun".  I've never really thought about it before as some of these things are just automatic and not really planned, although some things do take some planning ahead which is not my forte as I have said in previous posts.  Looking back on this silly little list, I guess I'm not doing too bad after all.  

So with all of that said...what do you do for fun?  Until next time...elizinashe