Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ahh...Fashion Week

Oh Fashion Week, how I love thee.  Not that I am a fashionista myself nor do I aspire to be a Carrie Bradshaw but just for the simple fact that I get to blog about the ridiculous outfits that are strutted down the runway.  And this time for men!  What a bonus!  

Yes, I understand that for the most part 'Fashion Week'  is meant to be some sort of statement. An art if you will, but this get-up is nothing but an over-glamorized crocheted concoction of 'what the hell?'.  Really?  This is considered artistic in the world of fashion?  What part?  Grandma's living room?  This looks like a basketball uniform gone totally wrong. 

And here we have what looks like a tribute to space nerds.  Perhaps a tribute to the hipsters who watch the 'Big Bang Theory'.  To which, I must admit, I do watch the re-runs myself but I don't think I would resort to wearing something like this.  And the shoes!  Oh my!  Yes they look inspired from the Asian culture which is just fine but if I saw some dude walking down the street in a suit with those sandals and we weren't in Chinatown, I think I'd be looking for the local Drag Queen show.  Just sayin'.  Aren't I horrible?  

Aside from the 'man bag' I almost like this one.  I can totally see David Bowie wearing  this-like 20 years ago when the 80's were cool.  Maybe not so much today but definitely when Bowie was past his Ziggy Stardust days and moving into the wildly patterned and colorful genre of the late 80s and early 90s.  But it still cracks me up.  I doubt that any man in his right mind would be walking around in Paris or London in this powersuit.  And never in Italy!  Those people know how to dress!  And eat.  And drink.  And make love.  Hell....why am I living here?  Hahaha.....Regardless, Fashion Week gives me much pleasure just so I can have something to gawk about and have a good laugh.  

If you're interested in seeing the whole slide show I will leave a link down below.  Hopefully I will post it correctly so all may enjoy for your viewing pleasure.  Or at least, a good laugh.  Enjoy!  elizinashe


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I used to be really, really good about planning my meals.  I was in a different phase of my life as we all were in the past but again, I was really good about it.  I was at least 10lbs skinnier, I worked out, drank less and was making more money and lived in a nice apartment with a great kitchen.  Now, many moons later, my career path had changed which changed my income as well as my dwellings and drinking habits.   I no longer plan my meals well nor do I enjoy cooking as much as I had once before but I attribute part of that aspect to my tiny kitchen minus the dishwasher. 

Today was a rather warm day which kind of kills your appetite.  Normally,when it's this warm I tend to go for cold, snack type fare.  Salads, sushi, simple veggies and chicken, dips with crackers and cheese and so on and so on....however none of that stuff appealed to me at all today.  I even texted a friend in hopes of being inspired to make something satisfying.  But alas, none of his suggestions sounded worthy of a meal.  Not due to bad suggestions, but just due to the fact that I am bored my food options. 

Sometimes I wish that I lived somewhere else where I had more variety of choices.  Now mind you, my current hometown is a foodie's paradise.  There are many restaurants that have been noted in many magazines, travel brouchures, award winning contests and a 'must eat here' fanfare.  Yes, we have some awesome local restaurants and I have visited many.  However, if you're looking for something quick and different then that can present a challenge unless you already have made plans with family or friends to hit the town.  And if you like local brews, whether it be beer or coffee, we have plenty that as well. 

However, I feel like if I lived somewhere else like some of the places I have visited then I wouldn't have such 'what do I want for dinner' issues like I had tonight.  There are times that I get this way and it frustrates me which is rather stupid to a degree but being a 'foodie' myself, I want something different and satifying to say the least.  I am tired of the same ol' same ol' and the idea of cooking doesn't always get me excited when it's late in the evening and I have to clean up a mess that I have made that will feed four or more people when I just need to feed myself.  Ah...the joys of singlehood. 

Needless to say, I relented to a salad and a piece of fried chicken paired with a nice glass of wine followed by half of a chocolate muffin with berries.  At least the wine and chocolate was satisfying.  And yes, I griped about making dinner.  I am certain that there are many others with hungry kids who are in that same boat.  I have no doubt about that.  But being 'Miss Independent' has it's own challenges.  Guess I'm still learning about myself in that realm.  Until next time....Bon Appetite!  elizinashe

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nothing in Particular

Sometimes you get really lucky when it comes to taking pictures. This is one of them.  I took this at my mom's place the evening after my pinning ceremony.  Her Rhododendron bushes are huge.  Almost as tall as I am with lots of blooms.  They certainly were pretty.  I think the biggest shocker for me was I took this shot from my phone vs. my digital camera.  Technology has come a long way.  I'm taking some vacation time next month with camera in tow.  However, with the convenience of smart phones, I wonder if I will even bother with my digital friend or will I just grab my phone and start shooting.  I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  

One of my friends asked me what my 'spirit animal' was.  Hmmm...don't really know. I looked into the meaning of spirit animals a long time ago when I was fascinated with the whole astrology thing, card reading and palmistry.  It seems that we all have some sort of 'other world' guide but as to what my spirit animal is I have no idea.  Apparently it is one you can choose.  I thought it was rooted in the Native American vibe which related a lot of their beliefs in sun, stars and nature.  I always thought it was a bear, or at least that's what my memory serves me when I looked into that stuff many, many moons ago.  I could be wrong.  Maybe that's what I want it to be, thus the bear idea comes to mind.  If I am designated a 'spirit animal', I just hope it's not a mouse. Eeek!  

So the state board countdown has begun.  I've selected my testing date and have basically two and a half weeks to go.  Wish me luck.  It's been hard to stay focused enough to review my preparatory book that I bought back in April.   I've really enjoyed not having any kind of classes and have spent time catching up with friends and household duties that have long been ignored.  However, I have reunited with my study team a few times now pounding out review questions.  I am so thankful for them and have new life-long friends as a result of our schooling torture.  I have awesome new people to claim as a part of my circle of peeps. And that's a good thing.  

And that's all I have folks.  Just another day.  Laundry in the dryer, dishes done, shopping list created and two hours of review completed.  I think it time for a nap.  I've got dinner plans this evening and beverages to consume.  I think my social life is slowly returning after a long hibernation.  Salut!  elizinashe