Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boom Crash!

Ever feel like everything is coming at you all at once and you don't know how to stop the merry-go-round in your head from spinning out of control?  I have griped about this many times before and I usually manage somehow but these last two weeks of our summer session is coming to a screaming halt it feels and I just can't seem to stay motivated to stay focused.  The anxiety is jacking up, my sleep has been in a mess and I can't seem to keep up with normal, everyday household stuff that should be simple.  I have two tests on Thursday as well a quiz due and I have done little concentrating since I got home from my clinical site today.  I'm tired ya'll.  I just want to pack up the car and run away.  The fall clinical schedule is in the works and there are a lot of kinks to hammer out which makes all of us students nervous since we all have jobs, families and children to be responsible for.  I wish there was a simpler way to do all of this.  I hate all this chaos.  It's getting harder to manage, or so it seems.  

Yes, the summer classes have been somewhat a little more laid back.  Lots of 'guest speakers' and boring content which does nothing for my brain other than shut off.  At least we've only had one day of lecture during this summer session.  Four hours and 25 minutes of lecture.  Ugh.  I just cannot wait for all this shit to end.  Two tests, two finals, one lab practical and four more clinical days.  Plus, work.  And then home to a disaster of a house.  I want maid.  Seriously.  Just might have to invest in one before fall for at least one good clean up because I know for certain that my ass will not be motivated to clean up after all this is over.  I just hope that I get my act together because I know for a fact that the fall semester will be a real doozie.  And I am not looking forward to it just yet.  Sheesh.  Next summer has got to be better than this.  elizinashe