Monday, July 18, 2011

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you won a crapload of money? What would you do if you had that winning lottery ticket? What if the Publisher's Clearing House people really did pull up in your driveway carrying balloons and champagne and a check with an unbelievable amount of money with your name on it? What would you do?

I've always wanted to win a sweepstakes. Even as a kid I would always urge my mom to send in whatever junkmail contest that arrived in our mailbox. I wanted our family to win that crapload of money. Not that I wanted to live in a big mansion with expensive cars or anything. I guess I realized at a young age that having that crapload of money would make life easier. We really weren't 'poor' nor did we have to struggle financially. Somehow I got the impression that it would make the household less stressful and that we would never have to worry about being broke. I've always carried some hope that some day I would win that sweepstakes that I have always wanted. Weird, eh?

Which brings me to my original point. I've been receiving some Publisher's Clearing House propaganda this past month. I can't remember the last time they sent me all this crap but being the faithful sweepstakes dreamer that I am, I can't throw it in the trash which is where it really belongs. However, they 'guarantee' that 'someone' in my area will be winning 'something'. Now how could I pass that up? I just might win something!!! I think I could choke down some champagne for a few bucks. (hahaha...I say to myself.) Yes, I know I am being ridiculous and no I haven't ordered any magazines or 'as seen on TV' crapola that comes along with all the sweepstakes propaganda. Forget that. I just want to win. Realistically I know that I won't be the winner despite their claim that I have winning numbers as long as my numbers are the ones that they choose. Yes, my current finances are tight but that is not why I choose to seek and find those silly labels mixed in with the adverts and pasted them in the proper place on my return certificate. It's that silly, dreamy child inside of me that is still wanting to win a major sweepstakes.

So what would I do if I actually won? I probably would swear in disbelief. Despite all the hoopla that is associated with a big monetary win whether it be a lottery ticket or a sweepstakes I'd still have a hard time believing it all until the initial shock wears off. Then I suppose I would cry and pee in my pants. I might even have a fainting spell and/or a panic attack. Maybe all of the above. Wouldn't that look good on live tv? Regardless, once it does all sink in my brain and that first check is deposited into my new sweepstakes account I'd be picking up my bestest girlies and jet off to the Mediterranean for a lovely trip. My treat, of course. elizinashe

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Children's Future

Having my own struggles with attaining financial aid for a nursing program and finding extra funds and loans to mend the cost it makes me frightful for the next generation who want to go to college. Apparently, being paid $11.47 an hour is deemed 'too much' according to my taxes to be awarded any 'free money' to help pay for an RN degree which would make me a much more productive member of society. HUH?? What a hard blow. One two week paycheck pretty much eats up my rent. All other monies earned go to other bills and then some. I will be lucky if I get the maximum amount that I applied for in school loans from a measly community college. I am now in the waiting game for school loans as my deadline to pay for it all comes near. Which brings me to my original thought.

As I watch the news there is more talk about Social Security being delayed and without increases in pay, the national debt ceiling in disarray and the economy as a whole still in a stagnant existence. Many budget cuts across our nation within our schools, adjunct teachers laid off, resources limited, extra curricular classes cut and college tuition increased per hour whether it be a four year institution or a small community college. And limited seats available for students young and old for above said educational opportunities. It leaves me frightened for our young children who are already struggling to succeed as a student who come from your typical middle class household. We cannot forget those children who hold so much potential but yet have so many roadblocks that they cannot control that they become discouraged and therefore just 'give up'. Some come from screwed up parents, poor living conditions or they have a learning/physical disability which does not discount their potential. Yes, some children will not be as successful as we expect them to be. But given the state of today's times how does a family of 'normaltiy' even begin to pay for college or hope for a fruitful education as they grow and hopefully graduate from high school? How do children who come from disadvantaged circumstances become successful?

I was a pretty good student. I think I had some ADD stuff going on but that was before being labeled ADD/ADHD was popular. Yes, I certainly believe that I have some processing issues due to a hereditary disease which slows me down when I really need to concentrate incoming info. Yes, I know that I have some anxiety issues which I have seen in my father but mine also stems from survivors guilt which is a whole other story that I won't divulge. However, it does not make me stupid nor an nonproductive member of society. But all that said still makes it difficult to prove and requires a lot of red tape which I just don't have the patience for in order to potentially get more funding for a stupid two year program in the nursing field which could take me to higher realms not only for myself but for the community as well. So if I have this much trouble to pay for a two year program then what does the future hold for our young kids who want an education when they leave high school? I know it wasn't this hard when I went to college the first time around many moons ago. So why is it so hard now? I thought this was America where anything can happen. How hard will it be for our children in the next 10 years? 20 years? Where will America and our educational system be at that point? What do you think? Just asking.... I guess I should stop watching the news, eh? elizinashe