Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Ah, the dreaded task of clearing away of your winter things and preparing for sunnier weather...It's a relatively simple task but can be quite monumental when you already have such a busy schedule. And it's always a surprise as to how much crap I have for each season. And every year, I start a new sack of stuff to take to the Goodwill hoping that I will keep my supply of clothes down to the basics and necessities but I still end up with more than I really need. I guess that's a part of being a girl. What I do appreciate about cleaning up my winter things that it feels rather theraputic. I have music playing, the windows are open and it's beginning to rain a little which is good. ( My car has been well pollinated and needs a bath...) It's nice to put away your favorite sweaters for a nice hibernation and replace them with bright colors and patterns for the season. Away with the cold gray days and in with the happy sunny afternoons. And we must not forget your favorite pair of sandals that hug your tired feet at the end of your day with your naked toes peeking out for a nice breath of air...ahhh... I must say that the changing of the seasons is good way to check your stock of 'having too much' and checking in with your mental status clearing away all the crap that you've accumulated during that particular season and brush it away so you can prepare for the new days ahead. I'm looking forward to spring. I'm curious as to what kinds of challenges and adventures that lie ahead for me as well as the 'challenges' that I want to throw myself into. ( one being to quit smoking,ugh.) I'll keep ya posted on my adventures & misadventures. Anyway my dear readers, I hope that you're spring cleaning is sprinkled with warm fuzzies, curious wonders and much fun!

Have a lovely spring! elizinashe

Saturday, April 5, 2008

One Word Survey

Got this from F-f-fifty Something's blog page, thought I'd join in on the fun. Hope you enjoy!

The One Word Survey
Yourself (naively) optimistic
Your Partner don't have one..
Your Hair brown :(
Your Mother McGuyver
Your Father Introvert
Your Favorite Item my Steinway
Your Dream Last Night don't remember
Your Favorite Drink cranberry juice
Your Dream Car don't really have one
Your Dream Home late 20s/early 30s bungalow
The Room You Are In open room
Your Fear going broke
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years settled
Who You Hung Out With Last a few bar flies
What You're Not superficial
Muffins blueberry(with crumb topping and lots of butter!)
One of Your Wish List Items travel ( so I can see all of my girly friends)
Time 830ish (pm)
Last Thing You Did laundry
What Are You Wearing jeans, shirt,sweater
Your Favorite Weather sunny
Your Favorite Book Succulent, Wild Women
Last Thing You Ate chicken chili & sandwich
Your Mood hopeful
Your Best Friends scattered across the US
What Are You Thinking About Right Now household chores & test notes
Your Car Xterra
Your Summer hopefully fun!
Relationship Status single
What's on Your TV it's off
What is Your Weather Like rainy
When is the Last Time You Laughed about an hour ago

Okay, so who's next to play??? elizinashe