Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm a Star Wars Geek Too

Star Wars fans prepare to be jealous. I was having some snacks and libations with an older gentleman friend of mine to catch up on each other's lives and have our 'monthly check in'. Nothing to really brag about other than good conversation and a few drinks as we vent and talk about our busy lives.

Much to my surprise there was a holiday gift for me. A nice small box which contained the latest Yoda stamps nicely framed. (Stamps you say? Big deal).It does look pretty cool I must admit even though it's nothing more than some postage stamps. But, as I was admiring how nicely it really looked, the bartender puts yet another box on top of the bar, rather large mind you, nicely wrapped with black paper and a big gold bow on top, similar to the small Yoda box. I was rather shocked. I could not think of what it might have been,this was totally unexpected. I was happy with my Yoda stamps. Although it was the size of a crock pot, I knew that was not what was inside of this big, black box. It was so nicely done, I kind of hated to tear up the paper...but alas my curiosity got the better of me and I happily ripped the paper to open up the contents of this most unexpected surprise from my friend.

Get ready folks because here it I opened this thing with a restaurant full of people only to find my very own miniture R2D2 Robot!!! I could not believe it!! I truly felt like a child was a very cool feeling!! I was speechless and excited at the same time. I had seen the mini R2 in a catalog last year and almost bought one for myself but decided against it because I had other priorities to be responsible for and really didn't need to spend that extravagance on myself, or so I thought.

So here it is a year later after having a challenging year and a few weeks of a social life before school starts up again and I am the recipient of an R2 Robot toy. How cool is that? I haven't taken him out of his plastic nest just yet. I'm still in awe of actually having such a toy at my age. He's just so cool. He's programable to do different 'tricks', follow me around and make all those R2 noises that we are all familiar with. I can't wait to see how the cats react! Oh this is going to be so much fun!! I'm trying to figure out how I can make a mini-mop so he can clean my floors while I'm at work. Now, that would be cool!! I think I'm going to need a LiteSaber next...hey Nan, you wanna come over and play??? LOL elizinashe

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my fellow readers!

Most of you are probably tucked away in your beds after some celebrations and libations with loved ones or constructing your child's toy for that big surprise from Santa...either way I hope your night has been one to cherish.

For me, Christmas is about spending time with friends and family. I get more pleasure out of having a table full of people and mounds of good food than I do exchanging gifts. Now, I do like to shop for my friends and stuff, or sending out some holiday cards but for the actual event in itself, I'd much rather be around a small gaggle of fun peoples talking and laughing all night. Forget about wanting the latest and greatest gadget. I'd rather have my holiday memories based in being with the people that I love the most. I'd have to thank my mother for planting those kind of roots for it is from her that I learned these things. I can't wait until Christmas will be a table full of ecletic peoples at my mother's place in the mountains with Dad's smoked turkey (his specialty) and mom's cranberry fruit salad and many contributions from neighboring gardens and hearty ovens. yum...

And so, my wish for you my fellow readers is also to be surrounded with love from many and have a table blessed with good food to share. May you all stay up too late from visiting with loved ones and your bellies be sore from laughter. Wake up late, drink coffee until noon and bust out the board games and have a marathon game day. Enjoy your holiday time and take lots of pictures. You might get lucky in capturing that one 'embarrassing moment' on film for everyone to remember that 'one special holiday'. hee-hee. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Childhood Memory

Someone asked me a long time ago what was my favorite childhood memory. Immediately I thought of my grandparents. They had been gone for quite sometime but that particular question gave me such a warm and loving feeling that I felt like I had a brief visit with them.

My grandparents would travel from North Carolina to Arkansas where I grew up every fall. My grade school was at the end of my street so I generally walked to school everyday. The day of their arrival I would think nothing of school work. All I could think about was when that final bell would ring that my day was over and my grandparents would be home. I couldn't wait. I would walk as fast as I could, keeping my eye out for my grandfather's big, white Ford LTD parked on the side of the street. After passing a few houses I could see his car sticking out of the street as if there wasn't any other cars around the neighborhood. I would try with all my might to run the rest of the way home...I just couldn't wait. I would be so winded by the time I reached the front door, but by some magical circumstance, my grandparents would be right there in the front room with open arms and kisses.

My grandmother was usually the first to get me. She was about as tall as I am now, 5'5, always wearing something pink,(her favorite color) with lipstick to match leaving a smudge of her lipstick on my lips and cheek. My grandfather was rather tall, like 6'1 or so it seemed, and had the best bear hugs. He had these long wonderful arms that just engulfed you. I swear he would hug me so hard that it was hard to breathe. I didn't care about breathing for those few seconds. All I wanted was my hug from my grandpa. I had waited all day for this momment. It was the best part of my day.

My grandparents always brought canned goods from their garden. The trunk would be packed full of stuff. Green beans, peaches, apples, veggies for stew, apple butter, (yum), as well as fresh apples wrapped in newspaper and sometimes corn on the cob. My grandparents weren't rich people. They were hard, working people who lived in a small mountain town. I never thought of them as being 'poor country folk' as they would be viewed as such today. No, they were richer than anyone I know. My grandparents had some sort of karmic vibe going for them that you just oozed of love and happiness. I always felt like I was at home when I was around them. I miss them terribly. I miss that comfort of being around them and feeling like I was 'home'. Most of all, I miss those big bear hugs and kisses sealed with pink lipstick. elizinashe

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Year of Growing

As another year comes to a close I look back on all the changes I have weathered. I just can't believe that this year is almost over. The journey this year has been a long one. Lots of changes, tapping back into the self-dicipline, and trying to set limits and keep my future in the light. This year has been a new struggle but a good one at that. I have weathered these changes well, or at least I think so and I still have most of my sanity. ha-ha.

I am lucky and grateful for all that I have accomplished this year, thankful for a supportive groups of friends, grateful for good parents who tolerate my lack of visits and most thankful for all of my 'girls' near and far. I could not survive without them. I'm not quite sure how I could have handled this past year without all of this support. I feel like I've crammed soo much into one year. So many changes, good and bad. Work, school, weddings, birthdays, quick visits with friends, tears, laughter, insecurity, panic, comfort, peace, love, mishaps, mistakes, successes, hugs, kisses and knowing that you made an impact on someone somehow without really trying. With all of this, it's been a good year.

I don't always have the time to do what I want or need to do which really frustrates me to no end. Hell does anybody? But what I do have time for is to just keep trying. That's all anyone can do, right? However, the year isn't quite over yet...I wonder how much more 'stuff' I can cram into 2007 before the ball drops. I'll keep ya posted...elizinashe

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ah, the Holidays

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I'm sure it's quite normal but it puts me in such a funk every year that I have a hard time shaking it off. You think with years of experience that I'd be used to it by now, but no, it gets me every time. What the hell?? Is there some holiday diagnosis disorder that I'm not aware of? And why do I get so bah-humbug as the events come closer? I truly love having some decorations around the house, something sparkly and festive, sending happy cards and picking out fun gifts for my family and friends and sending gifts out to all my girls who have babies of their own, but when it comes closer to stopping and spending the quality time with my parents and what feels the exaggerated effort to make that time a happy one is what stresses me out. Now, we all have our baggage when it comes to family stuff but I have very little back-up on my side and it just feels uncomfortable. I sometimes wish I could hang out with someone else's family. Be a part of something different.

Don't get me wrong, I am damn lucky to have what I have. I had a pretty good childhood but as time went on the family harmony became strained and there was not much communication(or support I feel). We just kinda went our separate ways, so it's like we don't know how to be a family anymore. I just dread it sometimes. I suppose it could be alot worse. I know it could. But I just can't help the way I feel and I can't help feeling alone and unsupported. I know my parents support me in many ways but there is also alot of fear for me on their part because 'something might happen to me' and then that would just break their heart. Trust me, you might think that I'm exaggerating on this quip but I have heard it for myself many years ago. Yeah, there's no guilt there placed on my shoulders or anything...geeze, does it get any better?? Suggestions anyone? Just asking..I needed to bitch and whine. Hope everyone has a really good holiday. elizinashe

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pulling the All-Nighter

It's been a long time since I've stayed up all night with little rest. I wish I could say it's from travel or having a really long girls night but this time it's work related. Things on the unit are a little intense and staffing has become an issue. Due to a lack of insight and bad communication from our charge nurse today, I left the unit around 730 this evening after being here 12 hours already only to come back at 11 tonight so I can monitor a patient all night long. Yes folks, these things happen and I will be running on adrenaline and caffeine for most of the shift. Good thing is that I am working with a really good nurse tonight and we will have one other staff member in our presence so we should be able to trade off duties and look out for each other. And if things get "emergent" I know that I have some solid staff members to work with. These things don't happen very often, but they do happen. Good thing is that I was able to take a nice, hot shower at home, change my clothes from the business-casual khaki pants into a tried-and true pair of blue jeans and a sweater. Comfort clothes.(yum.) If I'm going to be up all night then I am for sure going to be comfortable. I don't think I could have worn those work clothes for another 8 way man, not this girl. And the bonus will be the hard-core solid sleep once I do get home Monday morning when most people are just starting their day. It's been a totally different lifestyle working here at the hospital but I kinda like it. I think I'll stick with it for a while even if I do work really weird hours. elizinashe

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm in Love...

I have fallen in love...I have been sucked into a new tv show which is so refreshing and whimsical that I just cannot wait until the next episode. And the main character Ned, aka The Pie Maker, is easy on the eyes in a geeky Adrian Brody sort of way as one of my girlfriends had said as we were discussing our 'must-see' tv shows that we escape to watch every week. I am totally smitten with Pushing Daisies. I highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure. It's clever, full of color and tastefully done. ( It really reminds me of a Tim Burton flick. ) Quirky characters, strangely romantic and lots of bold colors in an odd world. It's a wonderful escape from the everyday crap that we live with and the other mindless tv dramedies-slash-reality shows that have populated the networks. And I have developed a serious crush on the leading man...I feel like I'm twelve again. When I grow up I want to marry him. He's just lovely...I can't help myself. I'm in love with The Pie sue me. elizinashe :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Ya'll!

October is one of my favorite months. There is a slow calm that settles as fall approaches. The weather starts to turn cooler, the leaves start to change and the urge to stay home in your ugly clothes with a thick pair of fuzzy socks cooking a big fat homey meal sounds alot better than going out on the town. I love this time of year. A nice glass of wine, a plateful of food and a good movie on the couch is time well spent. I sooo appreciate a night like that. October has been a really busy month for me so far and I'm stressed out to the max. Being able to be quiet at home is the cat's meow for me. And as I rush here and there for work, school, vehicle maintenance, household items, banking and so on, I am blessed to be surrounded by the mountains and see a wonderful palate of colors as my day begins, the sun breaking through the morning fog, traces of yellow and gold in the trees, and a quiet harvest moon in the night sky speckled with twinkly stars that just seem to invite you to stop and breathe deeply and relax. Yeah, this has been a really busy time for me right now but when I step outside to start my daily endeavor, I begin to calm down and let nature take over. I thank God everyday for this time of year. I hope your corner of the world is just as nurturing as is mine. elizinashe

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Internet Wonders

I have come across some more interesting internet treasures. Once again it's nature and humans. First, we have a two headed turtle. How cool is that? And perfectly timed for the Halloween season. oooooo! I wonder if there are other body parts that are doubled inside that shell....or perhaps some missing parts...(ouch!). Can you apply the quip 'two heads are better than one' to this occasion? Just a thought.

And yet again, the other tidbit is in regards to babies. Only one this time but instead of 17 children it's a 17lb baby. Yes, 17 pounds!! That's quite a baby!! I think the baby was born in Siberia which leads me to question what in the hell do the Siberians eat out there? It's my understanding that it is a very cold and desolate place. Hard to live in that kind of environment. So how is it possible to pack on a baby that large? Perhaps it was all the vodka that has bloated the newborn that made it weigh so heavily. Again, just a thought. Have a good weekend! elizinashe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Computer Skills vs. Creativity Skills

So my computer class is a real thorn in my side because it takes me forever to do the practise exercises and homework. I don't know how I screw it up so bad. I follow the directions in the practise stuff like I am supposed to and then go on to the homework that we have to turn in. It's always screwy but it gets done. Our unit project for this week is a newsletter with columns, four different stories with different headings, an ad and all the whistles and bells with eye catching colors. I may fuck it all up pretty well but at least I can make up some ridiculous stories and ads just to entertain my frustrations. If I'm clever enough perhaps I can figure out how to post my 'newsletter' so that my readers can have a good laugh. I do think it will be a good one. Too bad we don't get brownie points for silliness. elizinashe

Monday, September 17, 2007

News Flash

Scientists have discovered a new species swimming about the Bay area this past June. This is the first major sighting of this creature in waters so close to the American coast. Scientists have appropriately named this new species Suckaboobiehydrazoa. This is the only known photo in existence although there have been other sightings by biology students and boat guides. This new species is quite aloof and hard to capture on film, making it more than a challenge to marine biologists to capture the nature of this creature in its natural habitat.

Biologists theorize that this creature has existed for hundreds of years swimming close to the ocean floor, migrating from chilly waters to warmer weather in search of food and reproduction. Scientitsts hope after the winter months pass that this magnificent new creature will again make an appearance in the warm California waters making it's way back home, wherever that may be...Kit Litter for inane press. August 8, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I just love this picture. There is something so free about it. It's actually a greeting card, but the picture itself spoke to me. Clearly this couple is having loads of fun but it's a level of unspoken intimacy and laughter that gets me. I hope that when I'm old and gray with my body sagging in places that I don't want it to sag that I will still have a partner in crime by my side who will keep me laughing and challenging me to do new things.
This pretend couple makes me think of real couples that I have known, that when in their presence, you knew that they were truly in love with each other and lived life to its fullest potential. Being around couples like that is infectious. It's attainable I'm sure, but hard to find.
I admire my friends who have found their "other half " as some would say. Relationships are never easy, it takes alot of work I know. But I have seen couples that have such a good balance in each other that it's just amazing. I aspire to have a relationship like that. I hope that one day I can pose for my own greeting card with my "other half" by my side, naked and laughing. :) elizinashe

Friday, August 31, 2007

For the Love of Music

There is a plus side to working night shifts at the hospital sometimes. As I was working with one of our nurses last week, she had pulled out her laptop and started to play some music as we were doing charting and other nightly duties. Hearing some music while working was a huge blessing to me, it's hard to work in complete silence. It makes it easy to fall asleep. Long story short, this was a website that is similar to internet radio. You log on and type in your favorite artist or song and your own personal station pops up, playing whoever you typed in and similar songs/artists will play also. It's a continual round of music tweaked to your liking. And being that my stereo has died and I haven't been able to replace it, this has been a most lovely find for my musical palate. I just can't get enough. I am soo loving this!! I can work around the house, do other computer work as I am doing now, do my homework and listen to music without having to change CDs on my poor substitute for a stereo. And if there is a song that I don't like I can reject it and another song will pop up. And it's FREE!! Now that's a real bonus!!
So for all you music fans out there check out Pandora Radio. It's a beautiful thing! I doubt that you'd be disappointed. elizinashe

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Girlz Nite

While I was at work one day this past week, I let it 'slip' that I had visited a particular store here in town that caters to ' adult-like things '. Which the assumption isn't nearly as perverted as the real story. So instead of bitching or babbling about my week I'd like to share a wonderful 'girls night ' story.
As I have said before, a couple of my girlfriends and I would get together one night every week to catch up and bond, complain, eat, play, laugh, cry or whatever the occasion we wanted to celebrate. Bar hopping was never on the agenda, we just wanted to start off our workweek with some quality girly time. A few years ago, I had a wonderful experience of watching a burlesque show put on by a local theater troupe with a bunch of women. Having watched other women do a song and strip-tease in the process down to their panties and pasties re-sparked my want and curiosity of having a pair of pasties of my own. I've always wanted a pair of 'titty tassels' just for kicks.
Sooo..our weekly girls night came around. We met up at Leonhardt's house, snacked on some treats, cracked open a bottle of wine and started discussing the titty tassel idea. We were in agreement that we just had to check out the local "adult toy store " for a pair of pasties. This was our task for girls night. Now might I add that this was right around the holidays. Christmas was just a few weeks away. Certainly this place would have had some pasties around to stick under the Christmas tree...
I do suggest that if you want to go to an adult store, then by all means go around the holidays. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. As my girlfriends and I passed through the ID check,( you must be 18 to enter), we walked into a store with a plethera of 'stuff', more than we really expected, along with Bing Crosby singing " I'm dreaming of a White Christmas " over the pa system. Then there was "Hark the Herald the Angels Sing " as well as " Jingle Bells " and many, many more christmas songs both popular and religious. What a mesh of two different worlds: porn and family-oriented christmas music. HA!! We purposely stayed in this store for almost an hour, browsing around while we listened to holiday tunes. There was something that just didn't seem right about these two worlds mixing. It was just too funny, how could we leave? This was truly a valued entertainment momment. It was girls night afterall!! Dirty porn sprinkled with happy holiday tunes for your shopping pleasure. " Oh what fun it is to ride...."
Eventually we did leave sans the pasties. Shockingly they did not have any at all. But we did not leave feeling unsatisfied. Having that experience made our girls night truly memorable.
As for the titty tassels...well you can find anything on e-bay :) elizinashe

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friggin' Computer Crap

So I had my first day of classes...big deal. It's funny how you think one class is going to be the bitch and another will be a cake walk. I thought that my sociology class would give me trouble and my computer class would be slightly easier being that I'm somewhat computer savy and can figure most things out if I fart around enough with the programs. But, oh no...this is going to be a complete role reversal. I'm already pissed off with this computer stuff. It's supposed to be user friendly. Whatever. It's almost midnight, I work all day tomorrow and won't get home until almost 10pm, long after the computer labs are closed. I can't figure out how in the hell I'm supposed to copy and paste this assignment from the school's on-line site that my teacher is using and create a document from a program that I had to load on my laptop. How do you get two different sites to marry?? That's the only way I know how to explain it. And when I tried to email my professor about my dilemma, it wouldn't send my message. Thanks Microsoft. You are really frustrating me in this late night hour. I feel like I'm already behind and unprepared. It will be a mad dash to the computer lab with hopes of some geek around there to help me. I know there is a really simple solution to this problem but I just cannot figure out the freaking answer. What a fucking pisser. I have no idea how to contact my teacher as he is an adjunct teacher and has no office or phone. Aren't I lucky? I have to have this class as a requirement since I haven't had any computer classes in the last 5 years. So I'm stuck with this class regardless of my choice of major. This totally sucks. Fuck it. It has got to get better. elizinashe

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot for Humor

It's been really hot here lately. We're talking about 90 degree weather with no wind or rain. UGH!! Granted, it is August and we are just now reaching our hot, summer weather and yes, I grew up in Arkansas where it can be 90 degrees in June which is quite ridiculous but nonetheless, I've lived here long enough that when it gets in the high 80s I become a big whiner baby like everyone else. I used to laugh at the locals when they'd complain about 88 degree days. Now, I get lazy and sloth-like along with the many fine folks that live here in our wonderful mountains. My 'to do' lists remain unfinished, although I have managed to complete 90% of my tasks within 3 days. I guess that's not too bad. It's just this hot weather zaps every ounce of motivation out of my system.
I shouldn't feel that bad I suppose. I know where my classes will be next week, I've managed to have my car looked over with very little expense,(thank God that there wasn't a major problem as I had paranoidly suspected.) I have contacted HR twice about getting my benefits kicked in, I've looked into a gym membership, made a CD for my mom's crazy artist friend who sent me a care package, found some treasures on clearance and Goodwill, and have stocked up the fridge for a couple of days. Not so bad. And when I get too hot and tired, I sit in front of the pute which is right by my air conditioner and play around. (tv just sucks.) Even the cats sits in front of the air flow to sleep and stay cool. Which brings me to my next point...
I looked up Hugh Laurie on You Tube, just for kicks. I really like his character on House. He's such a smarmy ass I just love it. I had found that Mr. Laurie is quite the comedian. Typical of British humor which I love. And of course by looking up Hugh I came across John Cleese(love him!) , Rowan Atkinson, and Absolutely Fabulous. Truly a nice way to spend a quiet evening to stay cool. What is it about British humor that is so much funnier than Americans? I can't recall too many f you's, or cheap stabs just for a laugh. You really have to pay close attention to the content. If you aren't somewhat educated then you probably won't find it funny at all. I haven't seen any American comedians or movie that made me laugh as hard as I do when watching the British. Of course I don't have cable so I may be missing out on something really great but I doubt that. All I'm saying is that I appreciate the effort that some of these British entertainers put into a monolouge, skits, prat falls and insults. Maybe it's the way the utilize the english language. They definately have a wonderful way of using their words to describe their day or a rant. I think Americans are just to quick to use a large amount of cursing to make something funny. What's so funny about that? Maybe it's just me. Bullocks. elizinashe

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Frustrating Day

Somebody just smack me please before I really get hurt. What a frustrating day it has been. It's been really hot here which zaps every ounce of energy and motivation you may have out of your body. I am having troubles knocking out my 'to do' list of things which really are simple tasks to complete but it just too tiresome today to finish it all. I'm having problems finding the mistake in my checking account balance and I can't get anything to match. I went to the bank today to get an updated postings of what I've spent and what has cleared and I find $60 that has been taken out of my account but I have no idea where it went to. What the hell?? I have always been very careful of my banking stuff, always knew what the correct balance was and where my money was going but now that I have this updated post info it has made it worse. How hard can it be?? These printout posts that my bank uses is just not easy to understand sometimes. I've pretty much given up on trying to figure this out. I'd much rather sit down with one of the tellers to go over my balance crap and start fresh. Sometimes it's just easier that way.

I've also decided to try and get back into the exercise routine which has always kept my head clear and made me feel better. I scouted out this one gym in town which gives a discount to hospital employees and has the equipment and plenty of space that I was looking for. I'm sure I could swing a one-time fee for the first year. That's all I need right now,but as I was leaving I backed into the bumper of a car that was in my blind spot. A nice Chrysler Sebring. I had no clue that it was behind me. Crap. So, I move my car back into where I was parked and proceed to look at the damage. Not much to my car, just a scrape in my plastic bumper, which I could care less about. I looked at the victim's car and really found nothing. Relief!! Not a paint scratch, no dents, just a potential buff that looked like you could wipe it off with a soft towel. SOOO, being the good person I am, I proceed to write down the make of the car and the tag number so that I may go back to the gym to have the owner paged so that I could inform them of what just happened. I just could not justify in driving away. That is not my nature. So, we have the person paged over the intercom as I was telling some of the other employees about my dilemma. I did not have a camera nor do I have a camera on my cell phone so there was no real way to take any pictures to prove that there was more than minimal damage. So the guy who gave me a tour of the facilities agreed to look at the damage with me, as I had planned to leave a note on this car in case they needed to contact me. Of course when I was debating this one of the other gym workers had put the bug in my ear that the owner of the car could accuse me of some damage that wasn't there and file a claim against me or something. (paranoia sets in.) So as I was walking out to a second survey with my gym host there was a lady walking with us, well dressed, probably in her 50s or more walking in the direction of this car that I had bumped. I asked her if that was her car.(yes.) Oh, I'm so glad I found you, I say...I accidentally bumped into the back of your car and I was just about to leave a note. (some relief that I found the owner.) Once I said that, this woman's body language quickly changed and she started to walk faster to her precious car. (I'm sure her dear hubby bought it for her as a gift.) Anyway, she was somewhat nice about it but took my name and number, I asked for hers and we pretty much left it at that. She couldn't see anything, I couldn't see anything but she had said that her car is always dirty and that her husband is more oberservant than she and he may see something that we don't. Whatever...go ahead and sue me. I have nothing. Geeze. So here I sit, anxiously awaiting a phone call from some crabby husband waiting to tear me a new one and threaten my livelyhood. I wonder if he'd accept a kidney...

Upon my return home from a long, guilt-ridden lunch, I realize that I forgot to pick up a prescription that I had called in this morning. Crap. It's just too damn hot to get back out for one item. Unless I make an excuse to go out for a drink, which I don't need but I am thirsty and did I mention how hot it is outside??? I am not looking forward to this evening. I've watched plenty of movies lately and I'm tired of sitting on my growing ass. I will not go on any shopping sprees because I'm trying to watch my budget. And oh yeah, my bank balance is all screwed. With the exception of a basket of clean clothes, the house is relatively clean. And thank God for that. I loathe the vaccuum and hate scrubbing out the shower. I wish I could afford a pool boy to cook and clean for me. That would be just lovely...but then again, I'll be taken to the cleaners shortly by a mad husband. Anyone got bail money?? I've got to be out by bekons me this weekend. I wonder if I can blog in the slammer due to my good behavior.

cheers...cell mate 269389crapola elizinashe

Friday, August 3, 2007

More Internet News Wonders

Internet news is a wonderful thing. I came across two stories that have just baffled my brain. Truly amazing. One is a 7 legged lamb that was born in New Zealand. (talk about a lot of lamb chops.) I didn't see how the mother ewe gave birth, I suppose it's possible to give birth naturally to a very unique offspring. Nature does have a funny way of making things work. Perhaps they did a cesarean birth. Either the blurb attached didn't say or I have already forgotten by now...short term memory problems, gotta love that. Anyway, it's just one of those 'wow' moments in the world of nature. What a gene pool, eh? I bet that lamb will be the fastest babe in the field.(ha-ha).

Story number two: a woman in Arkansas has given birth to her 17th child. OUCH!! And this blurb tells how she and her husband are talking about having more. WHAT??? ( no short term memory problems here folks.) Truly, it looks like this is a very happy family but seriously folks, I think there is a little OCD going on here. All the children's names start with the letter J. All seventeen of them. Are the parents not aware that there are 26 letters in our alphabet?? This woman's hormones must be off the charts. The blurb said she's been consistently pregnant for an average of 10 years. WHAT??? They must get one hell of a tax break. Kudos to them, seriously. I have a hard time some days with the kids I work with at the hospital but I always get to come home and leave their care in the next shift's hands. This woman is probably never away from her kids. How does she do it??? That's alot of diapers, colds, toilet paper, braces, food,food, food, sibling rivalry and so on and so on. This woman must be a saint. I'm curious how many psychologists are wanting to do a life study on this family. This certainly would be one for the books. Two thumbs up for this family. I'm sure it isn't easy but there is no doubt that there is alot of shannanigans among the siblings. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in that household for a day or two?? My question is when is enough going to be enough? Isn't she tired already? Geeze woman, when are you going to stop? Perhaps there's something in the water up there in their neck of the woods. I'll be sure to drink bottled water next time I'm in Arkansas.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

In the Doldrums

My college roomie left me a note asking me where have I been in the blog world. I haven't posted in a while and I guess she's missed me a bit. (Big smiley face here). It's nice to know that you're missed.

I haven't posted because I've been feeling blah lately which affects my creative flow. Transitions in your life can suck. Financial changes can suck. Close friends who live far away that you can't visit as often can suck. Trying to meet new, trustworthy friends can suck. Living alone can suck. It's been a real pity party. I try not to dwell on the past so much as it is not productive. I tell this to the kids at the hospital quite often. Move forward with what you've got and keep trying. Now it's time for me to take a dose of my own medicine. I refuse to fail. That's a good thing, but I do feel hindered to a degree. I know there are many roadblocks to blast away. I'm just trying to figure out how to do it all. I envy those who know what the hell they want to achieve in life and know how to lay the plans out to success. How is it done?? Anyway...
So in order to distract my pea brain I watched one of my favorite old movies. I normally don't make a habit of watching old movies but this one is pretty good. I watched Auntie Mame, the one with Rosiland Russel, not the musical which I really don't care for. But this movie is full of colorful characters, great one-liners and plenty of alcohol. I like Mame's mantra, 'you've got to live, live, live. Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.' I think that is a fabulous mantra to live by. I always have that stuck in the back of my head. I just need to practice that more I guess....sometimes I forget. It's proving to be harder than I thought in my forward move in my life's pursuits. I guess I needed to touch base with a movie that gives me some inspiration. I know I will get there somehow, I just don't know when or how and that drives me a bit batty. I don't like feeling that way. But that's life. Tomorrow is another day, right? Until next time...elizinashe

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh My God...

So I was catching up on some internet news and came across this blurb on the 'fattest man' on the planet. Oh my God is this ever sad. There is a man in Mexico that weighs over 1200lbs. Yes, you read it thousand two hundred and some odd pounds. How in the fuck did this happen??? He is certainly bed-ridden and very sick. I'm having problems understanding how a person can get this huge and still be alive. We've all seen obese people. We've all seen a 600 or 700 pound person on some talk show, but this man weighs over a ton!!! What the hell??
My first question is how in the hell did he get this huge? Second, how could his friends and family support this kind of living?? Didn't ANYONE try and help? He didn't wake up one morning to find out that he weighed 1200lbs. This was a long process clearly but didn't anyone try and stop him along the way?? This is way,way beyond a 'glandular problem'. He must be like a human boa constrictor...he swallows his prey whole. What in the hell did he eat?? Small children?? How could you afford to feed this guy?? What about the stress and strain on his heart and other major organs?? How could the human body survive like that? And again...what the hell??
What a sad and tragic life he must have. I would imagine he does everything from the bed. Can you imagine being so large that you can't use a real toilet or take a bath?? This would be one world record that I would not be proud to own. Such a tragedy. What kind of quality of life does he really have?? None would be my guess. It's just gross and I don't understand how something like this could happen. I just don't get it. This is beyond comprehension to me. I hope this guy has a better life the next go 'round. elizinashe

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Success and Achievement

Congrats to me!!! After taking a simple CNA class, comuting 70 miles round trip to my bar job, applying to the hospital, taking the hospital job, relocating back to the city, working two jobs for a year and a half, dashing off for a vacation,(much needed might I add!!), working all kinds of crazy hours, being pulled in three different directions at once, having some very disruptive sleep patterns, never having a normal 'sit-down' meal, going to too many required in-services and meetings, leaving my bar job, feeling poor, detoxing my brain and stress level, struggling to move forward in my career and keep myself happy, I have finally landed a 'full-time' status with my hospital job!! Which means guaranteed hours, health-care, a dental plan(!), paid time off, family leave if need be and most of all a tremendous sense of acomplishment after throwing myself into a completely different relm. YEA ME!!!

I have also landed the classes that I wanted for this fall term, on the days that I wanted which should work well with my working hours. No early morning classes for me!! Who can think and reason at eight o'clock in the morning anyway??? Class starts August 20th. I will have two classes on Mondays and one class on Wednesdays. I think that wil be a good way to ease myself back into the classroom environment without feeling overwhelmed. YEA ME AGAIN!!

I finished work early last evening so I stopped by my favorite hang-out, ate a big fat burger, drank too much wine and had some chocolate cake to celebrate my small steps of success. Two of my fellow bar flies toasted the occasion with me and showered me with congrats. That felt good. Yea me once again. And so my readers, here I am, again starting another new chapter in my life as I continue to grow and learn about me. It's going to be a completely different year once again. Yee Gads!!! elizinashe

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!

As I was getting ready for work last evening, I had remembered about a new book that I wanted but when I last checked the book store they did not have it in stock. (This was before my trip to Monterey. ) Anyway, so I decided to call Barnes and Noble to see if they had this book in stock yet. I really love this author and I find her most wonderfully inspiring. And so of course by this time they had a few copies in stock. JOY!! I asked them to hold me a copy, I was on my way to pick it up even though I shouldn't spend extra money right now but I just did not care. I had to have SARK's newest creation. This was my bit of joy before going into a night shift at the hospital. This was my pick-me-up in a most wonderful way. I couldn't wait for my patients to go to sleep so I could finish my work and dive into my lovely treasure.

I think this is her biggest and thickest book yet!! It's like 250 pages or something like that and I'm already 100 pages into it already!! I'll probably finish it by the weekend. I just love this lady and I have never even met her, but there is something about her books that I think any woman can relate to her regardless of her age. This lady is just super wonderful. The only way that I can explain her stuff is to encourage you to pick up one of her books and read it for yourself. She's an easy read and very colorful. She shares her personal struggles and triumphs and inspires all to embrace everything that you are, good and bad. I know it sounds really cheesy but just trust me on this. You won't walk away disappointed. Anyway, so I'm really, really excited about my new SARK book and I can't wait to digest all of her creativity I'd like to create my own sort of SARK book for myself someday...I'll keep you posted on that idea.

In the meantime, enjoy the little momments in life and all things quirky and silly. It's good for the soul and wipes out those blah momments. elizinashe

P.S. For those who are curious about Lady SARK here is her website. Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's been a busy week so far after a nice, calm weekend. I've got alot of work stuff to complete in the next two weeks, as well as the normal adult things that we all have to be responsible for. It's just alot of committments in the coming days, something everyday for the next 10 days and it' s giving me a slight panic attack. It feels slightly overwhelming in a short amount of time and I worry about how I'm going to complete it all without failure. (I worry too much.). My mother keeps pestering me on when I'm going to come up and visit before my dad leaves to go back home and that is another stressful issue also. I don't like to be pressured especially by my mother. Don't get me wrong, my mother is a really neat lady but when it comes to me, she's somewhat intrusive and butts into my life, or so it feels, too much for my taste. She even opens my mail if I have any that arrives at her house!! She doesn't always 'back off' when she should, and that is what pisses me off so I therefore just wait until the last minute sometimes to spend time with my parents. They worry soo much about me because I'm the only child, my brother died unexpectedly when he was 20, and so ever since then the focus has been all on me. Yuk. No pressure there...It's like a constant battle to reassure my parents that I'm going to be okay in my life whatever I do, not what they want me to do. Does that make sense? Perhaps I assume too much in that department.
The work stuff is going well and I have good vibes about that, but I know that my working hours are going to change again. And it will probably constantly change which rattles my nerves a bit. I function much better on a set schedule. I'm more productive and it makes it alot easier to plan all that other adult stuff that is called life. I'm also going to the tech school to register for some classes this coming fall. The idea of registering for classes again is flipping me out. I have forgotten how you work all that stuff out. And I'm afraid that I won't be able to get the classes that I want in a convient time frame and therefore will clash with my roller coaster working hours. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but I think about the possibilities and responsibilities that will be involved which leads me to think 'oh my God, how am I going to do this ? how am I going to afford all of this and how am I going to manage work, school, and my household???? Now, again,nothing is set in stone and I know I will fuction somehow and the money will be there. I just don't know how it is going to all mesh together. I guess you could say that I'm afraid of failure and disappointment. And therefore, I sometimes talk myself out of even trying. Now how stupid is that???? Don't we all learn from our mistakes and failures??? God can I ever be a nervous cat.
One day at a time, right?? All I need to focus on today is my night shift and getting up in time tomorrow for my afternoon appointment at the dentist. (double yuk.) I'll worry about my weekend responsibilities later. And so my readers, this is me being stupid and insecure in my abilities...what can I say??? I'm human. Crap. elizinashe

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summertime Vibes

Happy Summer!!
Life has been perking up a bit since my last post. It seems that I've had a sudden wave of good luck, good friends, and people seeking me out because they want my advice or a voice of support in their struggles. It feels good to be needed and feels even better when someone tells you that they need your help as a voice of reason. I guess I'm not so stupid after all!!
I've also been socializing a bit more, seeking out good and positive people to do fun things with so I don't feel so lonely and bored. Don't get me wrong, I love having my own place but it does get lonely sometimes. The trick is for me is to find something "budget friendly" we all have to do. (poo.) I get more satisfaction with dinner and conversation than I do bar hopping. I love going out for a good hike with a good companion, nothing but nature and again, good conversation. I feel like I've 'let go' of alot of mindless worries, or at least for now, and in doing so that has cleared a path of good vibes. It's the good vibes that keep me going and puts the confidence back where it belongs. I still have some hang-ups and I know I will always worry to the nth degree but I feel like I have a better grip on myself. I have better plans that I want to achieve. I just hope those good vibes keep coming to keep me afloat. Perhaps I should be singing the Beach Boys 'Good Vibrations'. :) Until next time...elizinahse

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Little Things

Sometimes the little things in life puts the wind back in your sails when you need it. I didn't plan much for my Friday night. I had a training class to attend and run some basic errands. Exciting, eh? I came home a little tired and crampy...girl stuff...ugh!! Upon waking up from my nap a friend of mine called me out of the blue to tell me that he and some of my former bar guests were perched up at some other local bar and I should come out and join everyone. And so I did to make a long story short. It was good to see everyone again and share stories about what we have all been up to lately. I've known these old farts about 8 years now...they're like a dysfunctional second family to me in some ways. It was good to check up on these guys, and they were glad to see that I am struggling forward in my new career venture. They have always been supportive in my trials and tribulations and have treated me with respect and admiration compared to other bartenders that have come and gone where I had worked. I was just different. And they were different to me. That's the only way I can really explain it in a short paragraph. Unless you have a few short hours to spare to hear about the was truly a one of a kind place.

So I stayed awhile, had a few drinks, got some grub after leaving and came home. Then, some other friends of mine had called with some good news, basically saying hello, how are you, come and visit and so forth. They had moved a couple of months ago and started a new venture. I thought these people would have faded away from my circle of peoples as it sometimes happens in life. Anyway, so that was a good and unexpected call despite my tipsy mentality. We all laughed at my loopiness. I'm glad they made an effort to stay in touch. I will try harder to keep the phone lines open so that we will always remain connected.

Upon my re-grouping, I checked my email and got some extra pics from my Monterey trip from my girlfriend whom I travelled with. She got some really cool pics!! It's nice to share someone else's view of the world and have a little something concrete to capture what they see...I can't wait for my orders to arrive. It will be nice to add to my photo albumn and do something crafty with my treasures. I know it's totally Martha Stewart but I really like pasting pictures in my photo albumns complete with stickers and quotations explaining what was going on at that momment. It's an easy way to tell a story, letting the viewer entertain their imagination.

And here's another kicker...I got a voice mail from another girlfriend who is in Kentucky right now for a couple of months with her job. She has a really unusual job and works primarily at night. Aprile follows horse shows around the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida and basically wherever her clients go, braiding and grooming horses at night before a competitive show. It's a really odd job in a way. She will go into work about 7 or 8 at night braiding several horses throughout the night, returning to her nest for sleep around 8 or 9 the following morning. Weird I know but she busts her ass in more ways than I ever could and has been doing this kind of work for about 20 years. She's an amazing person and doesn't take shit from nobody. Period. I admire her for her tenacity and her doggedness to balance work, family and individuality. She's a really cool person with a really wicked laugh. I love that about her.

So in general, my Friday night has been unusual and surprising. Being that I had tenatively planned on going to my local hang-out, having a drink or two with a nice dinner and coming home to a movie or something. Typical single girl stuff. I'm really too old for the bar hopping scene...I'm over that. I guess there was something else in store for me Friday night. It was a nice reminder that no matter where you are there are people who love and care for you. Last night it felt like it came in a big wave.

Until next time...elizinashe

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Post Vacation Blahs

I've been feeling kinda blue lately. I call it the post-vacation blahs. It's back to work and back to coming home alone. I've missed having my friends here. I wish we could all live closer. Or have more money to travel more often!! Ah, the dream life. I do have friends here, don't get me wrong...but my really super close friends are all spread out and live far away. It's just really hard to meet good people sometimes. And being that I have changed my working habits, my paycheck is rather small compared to the money I brought home from the bar and therefore can't afford to go out as often.
I really like my new endeavor but I worry about my finances like most people, and how I will pay for everything. And really, in order to meet new people, it sometimes costs extra money at some point. So I feel kind of trapped in a way. I would love to join a gym again. I keep my eye out for free drawings of gym memberships in hopes of getting lucky. If I could get out and exercise I'd feel better about myself and be able to think better, make better plans so to speak instead of mulling things over in my head all the time when I'm at home. It helps clearing out all the bugs in my head. The reciever on my stereo officially died a couple of months ago so I've been listening to my music on a single disc portable player that I am just really sick of. I miss my speaker system...a room full of music filling my body and soul. Man did that ever make me happy. I soo hate this little substitute of a stereo. And being that I'm trying to watch my pennies, I'm trying really, really hard not to go out and by a replacement. I have a dentist bill to pay first-yuk!!! It sucks not having insurance right now.
I had a week of fun, friends, over-eating, frequent drinking and buying trinkets and treasures. Now it's back to the real world. Poo!! I want to go back on vacation!! How do you get your
mo-jo back when you've been away having fun?? Suggestions anyone??
I've got two more shifts to work and a training class on Friday and then I will be free until Sunday. The weather has been nice lately so maybe I'll go for a hike or something. Getting out in the woods was always theraputic for me, especially when I find a waterfall. There is just something about water that soothes my soul. That would be a good hit for me to do. Hike. Water. Breathe.
So until next time my readers, who ever you may be...have safe travels and many blessings!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Okay so my college roomie and some of her blog friends have been passing on a series of interview questions that one author asks another author and they have to post their answers on their blog page. Being that I just got back from a wedding trip, complete with a bachelorette party with my own series of questions for all the girls, I should be well seasoned. It's funny how some of the questions I had for the girls are similar to the questions that have been floating around in the blog world. I did not read my questions or anybody else's questions until I got back from my trip. Must have been some vibe going on somewhere. So here it goes....

1. As a child, what was your favorite storybook and why?

The first one that comes to mind is Black Beauty. The one that I remember was a short version but it had lots of colorful pictures and of course 'Beauty' bold and beautiful on the front cover. I was just drawn to that story. I think it was because it was set in the English countryside which sounded sooo dreamy to me. Rolling hills, big houses, big dinner parties and lots of people spending the weekend at your retreat. I remember asking my dad what a 'squire' was,(dad was usually the one who read me that story), and thinking how important and smart a 'squire' must be and would I ever get to meet one?? It was like meeting a famous person or something. I think it was the lavish lifestyle that was surrounded by the horse world and I wanted to be a part of that. I guess I was already thinking 'over the top' at that age. I don't even remember how the story really goes or even ends now that I've grown up. Gee, where does our memory go???

2. If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go and why??

Wow, there are about two time periods that I've always liked. One the 'Roaring Twenties' and two the last Tzar and Tzarina of Russia before they were executed and their country went all to hell. I bet Rasputin was one creepy character!! But if it were just for ONE DAY, I think I'd like to go to Vegas back when the Rat Pack was doing their thing on stage. That must have been one helluva show watching those cats drink and play for an audience without a care in the world. They were pretty much pickled from the start so I can only imagine how the night evolved into one big frat party. That would have been pretty cool. And I could wear something really lavish and sparkly, as the ladies did dress in those days, with big, poofy hair, opera gloves and my cigarette holder!! How fun would that be??

3. You're granted the superpower of your choice. What do you choose and why?

I think it would have to be flying. I can remember as a child when we would visit my grandparents in North Carolina we'd always go into the mountains for a picnic and just some family time. The drive was always beautiful and full of twisty and sometimes steep roads surrounded by endless peaks and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I would often stare out the window and wonder how do you get to that big mountain over there and what's on the other side?? I wanted to know what was beyond my reach. I thought it would be really cool just to be able to pick up and fly like a bird, fly over to whatever mountain peak you see and land on the ground and go explore all that was around you. And when I was done, then I could fly off to another mountain peak and walk all over that exploring. Whatever was out that window and beyond my reach either by foot or by car, I just wanted to pick up and fly over to it. I knew at a young age that there was sooo much land that has been untouched by man and I wanted to take the first peek. I wondered what kind of animals were around, what color was the dirt, were there flowers and really cold streams? Was there some old mountain man living in the woods somewhere in some sort of cave??? My mind was just full of curiosities...I still have those curious thoughts whenever I'm driving around these mountains. I still want to be able to pick up and fly so that I may explore what's around me.

4. If someone was to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

Wow, this one is tough. Most of the actors I like are way older than me...there isn't anyone in the younger generation that has really impressed me lately. Mmm..I have to think a bit one this one. Although I do like Anna Paquinn. I haven't seen her in alot of stuff lately but what I have seen it smart, versatile and a solid performance. She's a pretty cool chic I guess, she did play Rouge afterall!!!

5. You can invite five living people to meet for dinner. Who would you choose?

First I think I'd have invite my friend Elisa. She is such a wonderful spirit and has grown into such a strong and intelligent woman that I almost envy her. I love her to pieces and she always inspires me in some fashion to challenge myself. She's one of those people when she walks into a room it just becomes a happier place. Plus she's got a wonderful laugh and a twisted sense of humor!!

Then I'd invite my mom's friend Nancy. Now she truly is a wonderful spirit despite all the turmoils in her life. And believe you me she's had plenty of them!! She has her good days and her bad days just like anyone else. She's not immune to depression and crying fits. But still, she manages to keep her creative spirit alive, always has a funny story to tell or has taken in a homeless animal and is just down to earth period. She's a wise old spirit and I feel a great kinship with her. She's another person who inspires me to keep my chin up no matter what.

Next I think I'd invite Anthony Hopkins. I think he's one of those super modest people who is super freakin' smart. Well read, well cultured, well travelled and he can play the piano!!! He must have lots and lots of stories to tell!!! I would love to sit up all night eating and drinking with him and play our favorite piano pieces. Although I know he is way better than I am, but still it certainly is fun to get together with another pianist and gab about who your favorite composer is and what your favorite songs are and what songs you would love to play but can never quite accomplish to master. I think he'd be pretty cool to have around.

Then there's Bob. My super-genius friend who is a bit crazy. Bob is just a really neat person to be around. He's super smart, kind, respectful, really quite essentric and has a wonderful twisted sense of humor. We've had some really ridiculous converations and some really over-the-top momments. Bob has his own downfalls, he's not perfect but I have learned to accept those bad quirks because what it boils down for me is all the good stuff I see about him outweighs the negative. He's been a really good friend to me and saw me through some of my dark days when I was going through some rough waters. He still treated me with unconditional friendship. Bob will always have a gold star in my book.

So now we are to number five. people right? There is an author by the name of SARK that I think is just wonderful. She has shared her life's struggles and passions in her books for all to read. She's another one of those 'artsy' people who inspire me. She's hard to explain in a way until you read some of her stuff. She's wildly creative and it's taken her along time to finally be in a happy place in her life. I just want to stay up all night with her painting and talk about all of our girly and family struggles. Like I said, you just have to read one of her books to understand what I'm talking about. Look up "Succulent Wild Woman". It's a quick read and very nourishing for the soul.

So there were my five questions. Are your eyes tired?? And so to keep this interview thing going ...
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me"
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of my choice.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions of your choice.

Happy Reading!!! elizinashe

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Recovering from the Red Eye

Okay, so I finally made it back from my girly weekend to my humble digs and my two kitties, Hecubus and Gavin, and some warm sticky weather compared to the sunny 70s and cool ocean breezes. It was colder in Monterey than it was here which was a nice change, not that it's unbearable here or anything but it was a refreshing change nonetheless. I will make this a quick post, or at least I will attempt to, I am quite tired right now. We were all on the fast track to pack in as much quality time as possible with the bride and groom, their family, our extended friends and do some sight-seeing before catching a 10pm flight Monday in order to get back home for work on Wed. We did alot in a short amount of time and for 3 women to share a room we got along fabulously!! We all had a lovely time and I feel so very, very blessed to have been in such a relaxing part of our country and watch my friends get married in front of their ecclectic families and friends. I am still on the vacation high and very tired at the same time. I hope to return to that area many times over...I threw lots of pennies in alot of 'wishing wells' if you know what I mean.

I will close this post for the time being. I have many pictures to develop and stories to write and many clothes to wash...yuk. I think my favorite treasure that I found souvinir wise was this picture of this elephant seal that I bought from a local photographer that had his tent set up at some sort of market that had other vendors and some bands playing on our last day. We went to explore the Fisherman's Wharf area and Cannery Row which was pretty cool, but I came across this photo and just had to have it. There was something about this picture that I couldn't pass up. It was as if this elephant seal was flirting with the camera. I find him very handsome and the photographer was very good at capturing that momment. I hope you can see what I am talking about, that is if I can post this photo correctly!!! Ha-ha!! Hope you enjoy!!!! eliz

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting Girly

So I have a friend who is getting married next weekend in Monterrey, California. I leave early Thursday morning and I just can't wait. Elisa used to live here in town and we'd get together every Monday night for 'girls night'. It was such a blessing for us both. We'd do a variety of things from shopping for a new blouse and blazer for a promotion that she was interviewing for, to drinks and treats, to finger painting and listening to music, to going for a drive while one of us was bitching and crying, or whatever the hell we felt like doing for that night. As long as we got to see each other to 'dish' and spill our guts out as we were growing into women with all of our girly insecurities still haunting us. It was a night we both looked forward to. And sometimes our other friend Jessica would join us if she wasn't traveling with her job. But alas, Elisa got a different kind of promotion and moved to San Francisco. That's been almost two years now and we still miss having our 'girls night'. Needless to say I am more than excited to see my friend again.
What's really cool is that two of our other girlfriends will be joining in on this trip. It's going to be one big girl fest. I've been on the hunt for the perfect dress for the occasion without going overboard, picking up some feminine-like tops, small purses and all that other girly stuff. Now I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now, but if you knew me, this is a big thing for me...I actually want to dress up a bit. I am such a jeans and t-shirt person. I love wearing my sandals this time of year. I'm fairly casual. Dressing appropriately for work is an effort for me. But this is a special occasion and I'm looking forward to getting away for a while, wearing something that makes me feel pretty and watch my girlfriend get married. There is just a certain vibe about this trip that makes me feel good all over. It will give me a good excuse for actually looking and feeling like a young woman. ( I guess you could call it an ego boost for myself) . So I am getting back in touch with my girly side and want to be a little fashion savy. I want to have a pedicure, put color back in my hair, wear some jewlry and look pretty again. It's like I am rediscovering my womanhood. Perhaps I'm growing up some more. And so to close this entry...I'm still learning about me. elizinashe

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My New Boyfriend Blog

I love that I have created my own blog. It's like a new boyfriend. I must give credit to my college roomie as she is the one who inspired me to follow in her footsteps and make one for myself. She's always been more computer savy than I and way more of a creative writer than I am but nonetheless, I saw her page and thought, 'hey, how do I do that?' I knew that this was something that I wanted to do for me, and have some sort of an audience in an annonymous sort of way. I was growing tired of my journal and needed another source of inspiration. So now I have made my own little blog page, a 'new boyfriend 'if you will, that I can shape and mold the way I want, something that I look forward to spending time with and a place to share my feelings and insecurities and feel good about the end results. For the last few days I've just looked up my blog page just to look at it. It really is quite lovely I think, of course I am a little biased. But it is a lovely pinkish page with a wonderful picture of some nuns with beer on the table and a random old man in the background. It looks like they were having a great time. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at that party. If I can find a way of putting something 'sparkly' to put on my background I'd do it, being that I have always liked glittery kinds of things. It's just add more festivity to the occasion. I usually look up my blog before and even after my working day as it always brings a smile on my face. my own little blog. I feel so proud of myself, corny I know but it's just so cool. I stayed up late one night scanning some old pictures so that I can post them on my page when I feel the need. My mind is just abuzz of stuff I want to put on my postings. It's my new obsession and a healthy one at that I guess...almost better than a 'real boyfriend'. Can't wait until my next 'date'.


Saturday, June 2, 2007


So I've been farting around on the blogspot thing taking a variety of quizzes out of curiosity and also in hopes that there would be one sliver of info that would be new to myself or learn something new about myself when in all actuality I pretty much know who I really am, with the exception that I am a Betty Grable in the pin-up world. Anyway...but in the great search of 'who am I supposed to be' I've already known for the most part, what all that entails. I'm scattered, impulsive but am able to focus when something really gets my brain intrigued, I'm laid back but have a serious mind, get bored easily in a relationship so therefore I need someone who likes adventure, the outdoors, travel, etc. I'm open to meetings lots of different people but I am hard to know on the inside, I am a private person but must get out of the house and do something. I'm a deep thinker and have a rather wise mind for a person of my background and age but love the ridiculous like an immature school girl. I'm able to finish tasks at home in the late night hours when I feel peaceful, do not like early mornings and have vivid dreams that I'm not quite sure what they are always about. I'm indecisive and interested in everything which makes it hard to follow through projects, ideas, classes, etc. I am loving, careful and devoted to the ones I love and cherish and I'm always there to encourage or cheer my friends, co-workers and family. So, I guess I'm an okay person and I'm not as neurotic as I think I am. So I'm just going to give up on taking any kind of personality quizzes, career quizzes, what my sign and birthdate says about me, blah,blah,blah...I'm okay and that's all I need to know. So from now on, I'm going to do my level best to not worry about how I am going to accomplish what I want in my life and just go for it. Sometimes the mistakes you make in life lead you to a wonderful door that is meant to be the one you open.

I'll end this with a wonderful quote that I have on some cards I have. Hope you don't find it too corny but it is a nice inspiration for all to read. Hope you enjoy. elizinashe

as though no one is watching you
as though you have never been hurt before
as though no one can hear you
as though heaven is on earth.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

first posting for the blogging challenged

Okay I am giving this blogging thing a whirl. I have so much to say and create that I hope having my own little blog will help me unleash the words in my head that tend to swirl around when I work or try to sleep. Especially when I try to sleep!!! It's so rare that I actually lay down for bed and fall into the dream world, my head just won't leave me alone!! I know that sounds a bit 'crazy' to some of you but it's just hard for me to wind down some days and not think about stuff or think about some story or an experience that I should write down but I'm just too lazy to get back out of bed. So, therefore, I am creating a blog full of ramblings, hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities full of grammatically incorrect sentences and such. Hope you enjoy!!! elizinashe