Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wine & Makeup

I like wine.  Sometimes I really like it.  I typically have a glass every night with dinner and certainly on a 'girls night'.  I think I was just destined to me a wine lover.  I don't go for the fancy-schmancy type stuff, and you really don't have to spend a lot of money on a nice bottle, whether you prefer reds or white.  In fact, some  of the more expensive stuff I found to be not so pleasing not to mention a terrible hangover after two glasses.  Regardless, I think the whole wine loving thing has always been around me.  

My mom has said that I was a very 'active baby' while she was pregnant with me.  I moved around a lot, especially when it came to mealtime.  I find that pretty funny.  How did I know she was going to eat?  She also said there was an evening close to the end of her pregnancy where I just wouldn't settle.  She was miserable, fat and very tired.  Apparently my parents had people over for dinner or something like that and she finally took one sip of wine so she could relax and go to bed.  That one sip settled me down and mom was able to rest.  She also told me another episode when I barely a year old and I was having a real fussy night.  I had been sick, or so she tells me, and was just crying my head off.  Mom had a glass of wine close by and according to her, I grabbed her glass and wouldn't let go, so she let me take a swig.  Once I had me a big ol' sip, mom says I had a big smile on my face, stopped crying and calmed down enough to go to sleep peacefully.  Guess I should thank my mom for my wine loving habits.  

If you wear makeup then you will know what I'm talking about.  A lot of the shades of blush, lipstick, eyeshadows, foundations have basic colors but the marketing part is where they subliminally make you buy their product.  'Sassy Pink', 'Just Peachy', 'Flirty Red', 'Come Heather' and so forth.  I had discovered that my choices of blush and lipsticks have had a 'wine theme' due to the color scheme looked well on me as opposed to purposely buying them because it made me think of wine.  I have 'Wine with Everything', 'Cabernet Cruise', 'Merlot', 'Champagne', and I think I even had a 'Pinot' at one time.  Really.  And I really don't wear a lot of makeup nor do I wear lipstick often.  Hell, I have lipstick that is years old.  Thus, the wine themed names still exist in my bathroom.  I have no idea what kind of makeup themes are the new trend as of late.  Again, I don't wear a whole lot therefore I don't buy new shadows or lipstick every week.  However, if I get hard up on something new I can always look for something 'wine like'.  It's served me well so far, so why change?  I like consistency. 

I really didn't start drinking wine on a frequent basis until close to the end of my bartending career.  It was always one of those 'special occasion' type of things.  Holidays, birthdays, celebrations and so forth.  However, during all those years that I rarely drank, I think the idea of it was always around me unintentionally.  Thus, the previous paragraph.  Now I really enjoy my wine, especially after a long day or spending time with special friends whether I'm on a vacation or I have friends visiting me.  And always for a holiday meal.  It would be sin not to have some fermented grapes after slaving in the kitchen all day.  Haha...
Speaking of which, guess I should do a little primping.  I've got dinner plans and a glass of wine in my near future.  Now, which shade of lipstick should I wear?  Salut!  elizinashe

Sunday, January 12, 2014

This & That

Ever feel like you just can't 'catch up'?  Ever feel like once you've got a good thing started and settled that something comes along and throws off your game?  How many times do you say 'aw, just fuck it' and give up?  Or do you just ride that wave and keep moving?  Too cryptic?  How do you handle juggling all of life's curve balls?  Again, perhaps I'm being too cryptic.  Just a little frustrated and need to vent I suppose.  

This past week certainly had its challenges and I somehow arose to the occasion but it sure did disrupt my week.  All is well in my world, mind you, but it certainly stressed me out and did not help me in maintaining a routine nor get over my cold that I've been battling for two weeks now.  And I feel like of all the little things that could have helped combat these little hiccups did not happen in the given time that I wanted, thus I was stuck in dealing with my present life, waiting and striving for the better.  Don't get me wrong, I'm good.  Really.  Just frustrated that I'm not in the very place that I had imagined myself to be at this time.  Just another challenge.  Which I'm getting tired of so to speak and I'm ready for that next stepping stone.  It's just been hard to locate that magical rock that will lead me to the next phase in my life.  Yes, cryptic.  Oh well. 

So tomorrow is a new day.  And the end of my week will be spent with some very dear friends.  Too bad I can't fast forward to Friday.  The first five days after the weekend is always the hardest.  I will survive and shoot for the weekend.  It will certainly perk up my mood.  Maybe I should schedule some vacation time too.  I think some sunny skies are needed for sure!  Stay warm my readers while we wait for Spring's sunny disposition.    Change always comes and hopefully for the best!  Cheers!  elizinashe

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

Yep, it's winter alright.  My corner of the world is in the midst of that 'polar vortex' which is a meteorological term for cold as shit.  I've spent two days buying that cheap foam stuff to put on my pipes 'just in case' because I know my landlords wouldn't do it in time.  They're probably out of town anyway.  It was just easier to do it myself.  Got the shower and bathroom sink on a slow drip too.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  The temps are holding steady at 3 degrees right now.  It's supposed to drop to zero if not slightly below.  Coldest it's been here in like 20 years.  It's certainly the lowest temp on record since the 1800s.  Dang that's cold.  I wonder what people back then did to keep warm.  My windows in my 'living room' pretty much look like that picture.  Ah, the glories of living in an old house.  Can't wait to leave this place.  

So I've spent my day prepping a feast in my crock pot, then made a mad dash to the dentist for an emergency fix on a temporary crown that popped off AGAIN!  What a pain in the ass.  Then it was off to the doctor.  Just can't shake this cold I have had plus I knew that it was getting to the point that it could have turned into bronchitis or pneumonia.  I'm not having any of that.  The real pisser about that trip was the pharmacy next door ran out of the antibiotic that was prescribed, which meant going to the hospital where I work to pick up my meds at that pharmacy.  That was right about the time that the temps started dropping.  Glad I grabbed my hat and gloves.  The only upside to that trip was my medicine cost me a whole eight dollars.  Yep.  Eight.  Thank you Jesus!  

Came home, threw some ice melt on my drive since they had predicted some snow and any ice that is left would refreeze.  Luckily my drive was already dry but who knows if it's really gonna snow at this point?  I want to be able to leave my house tomorrow when that cabin fever sets in.  Of course, being that I've been sick, staying in my pjs might not be such a bad idea.  

At the end of it all, I'm glad my day is over.  My crock pot feast was lovely and I've done nothing but sit my ass on the couch and watch television.  Although, that's getting pretty old at this point especially since I don't have cable so I'm pretty limited to the variety.  (sigh.).  I'm just about tired of the news because all they are talking about is this damn weather.  I've seen enough.  And being that I work  nights, sleeping through the night has become an issue despite that I've been off for a few days.  Guess I could clean up some clutter piles.  Or not. the meantime I will envision warmer places.  Stay safe and warm!  elizinashe