Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally Some Progress

Finally things are getting back to a more sensible frame of supply and demand. I paid $3.05 a gallon for gas Monday before class, which has been way more reasonable compared to the $4.39 that some gas stations had been charging during the whole gas freak-out. For the first time in over a year my fuel indicator was over the full mark. Oh what a happy day that was. And it keeps getting better. Wednesday gas had gone done to $2.99 and as I was driving home this evening it went down a little further to $2.88. Hooray!! As my friend Leonhardt would say, 'That's a beautiful thing. ' And a beautiful thing it low will it go???? elizinashe

Monday, October 6, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...

The internet is such a wonderful thing sometimes. I've always loved the fall season. The changing of the weather, slow simmering soups, bright colorful trees, snuggling on the couch and of course, Fashion Week!!

Here on our left we have the lastest from French Designer Pierre Cardin. Clearly he's thinking forward and promoting a George Jetson look for our future. This is a totally rad coat (?) for those chilly winter evenings out on the town. Perhaps if you gentlemen out there would sport this latest and greatest you could be so honored to escort a hot young lady wearing the lastest from the London area.

Yes, we all can look like fools strutting our stuff around town proud as a peacock. We've got the new and groovy look for the future paired up with the traditional English over-the-top hat with a flaming hot sexy dress for a fashion forward night on the town for a nite of drinks, jazz and beat poetry.

But wait, don't forget the retro look! The 80s were always the best decade for clothes and hair to complete your look. It looks like the heavy-slash-punk rock make-up is making it's comeback as well. Oh isn't Fashion Week fun?? So much better than all this campaign and economy crapola. Take a day off from work this week and go shopping for some new duds. Be the first in your neighborhood to become a hot new fashion icon. (Or disaster.) At least it will give you something different to talk about at the water cooler. Now if I could just tag on David Bowie's song Fashion to end this post. (damn.) Maybe next time. elizinashe.