Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guess I'm a Nite Owl Afterall...

I'd Kinda Like to be Here Right Now
Yep. I'm awake.  I should be asleep by now but I guess my body is just so acclimated to the cause that even in my off time, I'm still up.  No big deal really.  It just messes with my daytime plans.  And important ones, too.  Only us night shifters can understand where I'm coming from.  Sure wish my night driving eyesight were better.  I could take the opportunity to take some night pics.  Guess I need to eat some more carrots, eh? 

How close are you to your family?  I mean, are you super tight and tell each other everything?  Or is it just more a general type of family function?  Or perhaps, you all hate each other and only get together on holidays because that's just what you're supposed to do. 

I'm fairly close with my parents.  I know my mother wishes we could be closer, but there are and have been issues that just made things different for me, even at a young age.  My dad...well..we are pretty close but it seems that we are closer on the telephone than in person.  Does that sound weird?  Maybe it's me.  Maybe I have a hard time getting close to people.  Or maybe it's just getting close to my family.  I have some pretty tight friends, and they have seen me at my ugliest and lowest points and they have seen me at my very best.  And I have no problem telling my friends that I love them.  Family...that's a bit different.  Sometimes I know why, and other times I do not.  I just wish it would feel, or shall I say be normal to be that way. 

So what do you do when you can't sleep?  Other than think of totally random things like family and "being close", which clearly is what is on my mind tonight.    Make yourself some scrambled eggs, have a glass of wine and a smoke and go to bed.  And in that order.  (insert winking emoji here.)  I've already devoured my eggs, my wine glass is almost empty and I'm ready for that smoke.  Nitey nite!  elizinashe

Monday, July 20, 2015

Musings in the Bathroom

No Norman Here....
Why is it that the most random thoughts pop into your head while you're in the shower?  It's not surprise to me that some of the greatest ideas have happened while you're sitting on the john or soaking in the tub.  Guess it's just one of those things. 

As I was taking my shower this afternoon, the most random thought came to light.  I think we can all agree that the world we live in is so much different than the world we grew up in.  When I was younger, like say 9, 10 years old...and after, my mom would happily drop me and my friend(s) off at the local pool and pick us up later.  Yep.  Us younglings were released from parental supervision to spend the afternoon at the pool, where anything could have happened, but never did.  I remember being dropped off at the movies with my friends, all by ourselves with no parents, to catch a show.  These days, I wonder if parents do the same.  I know if I were a parent I sure as hell wouldn't drop off my kid without some sort of adult supervision.  Our world today is just too fucked up to leave kids alone like that.  I guess I am lucky that I had that experience, and even luckier still that nothing horrible happened.  

Ah politics....I'm tired of it already.  I'm really not one to voice a lot of opinions on the matter but it's getting a little hard lately.  Simply because people are misinformed, stupid and believing all the bullshit that has been dished out because our country has been brainwashed that our current leader has led our country into a horrible despair.  Which, I believe is not true.  I don't understand why the general public expects our President(s) to be perfect and fix all of our national problems in their first year of term and/or their whole term.  That's just not realistic.  C'mon folks...let's get real.  And to insult and devalue a veteran and POW who has served, and still serving our country,  is completely unpatriotic.  What a freakin' idiot.  Have some respect jackass.  And keep talking...soon enough all political parties will happily kick you out of the running and I will rejoice on that day in full regalia.  That will be a most joyful day indeed.  Now to work on the other contenders....keeping my fingers crossed.  

I work in a really difficult field.  It's kinda my norm really.  Some days are really tough, and others are just like any other day.  No big deal.  Just like any other job.  I think anyone could say that regardless of what they do for a living.  But today, as I was coming home from work, I realized how lucky I really am.  Not because I have a good job, to which I do, but I am thankful for having some pretty good health, a nice roof over my head and my wits about me.  I have come across some really sick people.  Not only physically but mentally as well.  Most physical issues you can heal, or find ways to live your life.  For those with mental illness, its a daily battle.  Especially those who so caught up in a world that's not really real, but real to them, it can be a horrible life.  And there is very little to change that.  Yes, medicines can help, but it won't make it go away completely.  You can take meds to get rid of a cold or a headache, but you can't take away mental illness.  And that must be a very difficult thing to live with every day.  I wish people understood that more.  

And so...I will end it here.  I still am in desperate need of a beach getaway.  I'm so jealous of other people's beach vacations and their pictures to prove it that have been splashed across my news feed on FB.  I had vowed after nursing school that I'd make a quick getaway to the beach, as I have not been in about 10 years or so.  But alas...I just haven't been able to go.  Maybe next year.  However, as I have said before, if you put it out there in the Universe, then it will come to you.  So I will leave a nice beachy pic to which I hope to be in that beachy pic this time next year.  Guess I better start working on the bikini body, eh?  elizinashe
Don't Forget the Flipflops!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Picky Bits

Ever Feel Like This?
Ever feel like you're being "left out'?  Like you're the last kid to be picked to be a member of the team?  I've been that kid.  And it didn't feel good. I kinda feel like I'm in that place again.  Kinda sucks.  And what kind of word is "kinda" anyway? 

I've learned that the house next door to me has become one of those Airbnb rentals.  I had my suspicions one weekend and upon my internet search, sure enough there it was.  So far, the clients who have been in and out, which have been many this past month, have been pretty quiet.  What has really irked me is that there have been two occasions where these visitors parked behind my house in my extra driveway.  Not cool.  Both cars were removed after I had asked them to move.  Why would a complete stranger park in somebody else's house when they are not the guest of that home?  I find it quite rude.  I've already contacted the owners of this Airbnb thru their website, asking them to remind their clients that they are not allowed to park on my property.  If it happens again, it won't be pretty.  If you are not my guest, my friend or my family then don't park in my driveway.  Period.  

How long is too long to respond to a message?  I'm a rather inpatient person by nature but I have sent two different friends a message regarding this weekend in the last couple of days and so far no reply.  Nothing.  Kinda makes me wonder.  Makes me a bit sad too.  It's hard to keep up with friends, especially when you have a crazy work schedule such as mine.  So when I reach out it means I really want to talk to you. 

 I envy those who have normal working schedules and have all sorts of fun and exciting things planned.  I envy those who are able to take long vacations and make several beach trips during the year.  It must be nice.  And I am glad that they are able to do so.  But there's a part of me that's a bit jealous.  Maybe a lot jealous...I just haven't had the opportunity to have that pleasure.  I'm a one income household.  And that can be a bit difficult at times.  I'm very happy to be independent, don't    get me wrong about that.  I've worked very hard to get back on my feet, and have a good income.  But it's still a struggle at times and there are days that I wish that there was another person by my side to share this journey with me.  Struggles and all.  That's not too much to ask is it? 

In the meantime, the wheels are turning in my head to plan ahead and do something really fun at the end of the year.  I want to be somewhere sunny and warm, surrounded by friends for New Year's Eve.  I have a couple of ideas planted in my head already.  The trick is getting some peeps together to join me, as the holidays typically keep friends committed to their family fares.  Keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes realistic.  I really want to make this happen.  Hopefully I will find some victims to join me in my endeavor.  Wish me luck!  I just might need it.  elizinashe