Sunday, May 25, 2014

Old Stuff, New Treasures

As I was cleaning out a junk pile, I found a filing folder of papers that I had saved for creative purposes.  One pile was a bunch of special coloring sheets that are called 'Skills Animals' that we use on the child unit where I previously worked.  Another small snippet was the 'newsletter' I had to create for my computer class that I took years ago.  Although I found it quite frustrating to get the columns aligned and add some bling to it, I did have fun creating something most ridiculous.  I hate to throw good stuff away.  Especially something that I slaved over.  Only my instructor and myself saw the assignment.  Clearly I kept it for me so I could remind myself to write more creatively.  And being that I do like to share ridiculous things,  I will proudly share the first story I created on this silly make believe newsletter that was a class assignment.  Enjoy!

The Grand Poobah Poops Out
The Grand Poobah of the Great Lakes Ice Fishing Club collapses after the reeling in the biggest catch of the ice fishing season.  After a long wait sitting on his ice stool and sipping warm liquids GP Joseph Kanuck finally had a tug on his line.  That little tug became a long struggle, three days to be exact.  Fellow Ice Fishing Club members took shifts in passing nourishments to Kanuck who was more than determined to reel in his prized catch.  Finally as the moon was about to leave the horizon for the evening Joseph gave one last giant yank as if he was Hemmingway himself and with sheer force as his catch popped out of the ice hole the Grand Poobah was flung across the frozen lake behind him and was flung into a tree on the shoreline, his body wrapped around the trunk like flypaper, leaving him unconscious.  The Poobah was taken to the hospital and treated for ignorance and dehydration.  As for the giant fish, the hook magically popped out from the final yank and slid on the ice into a neighboring open hole and returned to his icy waters. the way, I got an 'A' for this assignment.  woo hoo!!  elizinashe

And So It Happened....

My, my what a long journey it has been.  Ten years ago my life changed in many ways.  Some good and some really bad.  Ten years ago I was doing really well financially and felt really confident about myself and my future.  I almost bought a bungalow that I really liked.   However, my job at the time was a little shaky and I decided not to purchase at that time.  And then due to circumstances beyond my control, I lost my job due to a flood.  I was out of a job for about three months.  So glad that I didn't have a mortgage at that time.  I was going through some personal struggles at that time as well which added to the stress.  It was during that horrible time that I began my re-schooling career and slowly eased out of my beloved bartending days and warmed up to the hospital setting.  

Little by little, I began taking classes.  Found a small house to rent, (and I do mean small!) and did the whole working and going to school gig.  For three years, I took classes that would apply to the nursing diploma curriculum.  And on the third attempt to be accepted into the nursing program I received the lucky news.  I got in!!  Terrified and excited, I trudged through two years of laughter, stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, high fives, much cursing, a clever study group, made new friends and adopted a " I Will It" motto.  I would never had the success that I had without my 'Team Thymi'.  They are still a part of my circle of loved ones today and will remain so for as long my days are present here on this crazy universe.  

I have been employed as a nurse since October.  Priorities for me once I got the money building up in my pitiful bank account were simple.  I desperately needed a newer and better living conditions that I currently have due to many issues.  Two, I needed to replace my car as it consistently needed repaired all through my nursing school career.  It became more expensive to repair then own.  That thing had to go.  And third, my need to replace my ancient computer as it too, needed repaired during school.  The weekend before our last semester it nearly bit the dust altogether.  Bad timing.  

Needless to say, I have completed my priority list.  Now, it did not happen in the way-slash-order that I had hoped but I got it done regardless.  One year ago this month, I graduated from the nursing program, got 'pinned' and began prepping for the NCLEX.  And now, I have a better car, a new computer and a new home to move in to that I can truly call my own.  No more wasting my money in rent.  Now my nursing degree has afforded me to buy my own digs to which I am still in disbelief but yet keeps me up at night on how to plot the packing and moving.  Jesus, what a year it has been.  

I thank my lucky stars and Team Thymi.  I thank God and my family who put up with seeing me once a semester.  I thank my friends who put up with my bitching and moaning.  I thank my friends from afar who kept me going and gave me inspiration when I needed it.  I thank those who just listened while I freaked out and cried.  And I thank those special friends who came into town for a quick visit just so we could catch up for a few hours and unwind together.  I could not have made it this far without all that jazz I have listed up above.  And now, I am about to embark on a new journey of home ownership.  I never thought I'd ever be this successful.  Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers said that the rest of my hopes and dreams come alive and that I continue to move forward in my upside down life.  Until next time...elizinashe

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Good, The Bad & The Arrrgggg!!!!!

I got the magical phone call today.  My new endeavor should come to a stop and papers will be signed on Friday.  Oh Sweet Jesus.  Thank you dear Lord but now what do I do?  Sheesh!  It won't all be really real until I sign my life away and get those keys and walk in that front door.  I'll probably fall to the floor in complete and utter disbelief.  Now I'm getting nervous.  I pray that all will go well and that I haven't gone over my head.  Got to have faith and move forward. 

Last week was quite loopy and this coming week will be similar I am sure.  I need a day to just breathe and not stress so much.  On a bright note, I did reunite with some of my study mates from school to watch one of our other girlfriends graduate in her 'pinning ceremony' for nursing school.  It was pretty surreal. One year ago, we were up on that stage.  Getting pinned.  That night, we saw one of our own walk across that stage and make her journey in nursing school finally complete.  Tears and all.  That was the highlight of my week for sure. 

Now, it's a new home for me.  Jesus.  So much has happened this last year.  It just blows my mind.  This week has started rather stressing to say the least.  My dear 18 year old kitty had to go to the vet today which is always traumatizing.  He freaks so badly that he has to be sedated in order for the veterinarian to exam him.  He starts bucking and hissing the moment I put him in the crate.  And there have been times where he wasn't sedated and the horrifying cries I hear makes my stomach hurt.  I was really worried that they would skip the sedation today since they asked me to 'drop him off' until they could get to him, despite that I had appointment reserved.  I'd much rather wait for my dear kitty and take him home ASAP but I guess the clinic was busy today.  He was there for like four hours.  Four hours that I spent worrying, stressing and sick to my stomach, knowing that the whole experience is extremely traumatic for my cat, who loves to sleep right up in my face and lays all over me when I'm on the couch.  However, he did get his anesthesia and a clean bill of health.  Guess he's just getting older and things are changing.  I'm just glad he's home. 

And to add to the pot o'stress, I heard a really strange knocking sound coming from my new(er) car when I was turning to the right.  Sigh...not cool.  I've spent two years stressing on my Xterra while I was in school because it was constantly breaking down.  I prayed every day that it got me to school, got me to work and back home safely.  I don't want to be praying about this car yet.  It's too soon.  I just freakin' got it!  Ugh.  And 'googling' the 'what is this noise' on my car does not help matters.  It just adds to the financial worries.  Don't believe everything you read, right?  Easy to say, hard to do.  Therefore, I have reread some passages in a book that teaches about having and keeping the faith.  That's all I know to do at this point.  They say things come in 'three's'.  So I am looking at this as a 'good three'.  One, the new home.  Two, a healthy cat.  Three, a hopefully non-major repair.  I have to believe in that.  And keep my prayers going. Sheesh!  elizinashe

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dating & Other Stuff

Why does the dating world have to be so difficult?  Why can't it be more black and white instead of one big guessing game and disappointment?  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not in the dating world as of yet nor have I had my heart broken recently but the dating world is opening up to a degree and I have forgotten what a tangled web can be spun.  I wonder if it was just as tricky way back in the 'olden days' when the courtship was more innocent.  Were women just as bitchy?  Were men assholes back then?  Makes me wonder given the generation and era of our society.  Wouldn't it be nice just to experience a nice cup of coffee without the apprehension of physical expectations?  
 Speaking of 'courtship', apparently the Duggar daughters aren't allowed to 'date' but are to be 'courted'.  Who are the Duggars you say?  They are that family in northwest Arkansas that have 19 children, all of whom are their own and not adopted, that stick to some very old school values and teachings.  They are devoted to their religion and all the children have been home schooled.  Now, with that being said, it does not surprise me that they would want their daughters to be 'courted'.  However, my understanding is that they aren't allowed to kiss or even really touch each other.  Sometimes a 'side hug' and maybe holding hands but that's about it from what I gather.  So, how does a courtship really prepare you for an intimate relationship?  Especially in this day and age when we are so bombarded with sexuality and modern technology.  I'm all for the buildup and 'waiting for the moment' which adds to the passion, but I do like to kiss and if I'm not allowed to kiss while I am dating-slash-courting some guy then I would certainly explode at some point, giving into my desires and speed up the 'got to have sex' part of the relationship, which we all know having sex too soon can be a relationship killer.  But I guess there is some sweet aspect of the  courtship.  I do believe you end up building on the relationship itself and learn how to communicate before all that sex stuff, which would be a great benefit for any couple.  

So back to the dating thing.  How do you tell a nice guy that you're just not interested?  This one man certainly is persistent but not in a creepy way.  He goes to my local hangout and we usually end up chatting for a bit.  He's bought my dinner much to my surprise a couple of times already.  Sigh....I do appreciate the gesture and being treated but I don't want to lead him on.  He's really not my type but he's a really nice guy, or so it seems at this point.  I just don't want to dive into a dating relationship with this dude.  I've got other priorities right now and starting a dating relationship would just end badly.  It would be different if he was a total jackass or a slobbering drunk.  But he's not.  He's just a good old country boy who wants to take me to dinner.  Geeze....

I'm really trying not to spend extra money as I am coming closer to getting some new digs and I will need the money for all that extra expense that comes with ownership.  However, I had to get out and pick up a gift for a friend who has completed her nursing degree and will get 'pinned' this Friday.  She had started with our class and then left in our second year due to some personal stuff that was getting in the way.  She had reapplied the following fall to finish up and I have been cheerleading her all the way.   I really had hoped that she would have graduated with our team but sometimes life takes over and you just have to stop and readjust.  Now, she is all past that and more.  I am so damn excited for her!  We finally got  together earlier tonight to catch up and celebrate.  I was looking forward to it all day long.  It was a really good reunion.  My other studymates and I are going to see her at the pinning ceremony.  Us girls have got to stick together!  We all suffered together and now we get to celebrate together.  Woo hoo!  

So, it's been a busy couple of days.  Recovering from the nights to become a day person again and now I get to do it all over again.  My sleep cycle is all messed up but that's okay.  It's been worth it so far, at least I think. brain hasn't been right since the first semester of nursing school so what do I really know?  At least my brain is still intact enough to dive into my new book.  I read seven chapters the first day I bought it.  And that's saying something!  I've never been one to read calmly or quietly for very long but I've been waiting for this author to release this follow-up and it's kept me in stitches and kept most of my concentration.  If you haven't read anything my Christopher Moore then you are missing out on some fine entertainment. 

So that's about it for this epic post.  I guess becoming a real night owl has had its benefits for me.  It's given me time to write a bit more and plot my new endeavor.  Hopefully, I will merge into the dating world with confidence once I get squared away and with the one that is right just for me.  I do like a little romance.  And kissing.  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

To Use My Friend's Favorite Word...

I have a really good friend who uses the word "random" quite often.   A lot of the times he morphs it into "randomness".  I gave him a really hard time because he was using that word for what seems like everything.   And I do mean a lot.  It's even the title of his blog.  I gave him the challenge to find other words to describe his nonspecific musings.  He kept it up for a good bit but now I will steal that word from his mindset to post the random bits of my life.  

I am one step closer to obtaining my new digs.  I've been super stressed about it and I have hurdled one milestone so there is very little that could prevent my small success.  Or at least I hope so.  I have to have faith that all will work out well in it's own random way.  I had total faith in the beginning, even bought a couple of things for the new place and then things got sticky and angry.  I feel like I am past that storm.  I am beginning to get anxious and I just want those new keys.  I want to start moving boxes so that my current living area can feel more comfortable while I transition.  My small little place where I live now is just a mess, mostly because I have boxes of books from school, a really small (insert curse word here) kitchen that I absolutely loathe at this point not to forget I have absolutely no storage space.   I have the 'I want to buy a bunch of new stuff ' fever.  I want a new bed.  I need a small kitchen table so I don't have to eat on the couch anymore.  I want to set up a guest bedroom.  I want. I want. I want.  However, I just need to get the basics so I can be move-in ready and function.  And priority will be a washer and dryer as that is the only thing I really need to purchase to complete the new living quarters.  I have plenty at this point.  To quote Dave, "What I want is what I not got.  What I need is all around me."  I need to remember that. 

My cat has not been doing so well lately.  It really worries me.  He's 18 years old now.  That's pretty good for a cat.  He's been such a great loving buddy and it hurts me to know that his life may be coming to an end.  That's going to really kill me.  I hope he carries on for another couple of years.  I think a nice even 20 years of life would be a really good run.  I can't wait for him to see the new place too.  Cats are really funny.  You change up the environment and they will be really weird and cautious for a couple of weeks until they get used to the new routine.  However, there will be tons more space than we have now and  plenty of windows to look out of and sit in the window sill.  I think he'd really dig all the space to roam.  Not to mention new places to hide especially once I get the guest bedroom set up.  He will have a whole new bed to bury himself in while I'm away.  haha...

I've been listening to the iHeartRadio a lot lately since I don't have a lot of music on my new computer yet.  I refuse to transfer everything from my old pute to the new one.  I want a clean slate.  Start fresh.  But being that I must have music playing when I'm home, I've used the iHeart pretty much daily now.  I like doing the 'custom stations' so I don't have to listen to commercials from other random stations.  I've never been a fan of talk radio.  I do like listening to DJs from time to time but it can be a bit much and the commercials just interrupt the music flow.  Apologies to my friend who makes radio commercials for a living, however I think he would understand.  We both have a passion for music so he gets my logic.   Speaking of custom stations, if you like rhythm and blues, you should check out Susan Tedeschi.  She just rocks.  I've been stuck on her for the last week or so.  And the other artists that pop up on her 'station' are just as groovy.  I've seen her perform twice many moons ago and I hope to see her again.  She puts on a super groovy show.  Must put that on my bucket list and keep the faith.  

So that's about it folks.  Just some random stuff.  I've had other topics to write about but I just don't feel like diving into all of that just yet.  Too many to sort in my head so maybe it's just better to toss it out of my creative realm and keep it simple.  I tend to talk too much anyway so those posts will probably be too epic to keep you entertained.  I'm trying my best to keep it all plain and simple.  Life is too short to make it complicated.  Peace out.  I'm done for the day. elizinashe