Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blowing Around In My Mind

I wish our windy weather was as quaint as this picture.  However, it's not.  We are in day two of gusty air with some really powerful high winds.  The kind that makes my trees sway way too far for my comfort.  And it's especially creepy at night when I should be sleeping peacefully.  Every time I hear those strong gusts coming down from the mountains, I pray out loud asking that my trees stay vertical.  Don't want anything to come crashing down on me nor do I want to be displaced due to damage.  I don't handle upheavals like that.  I could care less about what happens to this place once I leave, but while I am still here I hope that the powers that be remain kind to me.  

I don't want to jinx myself too much by revealing too much, but the process of looking for a new place is a hot topic.  I've found something I really like, at least from the internet search slash photo spread but it may be slightly out of my reach.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if it's meant to be then all will fall into place nicely but I need to keep my options open as well.  It's a lot of space with hopefully minimal upkeep but it will require a commitment that will certainly pose a new challenge.  However, I might be able to handle that.  Just ready for the next phase without making a huge mistake.  

How do you differentiate a crush from a real attraction?  Both sound the same, so I guess what I'm really asking is how do you tell the difference from a little flirtation because you are receiving positive attention from a member of the opposite sex versus an interest that could be 'something'.  It's the kind of thing I haven't experienced in a long, long time mostly because my head was lost in the school thing, but now that I feel like I have a little more free time and my eyes have opened up to what's around me.  I actually have time to create a social life now. good does that feel?  Regardless, I know myself pretty well and I am definitely curious but I'm afraid that it wouldn't be the smartest thing to pursue.  But I have also learned that what you expect or want doesn't necessarily happen.  So, I guess I will just have to wait and see what may come to pass.  Whether I like it or not.  And that includes the new digs as well.  Why can't we get a letter in the mail, telling us which door to choose and which path to walk?  Wouldn't that be a delight?  But alas, then it wouldn't be much of a learning experience then would it?  Oh well...until next time!  elizinashe

Monday, March 17, 2014

Putting It Out There

I've always said that if you want something then you need to put it out there to the Universe.  Of course, you need to do some legwork as well but if it's meant to be then it will surely come your way.  

Having said that, I'm passing on this Irish blessing even though my Irish roots have been far removed but I've been told they are there somewhere.  I haven't felt the need to go out and celebrate like a mad woman but I did wear my green.  Regardless if you have Irish roots or not, I hope you are blessed and protected in the most pure ways possible.  

Working the night shifts haven't been so horrible and the night shift differential has been a real blessing for me.  My night time co-workers are pretty cool and they have been great mentors.  Not that my day people weren't, they were just as awesome.  I'm just happy that the transition has been a good one so far.  The downside is trying to be a daytime person again when I'm off so I can get things done.  And the falling asleep thing is a struggle just as well.  Guess I need to find some things to keep me occupied in the wee hours of the night when I can't sleep.  I hope that the plan in my head will work itself out on those nights when I can't sleep.   Don't want to give too much away so I don't jinx myself but it's in my head and it's got to come out sometime.   I'm doing my best not to procrastinate too much and get busy with moving forward like I have wanted after getting my new career started and making better money.  I feel like the next few months will keep me hopping.  Which is fine.  It's been a long, bitter winter and I'm tired of hibernating.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Blessings to you all!  elizinashe

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rainy Day Lazy Day

I am thankful for today.  Although it was cold, gray and very rainy at least we dodged the crapola that hammered the Midwest and moved out to the North East.  I feel for my friends and family who were impacted by this winter blast but at least it's not me.  Does that sound too selfish? I am so over winter.  That Old Man can just go away.  Seriously. 

Speaking of better weather I actually got to get out and socialize on a different level for a change.  I feel like the last two months I've been planning my work days and off time around winter weather events which means very little time to plan activities with friends.  However, Mother Nature was kind and I went to a 'Black & White' themed party for one of my friend's birthday.  It was fun to get out and dress a little differently despite the struggle in putting on a pair of tights.  I almost forgot how to get the damn things on.  Really.  It sure it a bitch trying to slide those things up your leg and getting the belly part around your hips and hope they stay up where they belong.  I didn't dare try and go pee until I got home.  Haha...It would have been a whole new struggle getting them back up after a few glasses of wine.  However, I had a good time and it was fun just to get out and have some sort of social life for a change.  I hope to have more of those occasions.  

Did anyone watch the Oscars?  I did.  I like watching those shows from time to time.  I like to live vicariously and look at all the beautiful dresses and of course, critique them.  I secretly, or I guess now not so secretly, wish to have someone dress me up oh-so-beautifully and do my hair, makeup and dress me in jewels and drive me around to a fancy gathering and eat wonderful food.   I think that would be uber fun just for one night.  However, I think the tights my give me an issue.  

Sadly, I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated.  Not from a lack of want, but mostly a lack of finding a fool to join me when we are both free.  Working night shifts can put a damper on planning social events.  However, I look forward to finding them on DVD and watching them in the comfort of my own home and in my pjs.  Now that's a fine way to watch a good flick don't ya think?  All of the nominated movies looked awesome and  I look forward to catching them all.  Hopefully on the next rainy, lazy day.  And in my pjs.  elizinashe