Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Internet Wonders

I have come across some more interesting internet treasures. Once again it's nature and humans. First, we have a two headed turtle. How cool is that? And perfectly timed for the Halloween season. oooooo! I wonder if there are other body parts that are doubled inside that shell....or perhaps some missing parts...(ouch!). Can you apply the quip 'two heads are better than one' to this occasion? Just a thought.

And yet again, the other tidbit is in regards to babies. Only one this time but instead of 17 children it's a 17lb baby. Yes, 17 pounds!! That's quite a baby!! I think the baby was born in Siberia which leads me to question what in the hell do the Siberians eat out there? It's my understanding that it is a very cold and desolate place. Hard to live in that kind of environment. So how is it possible to pack on a baby that large? Perhaps it was all the vodka that has bloated the newborn that made it weigh so heavily. Again, just a thought. Have a good weekend! elizinashe

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Computer Skills vs. Creativity Skills

So my computer class is a real thorn in my side because it takes me forever to do the practise exercises and homework. I don't know how I screw it up so bad. I follow the directions in the practise stuff like I am supposed to and then go on to the homework that we have to turn in. It's always screwy but it gets done. Our unit project for this week is a newsletter with columns, four different stories with different headings, an ad and all the whistles and bells with eye catching colors. I may fuck it all up pretty well but at least I can make up some ridiculous stories and ads just to entertain my frustrations. If I'm clever enough perhaps I can figure out how to post my 'newsletter' so that my readers can have a good laugh. I do think it will be a good one. Too bad we don't get brownie points for silliness. elizinashe

Monday, September 17, 2007

News Flash

Scientists have discovered a new species swimming about the Bay area this past June. This is the first major sighting of this creature in waters so close to the American coast. Scientists have appropriately named this new species Suckaboobiehydrazoa. This is the only known photo in existence although there have been other sightings by biology students and boat guides. This new species is quite aloof and hard to capture on film, making it more than a challenge to marine biologists to capture the nature of this creature in its natural habitat.

Biologists theorize that this creature has existed for hundreds of years swimming close to the ocean floor, migrating from chilly waters to warmer weather in search of food and reproduction. Scientitsts hope after the winter months pass that this magnificent new creature will again make an appearance in the warm California waters making it's way back home, wherever that may be...Kit Litter for inane press. August 8, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I just love this picture. There is something so free about it. It's actually a greeting card, but the picture itself spoke to me. Clearly this couple is having loads of fun but it's a level of unspoken intimacy and laughter that gets me. I hope that when I'm old and gray with my body sagging in places that I don't want it to sag that I will still have a partner in crime by my side who will keep me laughing and challenging me to do new things.
This pretend couple makes me think of real couples that I have known, that when in their presence, you knew that they were truly in love with each other and lived life to its fullest potential. Being around couples like that is infectious. It's attainable I'm sure, but hard to find.
I admire my friends who have found their "other half " as some would say. Relationships are never easy, it takes alot of work I know. But I have seen couples that have such a good balance in each other that it's just amazing. I aspire to have a relationship like that. I hope that one day I can pose for my own greeting card with my "other half" by my side, naked and laughing. :) elizinashe