Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beautifully Ugly

Just had to share this. I came across this photo from the Detroit Zoo on the internet which some of you may have seen already but I wanted to share this in the blog world. This lovely creature was born earlier this month at the Detroit Zoo. He's an aardvark for those who aren't familiar with the animal world. He's so ugly that he's cute. His 'toe nails' would certainly hurt somebody but his ears crack me up. I think the blurb about him said they're about 4 inches in diameter. (wow!). That's alot of ear wax (ew). Maybe he'll 'grow into them'. haha. Hope you enjoyed your Wild Kingdom moment. elizinashe

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Okay so I finally had my holiday freakout boo-hoo yesterday late afternoon. It's still hovering but is gradually lifting away thank God. I am ever so grateful for the life I have, a roof over my head and food to eat and more than grateful for the friends I have near and far, but I had become overwhelmed with that holiday sadness and a lack of merriment that I have long desired to have in my holidays (the merriment that is). Now my Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn't totally pathetic or isolated, but just more different than usual and still living in a single woman's world. It gets harder as I get older when you would think the opposite and that I'd get better at handling such holiday stuff, but I haven't gotten any better. In some ways I think it's slightly worse. This year my parents chose to spend their time apart for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tricky part is not to feel guilty about their situation and still make time for each parent even if it is just a phone call around my working hours. I guess what has really bothered me the most is the singlehood this year. It just gets harder every year. Now having a man in my life doesn't define me or my interests by any means but it sure would be nice to have that someone special to spend my time with and have that extra person around mixing with my family. I truly hate coming home alone around the holidays. It's just not fun.
I could really dish out the dirt and totally expose myself and the whole enchilada of my breakdown yesterday but I just won't. There were/are many facets of why I have felt so crappy and why I had my boo-hoo. I don't want to come off as being pathetic. It's just a lot of stuff and I had my moment to cry about it all. I look forward to the New Year and I hope that it will be better. I know that there are many changes coming my way, especially in regards to my parents. I just want a better round of holiday merriment next year that's all. elizinashe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Intentions

Why is it that when you have well-meaning plans and tasks to tackle with the time to do so that it just never really happens to get completed? Just one of those things I guess. Tonight was supposed to be the perfect time for me to catch up on doing my Christmas cards and thank you cards from my birthday and in general the post-finals get-my-self-organized. However it has turned out to be a totally different night than expected. I just can't seem to utilize my time tonight like I had really wanted to. Too many interuptions I guess. The work thing tonight has had a different vibe than it normally does and I'm just having a hard time getting through my little check list of 'things to do'. At least I have the next two days off to do some double time on my check list. Just another reminder that well-meaning plans don't always happen when you want it to. Hopefully my next entry will be more enlightening than this post. I've got lots to talk about and have had alot of great ideas for subject matter but the school thing kind of took some priority vs. the creative outlet department. Now I can put school on a back burner until January (thank God for that!). However the whole writing thing just isn't happening for me right now along with my other tasks and tenative creative projects. I just want to veggitate for a while, finish out my shift, go home and crawl into my little nest of a bed. I can always try again tomorrow. Better luck next time. elizinashe

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Card Fetish

I have a slight card fetish. All purpose cards, birthday cards, halloween cards, valentines name it. I just like finding silly cards and sending them to the appropriate people. Just ask any of my girlfriends who live out of town. Hell, I've sent them if they even lived in town. What am i saying? Anyway...I've always loved receiving a card out of the blue for whatever reason and so I like to give that kind of sentiment back. But I tend to lean on the slightly inappropriate side of cards. Nothing mushy.(Well, sometimes). But anything ridiculous or absurd always wins. I find it loads of fun to pick through an isle of cards laughing my ass off and knowing who I"m going to mail it to. Our local Target store has had the most wonderful assortment of 'inappropriate' greeting cards to share. It's usually one of my stops when I shop at Target just to check out what cards they might have that I must buy. And on some occasions I do find some good ones at the grocery store believe it or not. (Grocery stores tend to keep it family friendly but I have been finding some good treasures lately. )
And so as I was picking up a few food items today, I decided to look at their cards being that my dad's birthday is this coming Thursday. My reasoning was that I didn't want or have to make a extra trip to Wal-Mart or Target just for a card. Now I will admit that I was looking for something nice for my father from his 'little girl'(which I did find) but in the process I found the most wonderful card for a friend of mine who's birthday is one day before mine. It has Darrell written all over it. I find it sooo silly that I wanted to share it with my readers before I drop it in the post office. ...I can hear him laughing now. So instead of bitching about school and how freaked out I am about what's going on in my life I will now proudly share with you the Top Ten Types of Farts according to Darrell's up and coming birthday card. Hope you enjoy!
Top Ten Types of Farts
10 The Pull My Finger-going back to generations, this fart is employed strictly for comedic purposes.
9 The Oopsie-Daisy -also know as the "excuse me", this most frequently occurs in the workplace,elevators and fine restaurants.
8 The Running Multi-Fart- a favorite among children at play, this is the closest a person can actually come to making music while breaking wind.
7 The Bubble Maker- The only underwater fart on the list, one or more of these will enliven any bathing or swimming experience.
6 The Amplified Commode Blow- Loud and satisfying these tend to occur while a person is in the process of passing a whole lot more than gas.
5 The Muffler- Often occuring in cars this refers to any fart which has had its natural sound altered or suppressed by a seat cushion or couch.
4 The Change of Underwear-A farting faux pas, this variety of wind-breaking is always accompanied by an uncomfortably moist feeling.
3 The Bachelor-Favored by unattached apartment dwellers, these are produced with a "What the hell I'm the only one here" attitude.
2 The Blowtorch-The few daring souls who have attempted lighting their farts have experienced this phenomenon. A word to the wise, Don't try this at home
And the Number One Type of Fart is...The Silent But Deadly-perhaps the most 'aromatic' of all farts, nothing will bring a tear to your eyes faster than a SBD!

How funny is this? I have always thought farts were just silly...and they still are! I'm totally guilty of being 'the bachelor' and my mother is totally 'the muffler'. (don't tell her I said that). Which type are you?? hahahahahaha.(Care to share?) I was laughing so much that I had tears welling up in my eyes. I guess I just needed a good laugh for the day and finding this card totally helped me in that department. Hope you find it as amusing and makes you laugh out loud! elizinashe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally Some Progress

Finally things are getting back to a more sensible frame of supply and demand. I paid $3.05 a gallon for gas Monday before class, which has been way more reasonable compared to the $4.39 that some gas stations had been charging during the whole gas freak-out. For the first time in over a year my fuel indicator was over the full mark. Oh what a happy day that was. And it keeps getting better. Wednesday gas had gone done to $2.99 and as I was driving home this evening it went down a little further to $2.88. Hooray!! As my friend Leonhardt would say, 'That's a beautiful thing. ' And a beautiful thing it low will it go???? elizinashe

Monday, October 6, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...

The internet is such a wonderful thing sometimes. I've always loved the fall season. The changing of the weather, slow simmering soups, bright colorful trees, snuggling on the couch and of course, Fashion Week!!

Here on our left we have the lastest from French Designer Pierre Cardin. Clearly he's thinking forward and promoting a George Jetson look for our future. This is a totally rad coat (?) for those chilly winter evenings out on the town. Perhaps if you gentlemen out there would sport this latest and greatest you could be so honored to escort a hot young lady wearing the lastest from the London area.

Yes, we all can look like fools strutting our stuff around town proud as a peacock. We've got the new and groovy look for the future paired up with the traditional English over-the-top hat with a flaming hot sexy dress for a fashion forward night on the town for a nite of drinks, jazz and beat poetry.

But wait, don't forget the retro look! The 80s were always the best decade for clothes and hair to complete your look. It looks like the heavy-slash-punk rock make-up is making it's comeback as well. Oh isn't Fashion Week fun?? So much better than all this campaign and economy crapola. Take a day off from work this week and go shopping for some new duds. Be the first in your neighborhood to become a hot new fashion icon. (Or disaster.) At least it will give you something different to talk about at the water cooler. Now if I could just tag on David Bowie's song Fashion to end this post. (damn.) Maybe next time. elizinashe.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fashion Week

Ah, Fashion Week has come and gone yet again. Gee, how did I miss that? And as usual I am still behind the times when it comes to dressing myself. I always thought blue jeans was always in style. Clearly I am wrong. Couldn't a lady be arrested for wearing someting like this for 'indescent exposure'? Looks like a bad take on a 20s-esque look with some mosquito netting for protection. Perhaps this is the new look for those African Safari vacations. You certainly could blend in with the zebras. However I did see something new this year. Dude wear! Yes, the men are not excluded and there are some red hot new looks for you gentlemen to strut the streets with flair and confidence! Check it out! Forget those comfortable khakis and the casual, sexy shirt from the Gap. You too can look like a total fool and be on the cutting edge of fashion!! Just think of all the hot chics you can pick up wearing a get-up like this and brag about how you were inspired from the greatest designers from Fashion Week! That would certainly make me want to pass out my phone number around! Hey mom, come meet my new boyfriend. He's the coolest dresser I"ve ever seen in a man! He's got great taste don't ya think? He looks soo suave...
Poor guy. This looks like something Keith Richards would end up waking up in after a really long and heavily drug laden party. I hope he got paid some big bucks to wear a get-up like this. But what do I know. I live for my blue jeans and a good boob shirt. I guess I will always be behind the times fashion wise. Darn. elizinashe

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Stupid has been my choice word for the day. People can be so freakin' ignorant and elected leaders are even worse. Right before hurricane Ike hit the gulf area, our gas stations had begun running out of gas due to our main supply is sent from the gulf coast. I had gased up before class the Wed before it hit and again 'topped off' my tank Thursday mid-day so that I could survive into next week being that the expectations many gas stations being out would be a reality. So the hurricane made landfall on the 12th/13th if I remember correctly. Monday night after class I put more gas in my car since many gas stations around my house were 'out'. I paid $4.19 per gallon. Ouch! There had been some serious price gouging on in the area. There had been some reports of even $5 a gallon. Can you believe it?? In the meantime, many of gas stations have been out. Those who do have gas only had x-amount of gas delivered and with all the panic of people waiting up to four hours to fill up their precious vehicles and gas cans, those gas stations run out in a short few hours. There are websites up telling who has gas and who doesn't, who is expecting a delivery, traffic backing up in the driving lanes for those who are in line for gas, people fighting in the parking lots over gas, police officers directing traffic, schools are cancelling classes so buses don't have to run, (hell, my classes were cancelled today!) and city/county government offices will be closed on Friday in order to conserve gas. We finally had a state leader come to town to address the issues and making some statements that gas will be trucked in from elsewhere until the pipeline is running back to its normal capacity. (Need I remind you that Ike ended up being a catagory 3 and didn't do much damage to the refineries as expected. ) I'm getting to the point where I need gas again but it seems like such a fucking pain in the ass to sit in line for an hour or more, wasting what gas I have just to get more. I understand that our source of fuel comes from an area that is prone to hurricanes. However, it didn't take this long when Katrina hit and most certainly our fine, elected leaders can step in and find other refineries along the east coast, midwest and up north that can help with our supply. This is nothing but stupid. There have been reports of people waiting in line before the gas station opens up if they know they have gas. STUPID!!!
There are more and more gas stations that are getting their supplies now. There were two close to my house that had gotten an afternoon delivery however traffic was backed up for blocks and quickly getting longer. I didn't have time to wait for the hour it would have taken me. By the time I even catch wind that so-and-so has gas, they're out by the time I'm off work or out of class. Geeze, is this ever so stupid. I'm working a night shift tonight so I hope that I can score some petrol on my way home and be one of those stupid early birds waiting in line while the station opens up for business. Yes, I know there was a gas crisis in the 70s but this is really stupid given the day and age. It is beyond stupid and it needs to stop. elizinashe

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Post

Greetings my fellow readers! Yes, I'm still around...just haven't had anything good to say. I have been quite busy now that school has started back up for me. I have my first test this coming Monday night. Hormones and Blood...oooo how exciting you say! I know you are completely jealous but please do try to contain yourself. ha-ha.
I have been keeping abreast of this hurricane season. I am thankful that Gustav lost some of his ommph, however we do have two more that are a-brewing which could effect our area in the long run. As always, it can jack up gas and oil prices and if we have some heavy rains or winds from anything it will certainly finish off some already sickly trees in my yard as well as topple my neighbors tree that's already leaning against another tree in the back boundaries of my yard. I can just see a domino effect happening here when it does fall if they don't cut it up soon. I really don't want to wake up to the sound of trees falling all around me or on top of my roof where I sleep!! That's not a very nice way to wake up.
I have been very curious about the Democratic and up-coming Republican convention speeches. This is such an important election, or at least I think so. I've been tuning in now that the time is getting much closer. I thought Obama spoke very well. I'm curious as to what this Alaskan governor chic has to say. She came out of nowhere...and I'm very curious as to what McCain has to preach about. This is quite an election coming about. I'm not a very political person but I find myself becoming very involved as to what these candidates have to say and what they 'promise' to do for our country. I am proud to have the opportunity to vote in this election. I will definately vote in this election.
Last but not least, my dear friends who live in California will be in town this weekend for a friend's wedding which means some wonderful girly time and some bonding time with their baby boy which I have yet to see!! He's about 4 months old now. I am looking forward to treking about our downtown area with one of my closest girly friends with baby in tow having some long overdue bonding time complete with hugs & kisses and baby poop as the added bonus. woo-hoo! I have finally made the dive into the digital world and bought a new camera so this will give me an opportunity to take a ridiculous amount of pictures to test it all out. Yea!! I can't wait...So that's the latest and greatest. On a trival side note, I've seen Mamma Mia twice now and I hope to catch it one last time on the big screen at the local Brew n View before it totally leaves town. I just loved it! I loved the 'escape' that it gave me, the humor was great and of course I was totally diggin' the music. I'm ready to make my escape to Greece myself...who's got their bags packed? ha-ha. If you haven't seen it yet then I highly suggest that you do if it's still playing in your area. It's just a fun movie. A perfect escape from life itself. We all need that every now and then, right? In the meantime, stay well, laugh out loud and don't forget to vote!! elizinashe

Monday, August 11, 2008

One Week and Counting

I wish I could say that the 'one week and counting' title was the amount of time that I have gone without smoking but I am sad to say that it is not true. Kicking the habit is harder than I thought it would be. Most of the problem is that I just simply love it. I love the satisfaction I get when I light up, I love taking that first drag and blowing out the smoke. I love the way it calms my nerves when I'm rattled or pissed off or have just finished a nice meal. It's like your secret best friend. A cigarette is always by your side when you need it. A cigarette is always there to help you when you need that boost. A cigarette is always there to make you feel better when you feel alone or scared. A cigarette is your security blanket. Maybe I should change my name to Linus.
Now, on the flip side, I have cut way back on my normal smoking habits. It takes me about a week to smoke one pack of Camels compared to smoking a pack a day. I have the most trouble at night when I'm free from work and on my way home. Being that I live by myself I can do whatever I want in the house, therefore I smoke. If I go out to eat then sure enough I'm going to have a drink and a smoke. It's such a natural thing to do...drinks, snacks, smoke. I wish I could just let it go altogether and join the many who have become non-smokers. I want to be one of those people....why is it soo hard to let this all go?
I told myself that I wanted to be truly smoke-free by the time school starts back up which is next week. ( thus, the one week and counting). I didn't want to start off the new school year back in the habit of studying and chain smoking at the same time while pecking away at notes, reading and all that other crap that homework requires. I guess I'm getting a little nervous about starting school again and holding on to my trusty Camels makes me feel like I can do the class thing all over again along with a full-time job. eek!! Sometimes I wonder if I had a live-in or even a roommate if I'd feel differently about smoking. It's not always easy to come home alone, therefore that nasty little cigarette becomes your little friend. I still have a week before school starts. Maybe I will find a new friend to replace Mr. Camel. Wish me luck. elizinashe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Photos and Memory Lane

I was going through a drawer today looking for extra stuff for my current project when I came across an unfinished project neatly tucked away full of cards, love notes and pictures from long ago. It brought a quick smile to my face and the faint memory of what I had intended to do with this now dormant project. I now know that it will never be finished,(hell, I never really started it) and that is time do rethink my intentions. So I thought I'd share some of these pics that I had put away and catapult them to another use until I find another home for them.
Clearly the first photo I have no memory of. However, I do know that this is one of three that my mom took of me about a month after my 2nd birthday. The date on the bottom, which you probably cannot see is dated January 1973. (Brrr!). I find it kind of weird to see pictures of yourself when you are that young. It's hard to imagine that this cute and flirty little girl all dressed in red grew up to be me. I suppose I'm still cute and flirty but I am also older and wiser and can be quite bitchy sometimes. How did this curious little girl grow up to be who I am now?
Next we have a most wonderful picture that's almost embarrassing but not quite. I was about 8 years old, wearing a t-shirt from a local play that I was in that previous summer with a turtle that I found in our yard for our grade school turtle race. Yes, we had a turtle race. I guess it gave the teachers something to laugh about and gave the kids something to do. Anyway...I could have cared less about winning the stupid race or having my picture taken with this thing, however we had some guests visiting from England who thought that having a turtle race was highly intriguing, most humorous and very American. They didn't have such things as turtle races in children's schools in England and they were most curious as to how these things went about. I vaguely remember having the race early in our day and my mother brought our visitors to come and watch these tiny American kids putting a number on their turtle and scream at the top of their lungs in order to encourage their entry to cross the finish line. It is a bit ridiculous if you think about it. I am sure that the days of the turtle races are long gone but when I see this picture I think of our friends, Gwen and Stanley, who had this strange but polite way of talking in an 8 year old's world, laughing and thoroughly enjoying their expericence of watching an American Turtle Race. I think it was the highlight of their visit in Arkansas.
And last but not least, a celebration picture with my old college rommie after she finally finished her degree at the school where she had started her college career. I'm humored in the way that when I look at this picture, after all this time, I still look pretty much the same. (I'm the one on the right). Even after years of weight gain and loss, varying shades of hair color, make-up and clothing styles these past few years, I pretty much look like that now. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I am also reminded of where we were in our personal lives. I was living in my hometown,working in a bar, had a live-in boyfriend and the cats. My 'old roomie', Nan as we had called her (and I still do to this day), was in her first marriage, had a small house complete with their cats and dogs and had aspirations of teaching and writing. I was so proud of her that day. We were both embarking on young adulthood with young adulthood responsibilities knocking on our door. It's been about 10 years since this picture was taken and I think of how different our lives are now. My what changes we have gone through. I'll be curious to see where we are 10 years from now.
Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane as much as I have. So who's next to post old pics of themselves and their story??? Inquiring minds want to know. :) elizinashe

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't Sleep

The bad thing about working a string of night shifts in a row is that it makes it hard to reassign your body back into a daytime routine. I got up around noon today which was fairly decent compared to what I had been doing the last four days. I've kept myself busy and started working on my vision board in order to pass the time and make myself tired and go to bed by midnight. However, it is fast approaching 4 am and I still can't fall asleep. UGH!! My vision board isn't quite finished and I could easily start working on it again but that will keep me up until past dawn, sleep late again tomorrow and therefore have a harder time readjusting to a daytime lifestyle. I've got Wed & Thurs to readjust. I'm working this coming weekend and need to be out of bed by 5am to work my day shifts. Wish me luck! I've got the next two days to finish my little project, perhaps make a music CD for my road trip up to my college roomie's place and schedule some time to have my car serviced. Bottom line: I just want to go to sleep. Like now. elizinashe

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Late Nite Survey

Okay folks, here it is. Here is my own damn survey that I've been pecking away at for a couple of nights here and there. And so to kill some time on a night shift I have finished my little curious project with hopes of entertaining the masses and perhaps get a few bites as well. Hope you like it, hope you join in on my fun. I'd be curious to see some your answers. Thanks for reading. elizinashe.

1. Where do you wish you could be right now? Overlooking the ocean and blue sunny skies with a nice bottle of wine and much food.
2. What is one thing that you’ve always wanted to do/try but were always afraid to do? Snow ski.
3. What makes you feel good about yourself? When I do something really great when I thought I’d fail.
4. What are you most proud of? Succeeding in achieving one of my dreams.
5. What are you not so proud of? Allowing my guilt and insecurities hold me back.
6. What do you do to relax? Music/movie/book with some food & a libation or two..
7. What makes you laugh? Absolute silliness
8. What is your dream job? Travel around the country and discover great places and people and write about it while getting paid quite well for it.
9. What is the worst job you ever had? Deli-girl at Kmart.(ICK!!)
10. What is one quality about one or both of your parents you wish you had? I wish I had mom’s quirky problem-solving skills and her patience. I wish I had my dad’s business sense.
11. What is one quality about yourself that you’re glad that you have? I can’t be fake or superficial.
12. What is the air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow? hahahahaha…if you guys don’t get this one... :)
13. What is the happiest memory you have from childhood? When my grandparents would come out to visit.
14. What is the happiest memory you have from adulthood? Geeze…which one do I choose?
15. Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow? Neil Diamond
16. What is your favorite kind of music? Blues baby!
17. If you could see anyone in concert, past and/or present, who would it be? Present: Dave Matthews, hands down. Past: hmm…wouldn’t mind seeing Janis Joplin
18. What was the first concert you ever saw? A reunion tour with Three Dog Night & the Beach Boys
19. What was the last concert you have seen? Drive By Truckers
20. Who is the most interesting person you have met? My friend Bob
21. If you were to throw a party with a ‘theme’, what would your theme be? Dress as your alter ego/evil twin. Create a new personality and live it up!
22.How do you ‘take’ your coffee? Cream, please.
23. Which was scarier : Poltergiest or Amittyville Horror?(please excuse any misspellings) Ooo…Amittyville. That house was scary.
24. Do you like spinach? Love it!
25. What is your favorite kind of fruit? Mangoes
26. What are you currently reading? When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
27. Most embarrassing moment? Which one do I choose??? The time I accidentally farted in front of some peers in high school,one being a foreign exchange student, or the one where I fought with the gas nozzle at the gas station spraying myself with gasoline? Oh there have been soo many…if I only had a nickel.
28.What annoys you? Stupid people.
29. What is the most ridiculous question that you have been asked? (doesn’t necessarily pertain to this survey) What state is Arkansas in? (yes, that really happened to me.)
30.If you were to come back in another life, what would you want to accomplish, do or be? I would want to be more bold, more confident, more well traveled and play everything Rachmaninoff, play Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, write a really great book and have a place on the beach somewhere.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Wood Brothers

We have a really cool listener supported radio station here in town that plays all kinds of great music. They support local acts as well as up and coming artists that aren't so top 40 or the flavor of the month. I wish I could buy everything that I hear and like, but let's get real folks...I'd go into debt from buying too many cds. However, there has been one band that I really dig and I just couldn't shake it off my mind. Luckily I found a copy of their latest at Best Buy of all places and I am sooo happy that I bought it. I've listened to it about 4 times already. It's not my typical genre of music, but I'm digging it regardless. My favorite tune is Postcards from Hell. Great little tune with a wonderfully delicate guitar melody. According to their website, both brothers have had their own independant musical careers, one being a member of Medeski, Martin and Wood, and have come together for their own blend of music. It's a really great album. The front man sounds like Van Morrison at times and Levon Helms at other times. Not a bad mix if you ask me. If you're looking for something fresh and new check these dudes out. It's a nice change from the same ol' same ol. Muscially happy...elizinashe

Oh yeah, their new album is called Loaded. Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Innocent I Swear!

I didn't do it! I promise, it wasn't me! I wasn't even there!

Ha-ha. I couldn't resist. I thought this picture was too cute. Taking a photograph such as this is pure luck. I wish I could say I was the one who captured the moment but alas, twasn't me. My dad sent me a story about some animal peoples who quickly sheltered some pandas at a protected zoo-like place in China during an earthquake. This photo was one of many of some very cute panda babies. I thought I'd share an 'ahhh' moment with my readers. Hope it puts a smile on your face. elizinashe

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not Much To Say...

Greetings my fellow readers. I always have plenty to gripe and hope about however the creative juices have been pumping rather slowly the last few days. I've been working on my own series of questions to post at a later date once I feel so motivated. Right now I'm just tweaking some of the questions that I have created. Hopefully you will find it somewhat amusing and participate in my little game. I have been recovering nicely from my oral surgery. I am most thankful that it was done all in one session so the only follow up will be the removal of some stitches(can't wait for that!) and one other follow up to see how I've been healing. I did find out that I don't respond well to the hydrocodone that I was prescribed for pain. I began bleeding around 4am after my surgery and had gotten up to rinse my mouth with some warm salt water and ended up fainting while I was trying to wet a tea bag to shove in my mouth. Scary!! I am soo thankful that I didn't hit my head on anything. That could have been really bad. Needless to say, I haven't taken my pain pills again. I'll stick with my Aleve thank you.
I hope everyone's 4th was a good holiday. I worked all weekend so there wasn't much celebration in my corner of the world. I did manage to score a free wingback chair and a nice throw rug from the nurse I had worked with this weekend. It was just stuff that she was giving away and I happily took it off of her hands. She's a really nice person and I enjoy working with her. She's got a really strong sense of faith and so kind hearted. I always feel so blessed when I'm working with her. It makes me feel renewed in some sort of way that's hard to explain.
Other than that I just don't have alot of new news to talk about. I did see where the oringinal Bozo the clown had passed away. Sad. And I am proud to say that I was one of many kids who was on our own local Bozo Show. I remember wearing a long blue dress that was very 70s and being really hot from the camera lights shinning down on all the kids while filming. AND I won one of the stupid contests that they came up with. Me and some boy had to run back and forth like 3 times grabbing a ballon and pop the balloon by sitting on it and whoever popped 3 balloons first won the game. I came home with 2 new puzzles if I remember correctly. Silly, huh? What an era...I haven't seen anything close to a Bozo show in years. I guess video games such as Nintendo, Xbox and the Wii have replaced those after school cartoon shows and games. I wonder what will come next. Anyhow, that's the lame update in my world. I'll be posting my questions soon. Be prepared...haha! elizinashe

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ready for July

Yo! So it's been yet another long time since I've posted but to tell ya the truth, June has been quite a bitter pill and I just haven't felt like being creative. I'm so glad it's almost over. Actually I did start to write a couple of times but I became so long winded in my posting I figured it would have been too much to read that I just decided to delete it all. So, I will give you a quick overview of what the hell has been going on.
I've had a tree fall in my driveway while I was at work which turned out to be a 3 day ordeal to remove it all, I (and the nurse I was working with) was attacked by an 8 year old boy at 745am over a blood draw ( we won that battle), both of my cats have been sick each with a separate trip to the emergency clinic late at nite which always costs more plus the follow up visits with your regular vet and all of this happened within a 2 week time period with some sort of crisis every three days. And let's not forget some family drama which will add to the guilt I already carry plus I'm having some oral surgery tomorrow at 4pm. What a way to end the month,eh?
I wish I could say that I have been busy painting something weird and colorful, or playing with a new camera that I've always wanted, or loading up songs on an iPod which I don't have - anything but all this chaos. But alas, life has happened as it usually does, it just happened alot this month! What I can say is that I have continued to keep up the quitting smoking thing, making plans for a vision board as well as school (at least in my head) and have stayed at home watching movies instead of going out. Although I have spent alot of extra money this month that I really didn't want to spend I am thankful for the way things turned out.
I could have been home when that tree fell. Had I been at home, I wouldn't have a car right now. And even though the cats got sick at separate times I was lucky enough to had already been scheduled off the following two days after their visit to the emergency clinic therefore allowing me to monitor and medicate my kitties. Not that chasing down your cats to squirt meds down their throat is loads of fun or anything, but I'm glad that I wasn't at work knowing that they were sick and noone else to be around in case they took a turn for the worse. Yeah, it's been a stressful month but I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it could have been. Regardless, I'm ready for July and hopefully it will be a better month. Glad it's almost over. elizinashe

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Post

Long time, no write. Sorry folks. I have survived the Cicada invasion so far. I've had a handful of these creatures around my walkways and doorsteps but I haven't encountered the mass swarms buzzing around my head that I had previously concocted in my imagination. I still have all of my appendages and the cats have not had the opportunity to eat such a large and ugly insect. However, I did hear the creepy noise that they make just this past Monday. Remember those really bad late 60s sci-fi movies and the sound effect that the 'flying saucer' made? They sound just like that. Really weird. I will say that it has been a jovial topic of conversation at work. I'm still awaiting the grand finale of this bizarre mating season. It's not over yet I'm sure.

Good news: I got a B in my Anatomy and Physiology class!! Yea me!!! I knew I was doing pretty well, but not that well! Hey! I actually have a brain after all!! Hopefully I can keep it intact over the next couple of months before fall starts up again. I'll try my best not to kill too many of my brain cells in the meantime.
Other stuff. Sad to hear about all these monstrous storms and tornadoes out in the 'alley'. I know from experience how terrifying it can be. I sure as hell don't miss those days in Arkansas. When I was like two maybe three, we had six tornadoes in one day. The one that hit that night was the most destroying. It blew out some windows in our house, tore some shingles off and left alot of debris and baseball sized hail. Yes, baseball sized hail. Scary. Needless to say, I was terrified of storms for a long, long time. I still to this day get a little panicky when our storms get a little on the heavy side. But being here in the mountains that's a rarity thank God. Now, on the flip side I have seen some awesome photos on the internet of these storms building. I think the pictures are beautiful in a tragic sort of way. I don't know how to describe it without going into some sort of soliloquy to which I will spare you. I think Mother Nature is just astounding. Truly amazing. If I'm lucky I'll be able to post some of the pics I've seen.

Other stuff: I'm trying my best to quit smoking. I've been taking the Chantix which has been really cool. Most days I do pretty good. Right now, not so good. I did really well at work but now that I'm home it's free range. And for the most part it's the habit. I'm not really physically craving one, I just want it. I soo enjoy it still. That's the sad part. It's a wonderfully satisfying bad habit. Damn those tabacco companies. But it's a must. It's time to stop procrastinating, plus I'm having some oral surgery to remove what's belived to be an ossified fibroma from my gum line that I've had since childhood. My dentist always thought it was a calcium deposit of which is common but it's continued to grow as I've gotten older and has gotten bigger over the last couple of years. I had a more proper diagnosis yesterday with an oral surgeon. Time to chip away before it gets worse. Yuk. The healing process will go alot quicker if I was a non-smoker. This is something I really need to focus on and truly kick the habit. Plus save some money which of course will go to gas. (I'm leaving that topic alone.) This is my first effort ever. I think I'm doing pretty good for a first timer. If I could find a nice pair of man lips to plant my lips on instead of a cigarrette I think that would be just dandy. Wish me luck in that department.
On last thing: Look up 'an engineer's guide to cat's ' on youtube for a good laugh. This dude is so dry that you can't help but laugh. And the cat's did exactly what a cat should do. Act uninterested when the human owner is trying to be productive. Truly worth the six minutes of watching.
Anyway, that's about it folks. Hope all is well in your corner's of the world! elizinashe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Call Me Tippi

The Cicada's are coming...a looming mother nature cycle that is due to happen any day now. Eww...I'm really not looking forward to this. Truly, it is a wonder of nature and how all living things work. These locust-like bugs have been burrowing in the ground for 17 years now and are on their way to above ground, shedding their shells( let's get naked!) feeding off the trees, which help the trees stay healthy somehow, mating ( yea, sex!) and laying their eggs which make their way back to the ground. It also gives the birds and other creatures something to eat and those who don't get eaten die anyway. Weird, huh?

So how do they know when the 17 year mark is here? Who sets the alarm? What do they do in a leap year? Does that throw their timing off? Are they hibernating all that time? Do they have a life underground? Is this a slow larvae-to-bug growth process that takes the full 17 years? How do they survive in the ground that long? Do any of them get claustrophobic? So many questions...such an odd process...

I do agree that it is pretty cool, however I am not looking forward to having a bunch of bugs flying around in my yard hanging out in the trees making that 'whrring' noise and dropping dead all over the place leaving the way from my car to my door a 'crunchy footpath". EWWW!! I have this bloated vision of an Alfred Hitchcock film about the coming of the cicadas. Swarms and swarms of bugs buzzing around landing on my shoulders as I make a mad dash to my car for safety with a tennis racket in hand to defend myself, bugs shells all over the ground, birds pecking away at these 'things' as they suck the marrow out of the trees, bugs eggs peppering the ground as they try to burrow for the next 17 years, bugs accidentally flying into the house with the cats hunting this new and bizarre prey and then puking up the half of the bug that they did eat and leaving the other half still alive twitching on my just gives me the heebie jeebies... I just know that my yard is going to be one of those yards who get these damn things. I swear I saw one earlier today on my steps as I was taking out my Goodwill stuff to the car....ewww!!! I wish I could afford to go to the beach for a couple of weeks once they pop up out of the ground. I'd much rather hear the sound of the ocean for a couple of weeks. Wouldn't you? Feeling buggy...elizinashe
P.S. EEWWW!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Ah, the dreaded task of clearing away of your winter things and preparing for sunnier weather...It's a relatively simple task but can be quite monumental when you already have such a busy schedule. And it's always a surprise as to how much crap I have for each season. And every year, I start a new sack of stuff to take to the Goodwill hoping that I will keep my supply of clothes down to the basics and necessities but I still end up with more than I really need. I guess that's a part of being a girl. What I do appreciate about cleaning up my winter things that it feels rather theraputic. I have music playing, the windows are open and it's beginning to rain a little which is good. ( My car has been well pollinated and needs a bath...) It's nice to put away your favorite sweaters for a nice hibernation and replace them with bright colors and patterns for the season. Away with the cold gray days and in with the happy sunny afternoons. And we must not forget your favorite pair of sandals that hug your tired feet at the end of your day with your naked toes peeking out for a nice breath of air...ahhh... I must say that the changing of the seasons is good way to check your stock of 'having too much' and checking in with your mental status clearing away all the crap that you've accumulated during that particular season and brush it away so you can prepare for the new days ahead. I'm looking forward to spring. I'm curious as to what kinds of challenges and adventures that lie ahead for me as well as the 'challenges' that I want to throw myself into. ( one being to quit smoking,ugh.) I'll keep ya posted on my adventures & misadventures. Anyway my dear readers, I hope that you're spring cleaning is sprinkled with warm fuzzies, curious wonders and much fun!

Have a lovely spring! elizinashe

Saturday, April 5, 2008

One Word Survey

Got this from F-f-fifty Something's blog page, thought I'd join in on the fun. Hope you enjoy!

The One Word Survey
Yourself (naively) optimistic
Your Partner don't have one..
Your Hair brown :(
Your Mother McGuyver
Your Father Introvert
Your Favorite Item my Steinway
Your Dream Last Night don't remember
Your Favorite Drink cranberry juice
Your Dream Car don't really have one
Your Dream Home late 20s/early 30s bungalow
The Room You Are In open room
Your Fear going broke
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years settled
Who You Hung Out With Last a few bar flies
What You're Not superficial
Muffins blueberry(with crumb topping and lots of butter!)
One of Your Wish List Items travel ( so I can see all of my girly friends)
Time 830ish (pm)
Last Thing You Did laundry
What Are You Wearing jeans, shirt,sweater
Your Favorite Weather sunny
Your Favorite Book Succulent, Wild Women
Last Thing You Ate chicken chili & sandwich
Your Mood hopeful
Your Best Friends scattered across the US
What Are You Thinking About Right Now household chores & test notes
Your Car Xterra
Your Summer hopefully fun!
Relationship Status single
What's on Your TV it's off
What is Your Weather Like rainy
When is the Last Time You Laughed about an hour ago

Okay, so who's next to play??? elizinashe

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blah Weekend

What a blah weekend. It's been chilly, gray and rainy. This was my weekend to be off from work and have some fun. However, the plans that were made went to the pits. I had tickets to see this show Saturday night which I had been looking forward to all month, plus today off to regroup from the concert and quiet time to study. Well, my friend who had the tickets lost them somehow. She looked everywhere she could think of, even in odd places and still no tickets. The show was sold out so there was no way we could get another pair. So the show that we were looking forward to seeing never happened for us. Crap. Plan B that we came up with wasn't so much fun either. I was home and in my pjs by midnight, snacking on chips & salsa while watching a show that I taped 3 weeks ago. Ah, the exciting life of a single girl. I feel like crap, I have loads of stuff to study for and laundry to finish.
I did go to a birthday gathering today for this lady who is the head cook at my local restaurant that I like to go to and hung out with some peeps for a couple of hours which was cool, but I still wasn't feeling the happy vibes. I'm feeling pretty lame. My planned weekend of fun turned out to be a weekend of blah. How pathetic. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I'm tired of feeling like crap. elizinashe

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I have a big test in my Anatomy & Physiology class on the 7th of April. Yee Gads!! I printed off the review sheet Friday evening before I left to grab food...all I can say is Holy Crap!! There's like 3 pages of stuff to know, plus knowing how to draw a 'chunk' of the hair shaft, a nail, a long bone and it's interior stuff and the various shapes of muscle tissue plus knowing the major bones and major muscles in the body and not to forget Cellular Respiration and the Kreb's Cycle which is something that I still don't understand. All I know is 2 ATPs. Oh My God!! We're talking 6 chapters of crap plus the odd chapter on Cellular Respiration. Shit, much can a brain really absorb??? I have been picking away at some of this review stuff the last couple of days on my pute plus highlighting stuff that I don't have answers for in hopes of getting a study group together so I can get a clue. This is way too much information for one test, plus a lab test that is separate on the same night!! I swear I'm going to pop a vessel and bleed out my ears. This coming week is our 'Spring Break' so there won't be class...but I know my break time will still be divided between work and pecking away at my unfinished review sheet, studying the eventual finished project and having a coronary in the process. I hope you guys are able to make it to my funeral. It should be quite lovely. (ha ha). In the words of the great S.J. Gumby...
MY BRAIN HURTS!! elizinashe

Monday, March 17, 2008


Procrastination. Such an ugly word. (And being labeled as a 'procrastinator' doesn't shed a good light on your person.) The act of putting duties off to the side as if they didn't exist is soo easy to do and highly unproductive. Such a lazy habit to fall into. And yet, we have all practiced the art of procrastination. I think it's quite contagious. There should be a pill for that don't ya think? I fully believe that we all deserve a day of laziness and some downtime, however that can be an easy trap that becomes a habit. Ew! I used to be so productive in my work-week, but as I get older, I find myself being lazier than need be. I hate that. Is this a part of the normal 'aging process'?
I'd rather eat chocolate and have a glass of wine instead of exercising. I'd rather write and fart around on my computer than study. I'd rather eat out than cook.( but that's rooted in my ridiculously small kitchen.) I'd rather check out the dollar bin and the clearance rack at Target than clean the bathroom. I'd rather travel and see my girls than work, but that's a big pipe dream... I'd rather keep blogging than do the sink full of dishes that awaits me. How do you make it stop? I know I'm not the only one. I'd like to know how badly others procrastinate so that I don't feel so bad about procrastinating myself. Anyone know of an elixor to 'cure' me of this ailment? Looking to be more productive, elizinashe :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just a quick matter how chaotic my life may be or how stressed I am, I am always grateful for the unexpected help and support of my friends, always coming when I least expect it. I am soo proudly independent that it is hard to accept help, but I have grown up enough to know when to take it when the help that is given to me without the expectance of 'payback'. And for that I am truly grateful. I hope that one day I can be one of those people...maybe I already am and just don't know it yet. I just wanted to give a shout out to those who have helped me in the past and now in the present. THANK YOU!! Love to all and may you be blessed many times over!! elizinashe
p.s. still stuck on the nun pics...hope you like it! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making Changes

Greetings my fellow readers. As you can see I've made some changes to my blog. I got tired of the Pepto Bismol pink and needed something fresh. I also figured out how to paste other bloggers that I read onto my page. (yea!) Hopefully as time goes on I will be able to add other bloggers to my reader's list as I get more involved in my own blogging. I do find it theraputic in a creative sort of way. And one of my bestest girls started a blog page during her 1st pregnancy. I am soo proud of her for diving in the writing world. Yea Elisa!! Welcome! Those of you who have had babies must look her up and share the mommy stuff...I haven't jumped into the world of having babies yet, don't know if I really will but that's a whole other story. In the meantime, hope all is well with my readers. Hope you like the new fresh look. Keep blogging!! elizinahse

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lee's Music MEME

So I was at Lee's blog and she had this music thingy so I thought I'd continue the post and play the game. Rules are to put your music player on shuffle and respond to the questions. Hope you are entertained. If you need more clarification, jump on over to her blog: elizinashe

Thieves Like Us New Order
ah, the memories of those John Hughes films..
Dreaming of Me Depeche Mode
Yesterday the Beatles
how sad!
Love Plus One Haircut 100
a happy, dippy 80s moment
Wild,Wild Young Men Ruth Brown
Reposses My Heart Oreo Blue
damn, right
Seven Spanish Angels Ray Charles & Willie Nelson
um, really?
It' the End of the World.. REM
now there's some pycho-babble
You Left Me This Morning Indigenous
not my wild, wild young men!! oh no!!
10. WHAT IS 2 + 2?
On the Stone Dave Matthews
me + Dave =mmmmm
I Can't Wait to Meetchu Macy Gray
how very cool..
Give it Up KC & the Sunshine Band
yeah man, I'm still waiting!
A Night Like This The Cure
and what a night it is!!
Sexy Mistake the Chalets
I think I'm already there...
God Bless the Child Billie Holliday
Paint it Black the Rolling Stones
I already went thru my 'black phase'..
Love is the Tender Trap Robert Palmer
Got my Mojo Working Muddy Waters
wouldn't have it any other way...
Painter Song Norah Jones
how lovely..
Get Down Tonight KC & the Sunshine Band
let's boogie down ladies!!!
Paperback Writer the Beatles
I do have clever friends...
One of my Lies Greenday

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Night Shift

So I picked up a night shift tonight due to one of our crew is home sick with the flu. I could use the overtime, plus it would 'force' me into studying being that I have alot of time to kill until 7am. I've written a few notes and looked at some stuff that our teacher has posted on-line, but I'm still not feeling the study habits. I really don't have the motivation to study tonight. Or ever for that matter.(at least this week.) I just hate doing it. I hope that is normal. It's just a little hard to get started and focus on what I need to be doing instead of farting around and becoming so easily distracted. It's really made me question my endurance school-wise. Perhaps I'm just one of those people who doesn't do well in school...I'm not quite sure what the root of my problem is. Although I have a pretty good idea where it stems from.(can't change that one.) It's made me feel poopy about myself and quite guilty. I'm beginning to question my real purpose here and where do I really want to go with my new career endeavor. How do you know what you want to do in life and how do you really achieve it? How long does it take for a person to get where they want to be in life? All of this is normal adult growing pains, right? Why couldn't I have been one of those type A career focused corporate ladder personalities creating my own company and living a jet-set life? Is there a life manual that I don't know about?? I suppose I could go into fashion and create something more ridiculous than my previous two posts and make a name for myself...ha-ha!! Maybe in my next life...hopefully these growing pains will pass quickly...wish me luck. elizinashe

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah,um again...What the Hell?

Yeah,um so this is coming from a Japenese designer. So again..WHAT THE HELL?? This is a little creepy for me. Someone help me out here. What in the fuck is this all about? Apparently there is some fashion for those women who don't have arms. But what in the hell is that on her head??? Umm..I'm just more than creeped out on this one. Perhaps they're promoting some new Japanese horror flick character. I just don't know. Sushi anyone? elizinashe

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Umm..What the Hell?

Apparently I am behind the times in the fashion department. This lovely outfit was presented this past week in Paris (big surprise) from some Belgian designer. Whatever. I look at this certainly overpriced outfit and think... what in the hell?? First of all, there is not much continuity but then again, we're talking Paris...the French have always been outrageous but when I look at this 'latest and greatest' it just sends my mind spinning. Absoulutely nothing truly matches. There are too many patterns going on here. It makes my brain hurt to look at it. I am most perplexed...Is this some sort of fashion savvy cervical collar? Can this girl actually see out of her outfit? How would she eat? (oh yeah, models don't eat.) Okay, so what about drinking that glass of champagne? (oh yeah, models prefer needles over flutes.) Or kissing a guy? (oh yeah, models are too snooty to deal with men.) I most definately wouldn't want any of my clothes getting in the way of that activity!! (the kissing thing.) That's one of my favorite things to do...I won't mention driving because models usually have limos to drive their drunken asses around. But what about that one stupid woman who will end up buying this shit? (what a waste of money.) Too bad this concoction doesnt' have any fur otherwise the PETA people would be having a hay day over would be off the streets in no time. I hope to God that this doesn't end up on the 'red carpet' somewhere in People Magazine. I'll stick with by blue jeans thank you very much. And if I want to dress up, it will be blue jeans with some heels...just my style. elizinahse

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeling Blah

Despite having a good week so far I'm having a hard time shaking off the 'blahs' that have loomed over me these last few days. I had a good Valentines spending it with some girls, treating myself to a really nice dinner and dancing to a local band (and in heels might I add!). But as the weekend had progressed and I studied off and on during my working hours for our big test this past Monday I began to feel poo-poo and I'm not completely sure as to why. I have great friends here as well as far away, I'm grateful for the things that I have and strive to achieve the things that I don't. I've been able to stay financially afloat and remain independant from family help and I am welcomed with cheers and smiles at work and in social settings but yet, as of lately it hasn't made me feel 100%. I love my life, don't get me wrong but what I feel like it boils down to is lack of self-belief-slash-confidence as well as lack of real companionship. I am soo sick of doing everything by myself. I cherish my alone time but at the end of the day I still come home alone and that is beginning to suck big time. I know I'm a little goofy at times and I have some anxiety issues at times but it's soo hard to be single these days. It's hard for me to get close to people sometimes, I guess that's a defense mechanism of some sort but I'm a pretty simple girl really. And I'm not the type of girl who sleeps around, just can't do it. That's a good thing I know but still there are soo many guys who just want to fuck around instead of having real conversation or quality time. Am I being too picky?
School is going well so far but I can't apply for the nursing program until 2009. Only because I screwed up on the math review on this placement test. You can take this test only once per application period which is really stupid given that there is such a high demand for nurses here. I'm afraid of running out of motivation with this school stuff. It's really hard to go back to school as an adult and work full-time. It's really a juggle with work duties, studying and all of that other adult like stuff such as laundry, cleaning(yuk), vehicle maintenance yada, yada, yada...I just want to run away to the Greek Isles with my girls and have some fun. I need a getaway but then again the finances come into play. Crap. Maybe one day...I'm just not feeling the good vibes right now. I'm usually naively optimistic. Part of my charm I suppose. I just want to get out of this funk that I'm feeling. It sucks and I'm tired of feeling this way. elizinashe

Monday, January 28, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Ah, the big I'm not talking about politics. I'm talking about what all girls do when we find something that we really, really want but is a little more than we want to spend on a treasure find. I found this really cool cabinet at Target, one of my favorite places (and proud of it) but it's just a little more than I want to spend on a piece of furniture being that my income is smaller than it has been. Yet, this particular cabinet would be of great benefit for my home and what I want to use it for. I tell myself that if I wait long enough that it might go on sale but however I run the risk of having someone else pick up my treasure in the process. I have found it on-line as well which Target boasts an extra 15 % off of the price plus free shipping. Sooo, do I wait to see if the one cabinet that's in stock at my local store goes on sale, or do I order it on-line for the extra discount and free shipping or should I scavage the second-hand stores, which I really don't have alot of time for, looking for something similar that might be cheaper or do I just wait for something better to come along?? This cabinet truly would be good for me and has been something that I have been looking for for quite some time. My problem is that the price tag is just a little more than I want to spend for a piece of furniture. So what do I do?? I really should be focused on my Anatomy and Physiology class right now but I just can't get this cabinet out of my head...and I feel like if I do go ahead and buy the damn thing then I will end up with an unexpected vehicle repair or a doctor's visit that my insurance won't pay for...isn't there a Murhpy's Law about stuff like this? Anyway, this is where having girlfriends come into play. Perhaps I should burn up the phone lines with Ma Bell and get that incouraging advice. Any input from my readers will be gladly accepted...time is ticking away and I really want my treasure, I'm just having a hard time coughing up the money. Oh yeah, I still have $50 on a gift card from the holidays which I had planned on using for work clothes and school stuff. So who should win this one? The Id or the Superego...?? elizinashe

Friday, January 25, 2008

Damn That Writer's Strike...

Now that the holidays are long gone and school has started back up for me, the one thing I was looking forward to was fresh, new episodes of my favorite new show Pushing Daisies. However, the writer's strike is apparently still going strong and therefore many of our fave shows are in the dead zone. In limbo our shows are, lost in space, gone away, a lifeless script, characters without breath....need I go on?? Remind me again why these people are striking? It always has to do with something with money, but I am certain that these writer's make a very comfortable living. The one thing that I looked forward to was my quirky Wednesday nite show so that I may escape into the Pie Maker's world. I deemed it a most lovely and appropriate distraction in my busy schedule and now I am anxiously awaiting the re-opening of the Pie Hole and all of its contents. Who doesn't like pie? Forget Heath Ledger. (sorry, Nan.) Bring Ned back to life!! He isn't dead yet! I need my show dammit...I know I'm not the only one who's disheartened over the writer's strike. I just want it to be over so I can have my weekly escape. It's good for my soul. What favorite show are you, my readers missing? What's your weekly(or nightly if that's your thing) show that you are now doing without? :( Just curious ...leave me a comment if you so wish. Happy (future) viewing...elizinashe

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year slighty belated I might add...

The holidays kept me busy as for most people...without school for awhile it was nice to tune up my social life and have some fun. The beauty of it is that I was able to catch up with some old friends and tighten up some good girly friendships that have proved to be a good thing, as my New Year is starting off well and with good support from my girls, near and far. School has started again and it's back to work, study and a little down time. But my down time now is spent doing things outside of my normal habits, therefore "broadening my horizons", which is always good for the soul. I have met some new peoples, reunited with old friends and have been reminded that others look to me for support just as much as I look to others for support when needed. Sometimes I forget that. I have had some wonderful nights talking about guys, relationships, past mistakes, hopes for the future, listening to music, dancing to disco and of course, current stress...that part will never go away. (damn.) But, I am thankful to all of my friends and I'm grateful for the life that I do have, although it is not what I had pictured it to be at this point in my life but hey, that's life isn't it? I hope the New Year continues to keep me on my toes and keep me doing different things to break up the normal stuff when it becomes too boring. January still isn't over but man it feels like it's been a long month already...perhaps that's a good thing. I've had alot of cheers to all of my peeps, near and far. Thank you for all the love and support you've given me this past year...I could not have surpassed my milestones without you. Much love, hugs and kisses...elizinashe.

P.S. I promise one of these days I'll be tired of posting all of my silly nun pics..they're just so much fun for me still...