Thursday, January 22, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff

Wonder What's Behind That Door?
Working nights has its ups and downs.  The 'Up' is that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and wander into work bleary eyed still trying to wake up.  The shift differential pay ain't so bad either.  The 'Down' is that I tend to be awake in the wee hours of the night even in my off time when most people are sleeping.  And so I write.  And surf the internet.  

In efforts to entertain myself I watch TV,  think of things I want to do to the house and look up countless recipes and bookmark the said recipes in hopes of giving them a road test in my kitchen.  I have plenty of soup and pasta dishes earmarked to make a feast out of.  But when it comes time to go to the grocery store, I forget all those recipes that I've saved and my mind goes blank on what to make for dinner.  Ugh...Need to work on that.  

Have you seen that show on FX called "Freak Show"?  Man...I must say whoever came up with the concept is pretty twisted and really pushes the limits when it comes to a television series.  I've watched it a few times but it has me hooked.  Sadly, the series is coming to an end and a new version of this "American Horror Story" will come around, as it's some part of a trilogy or something like that.   If you haven't checked it out yet I recommend that you find it on Netflix or HuLu.  It's not for the faint at heart either.  And yes, there are real 'freaks' that play in the series.  Kinda cool.  I think.  

My printer/scanner isn't working for some reason which pisses me off.  I need to print off my student loan tax document, but the paper feeder isn't picking up any paper.  Therefore, it thinks the paper tray is empty.  Which is not the case.  Ugh.  I've turned it off and on, opened the back end of it to see if there is anything that is jammed, stuck, broken and so forth.  Can't find a damn thing.  I've also scanned a couple of pictures, which works fine but the picture doesn't save to my computer for some reason despite the dialog box says it's scanning to my picture folder.  That's nothing but the computer not communicating with my scanner but it pisses me off just the same.  I've searched all my files and its just not there.  What's really frustrating is that the day before my printer decided that it didn't have any paper, I had printed an attendance sheet for work so I could have a copy in case they lost the original.  And I have scanned pictures before and it had saved to my computer just fine.  So what's the deal?  Jackass.  Guess I will have to do some more digging in the wee hours of the night.  Maybe if I hold my mouth open just right it will work again.  Haha...Until next time...elizinashe

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stuff in My Head

What's Churning in Your Head?
I watched the State of the Union Address tonight.  Thought it went pretty well.  I don't always understand politics nor do I get heavily involved in the process but I do try and keep up with what's important.  I really don't understand why some members of Congress are so blatantly rude when it comes to the President.  Although they may not agree with his attempts to rebuild our Country, We the People are the ones who vote them into office.  Therefore, they best watch how they play with others out there on this big playground called America.  

I really hate to vacuum.  I mean really.  Once I get started I'm fine but it's the getting started part that's the hardest.  I just hate it.  Plain and simple.  I thought maybe it was the type of vacuum itself that I have.  It's a 'Rainbow' which means you kinda have to build it before you use it.  It's a great cleaner, really.  But I just hate it.  Plus, the cord is becoming a bit frayed so that gives me an extra excuse not to use it.  In the meantime, I have a little dirt/dust/pet hair 'picker upper' that has a removable cloth head that you can wash.  That's been my quick 'go to' when the hairballs start rolling around in the corners.  It does a decent job for the short term which is fine by me.  Still hoping for that Cabana boy to show up.  And when he does I will certainly make sure he knows how to use a vacuum cleaner.  haha..

My den/tv area upstairs is nice and roomy.  When I first looked at this place I thought "Wow, I could totally spread out and do some yoga up here".  Not that I'm a big yoga person but I do like to stretch.  I've even had it in my mind to do some yoga when I wake up, especially on the days I go into work at night.  I know it would be a good mind cleaner not to mention get my butt back into some sort of exercise regimen since I have yet to do that as well.  However, I continue to be a bit lazy.  But with the New Year comes new hopes and good intentions that I have yet to channel.  Sorta.   I will say the one yoga DVD I have has emerged from hibernation and is now on my coffee table in hopes of being used.  At least I'm one step closer to making myself bend and stretch in ways that I have not done in many years.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.  I'll keep ya posted on that good intention.  elizinashe

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lost, Missing & Unpublished

Wouldn't You Love to Read These? 
I started this blog way back in 2007 which seems so long ago considering all the changes and challenges  I had encountered in my life between then and now.  Sometimes I go back and reread my posts to reflect and relive those moments.  Some moments I don't ever want to relive again, but I'm glad I had this blog to vent my frustrations as well as celebrate my achievements and happier times.  So far I've had 274 posts and 29 drafts.  Meaning, posts that haven't been published.  Sometimes you have a really good intent but the flow just isn't there so I save it in hopes of giving it new life.  I have a post, or shall I say draft that I have yet to 'touch up' and publish.  Maybe I will just keep it that way and go back to read it some other day so I can relive the happy occasion I was attempting to write about.  

There is such a thing called 'The Dead Letter Office'.  Apparently there are two or three of them here in the United States.  It's the postal office where letters and mail that is undeliverable or can't be delivered for whatever reason goes to live.  Lost mail, no recipient to be found or a no longer existing address.  Poor mail.  It makes me wonder if those long lost letters from war era days that magically reaches that loved one forty years later ends up in that office during that time is was 'lost.'  And who has the job to sort through all that dead letter mail?  And what about those long lost letters that finally reaches its destination?  How does it get lost in the first place?  Just curious. 

Did you know there is a store in Alabama that sells lost luggage items.  Yep.  Unclaimed baggage and it's contents that never finds its owner ends up in some store that some dude opened up back in the 1970s and sells the unclaimed contents.  How inventive.  His son  apparently owns the business now and it has become a 40,000 square foot store.  Sounds like a glorious Good Will.  I remember reading about this many years ago in the newspaper and kept that article in hopes of going there some day and checking it out.  I think that article has become lost itself.  Maybe it's in the Dead Letter Office.  However, I still want to go some day.  I think it would be a great road trip slash shopping spree.  I've always liked finding treasures.  Maybe I should put on my pirate gear and set sail.  Spring is on it's way ya know!  I've got some pillaging to do!  Arrgg!!  elizinashe

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reminder to Self

Dr. Seuss Would Be Proud...
I tend to go through phases where I stress and worry quite a bit.  Who doesn't, eh?  However, it sometimes keeps me quite distracted and restless.  Sometimes it keeps me awake or creeps in my dreams.  But I think that's fairly normal.  Or so I think.  Sometimes I 'over think' and then it just jacks up my anxiety even more.  Ugh...

I am so blessed to have a good life and a nice new place to call home.  But doing all this by yourself can be really frightening at times.  Thinking about my future kinda scares me too.  But I will spare you that mess, as I am sure I ranted about it before.  

So being that I am one to say and believe in "putting it out there"  I'm posting this little ditty as a reminder to myself to keep calm and envision what I want for me in the coming days, weeks, months, years and beyond.  I had envisioned graduating nursing school and busted my ass as well, and accomplished that task.  I had envisioned a better place to live and having time to celebrate and visit dear friends more often.  And I have which has made my soul very happy and fulfilled.  

But sometimes, those stressing thoughts tend to creep in and take over which is frustrating because I know it will all work out somehow, someway.  I just need to remember that.  So here I go....I will do my very best to wipe out all those worrisome ogres that stomp around in my brain and send them on their way.  I will remind myself to look at the picture above so I can  think good thoughts and channel all the good things that I wish to come my way.  Hell, maybe I should print it off and turn it into a magnet.  That way, it will always be "out there" in my home.  It wouldn't be the first time I've done that.  So think away my dear readers!  And be careful of the thinks you think!  You never know what might come your way.  elizinashe

Friendly Competition

What's In Your Blog? 
I started this little blog many, many moons ago for reasons to which I will spare you, as I tend to be long winded in my stories.  However, I met one of my really good friends through this blog as he had one of his own and we began to read each others stuff and eventually became really good friends despite that we live far apart.  

My friend, or fiend as we sometimes call each other, is a more experienced writer than I, and typically writes way more than myself.  However, this past year I have had more opportunities to write for a variety of reasons and my 'fiend', has slowed it down this past year.  Now, he does have a pretty good excuse for not posting so much, but that did not stop me from sending him teasing reminders here and there that I was ahead of him in the posting game, although we never really established a true competition. 

As 2014 was coming to a close, I looked at the year overall and had noticed that I had posted 42 times as he had only 32 postings.  I guess he really wasn't that behind after all, but I did like the fact that I had written way more than he had over the course of the year.  And of course, I had reminded him of that...haha...

Now 2015 is well on it's way and has kept me super busy which has put me behind in my writings.  As for my friend, he's posted six times so far in these first two weeks of January as I have only posted twice thus far.  This will be my third for the year.  I will say it's not from a lack of want, but a lack of time and a clear head.  These last couple of weeks have kept me busy but in a good way by spending time with dear friends and eating way too much food, even in these cold temperatures we have been experiencing.  I know my friend has been pretty busy too, but perhaps on a smaller scale, plus being that he lives in the DC area, it's been pretty dang cold up there too which means parking your butt at home more often because it's just too damn cold to go outside, therefore he has reason to write.  And oh yeah, perhaps the teasing reminders that I 'out did' him in the writing department may have fueled some fire for 2015. (wink, wink...) Guess I need to catch up, eh?  I'll let ya know who wins  in 12 months.  elizinashe

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Of Boyfriends Past....

Isn't Anything About Attitude? 
I had an old boyfriend contact me the other day.  He's been in town over the holidays to visit family and his children.  We had dated briefly a couple of years back and then he just 'disappeared' one day.  Never heard from again.  At least for a while.  

I know I had written about this previously when all this had happened at the time, so I will spare you the details.  I guess what it all boils down to is that I never harbored any 'ill will' towards him nor do I regret meeting him again a year later for a couple of drinks to catch up and 'clear the air' so to speak.  We both had new endeavors at that time so a relationship would have never been fruitful, and for that I am thankful.  

So we met today for a late lunch and a couple of beers.  It was good to catch up with each other and share our progresses as he has had some of his own successes that he had worked so hard to obtain.  He's still a nice dude but wanting an intimate relationship with him again is just out of the question.  It's just no longer in the cards and I know we both have bigger fish to fry.  However, I think we are both adult enough to keep a friendship across the miles with a meet and drink occasions when he's in town.  That we can do.  

A few years ago my 'live in boyfriend' from over 15 years ago sent me a 'friend request' on Facebook.  Now that was a shock.  Didn't see that one coming.  I had loved him with all my being, and the relationship ended very badly.  I was brokenhearted and did not date for a very long time, not to mention allow any man get too close to me as I just did not want to risk heartache like that again.  
( I have changed that by the way...)

I ignored his 'friend request' for a couple of weeks and then he sent me a personal message.  I had long forgotten about him and moved on with my life, living a life that I had always hoped.  A life that I am certain would not have had if we had stayed together.  Regardless, I had moved on from all that hurt and felt like maybe he needed to clear his conscience.  My hatred for him had long past so I saw no harm in accepting his request.  We sent a couple of messages back and forth, the kind where we fill in with each other what has happened in our lives after the breakup.  That sort of thing.  He's still on my friend list and on occasion we 'like' each other's post or picture. 

Most relationships that end badly remain in that horrible place.  I am in awe of couples who can remain friends after the fact.  I think that's a good thing.  Especially if there are children involved.  Maybe I'm one of them.  Minus the kid factor.  Yes, there are some boyfriends that I really don't want to hear from, but the others I wouldn't mind a little 'catch up'.  Hopefully they are all happy and have had successes of their own.  Maybe they have kids.  Regardless, I think it takes a lot of will power and forgiveness to overcome heartache.  I think I've learned that as I've gotten older.  And I hope you have too.  It certainly feels better to throw away all those horrible, hateful feelings toward a former flame and I know my mind is at peace because I have thrown away all those horrible, hateful feelings.  And when you do purge all that negativity I think it opens the door for that relationship that is meant for you to explore.  I believe in that.  I hope you do as well.  Until next time, cheers!  elizinashe

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year's Tidbit

Who Doesn't Like Glitter?
Happy New Year Ya'll!  

I think I've started this New Year off the right way.  Although I do love a good party with a small group of good people and loved ones, I stayed home last night which was totally okay with me.  I had worked the night before, which means I went to bed around 8:30AM that day.  

I got up around 2PM  so I wouldn't sleep all damn day and be all screwy.   Met some fellow bar flies early in the evening, had a couple of drinks and took a locally made pizza home.  And ate half of the said pizza.  Ugh...good thing I only eat pizza a couple times a year.  I truly have no self-control over pizza.  

Watched me some Dick Clark and texted a few friends, watched the ball drop and rang in the New Year with my 'old man' aka my cat.  Totally worth it.  Yeah, I would have liked to have spent my time with someone special and end it with a big sloppy kiss at midnight, but that just wasn't in the stars for me this year and I was not about to go out on the town...that's for beginners.  Totally not worth the drunken crowds nor a checkpoint.  I'm way smarter than that.  Plus, I really like being gives me peace.  

Today was a slow start which included sitting outside on my deck in the sunshine on a chilly January day with a cup of coffee and a good smoke.   Shared a really great quote on my Facebook for that 'New Year's Inspiration' and met some long, lost studymates who have now become a part of my circle of girlfriends for the traditional New Year's fare.  Which was totally more important to me than going out the night before to do endless shots to prove how much I can drink.  

I feel blessed and lucky and I am so damn glad that I have taken this time off from work because I totally needed it.  And I totally needed my time with my new found 'girls'.  Next weekend will be time with one of my other BFFs and her husband and I cannot wait.  Yep, this New Year is starting off really well and I hope this trend will continue, as this past year has kept me so damn busy that I forget to 'take time for me'.  This year, I will make it a point to take better care of myself.  It is a must and that is that.  

I hope that your New Year starts off with a bang with lots of tight hugs and great kisses that make your knees wobble.  Cause who doesn't like that feeling?  Cheers ya'll!  See ya next time!  elizinashe