Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah,um again...What the Hell?

Yeah,um so this is coming from a Japenese designer. So again..WHAT THE HELL?? This is a little creepy for me. Someone help me out here. What in the fuck is this all about? Apparently there is some fashion for those women who don't have arms. But what in the hell is that on her head??? Umm..I'm just more than creeped out on this one. Perhaps they're promoting some new Japanese horror flick character. I just don't know. Sushi anyone? elizinashe

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Umm..What the Hell?

Apparently I am behind the times in the fashion department. This lovely outfit was presented this past week in Paris (big surprise) from some Belgian designer. Whatever. I look at this certainly overpriced outfit and think... what in the hell?? First of all, there is not much continuity but then again, we're talking Paris...the French have always been outrageous but when I look at this 'latest and greatest' it just sends my mind spinning. Absoulutely nothing truly matches. There are too many patterns going on here. It makes my brain hurt to look at it. I am most perplexed...Is this some sort of fashion savvy cervical collar? Can this girl actually see out of her outfit? How would she eat? (oh yeah, models don't eat.) Okay, so what about drinking that glass of champagne? (oh yeah, models prefer needles over flutes.) Or kissing a guy? (oh yeah, models are too snooty to deal with men.) I most definately wouldn't want any of my clothes getting in the way of that activity!! (the kissing thing.) That's one of my favorite things to do...I won't mention driving because models usually have limos to drive their drunken asses around. But what about that one stupid woman who will end up buying this shit? (what a waste of money.) Too bad this concoction doesnt' have any fur otherwise the PETA people would be having a hay day over would be off the streets in no time. I hope to God that this doesn't end up on the 'red carpet' somewhere in People Magazine. I'll stick with by blue jeans thank you very much. And if I want to dress up, it will be blue jeans with some heels...just my style. elizinahse

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Feeling Blah

Despite having a good week so far I'm having a hard time shaking off the 'blahs' that have loomed over me these last few days. I had a good Valentines spending it with some girls, treating myself to a really nice dinner and dancing to a local band (and in heels might I add!). But as the weekend had progressed and I studied off and on during my working hours for our big test this past Monday I began to feel poo-poo and I'm not completely sure as to why. I have great friends here as well as far away, I'm grateful for the things that I have and strive to achieve the things that I don't. I've been able to stay financially afloat and remain independant from family help and I am welcomed with cheers and smiles at work and in social settings but yet, as of lately it hasn't made me feel 100%. I love my life, don't get me wrong but what I feel like it boils down to is lack of self-belief-slash-confidence as well as lack of real companionship. I am soo sick of doing everything by myself. I cherish my alone time but at the end of the day I still come home alone and that is beginning to suck big time. I know I'm a little goofy at times and I have some anxiety issues at times but it's soo hard to be single these days. It's hard for me to get close to people sometimes, I guess that's a defense mechanism of some sort but I'm a pretty simple girl really. And I'm not the type of girl who sleeps around, just can't do it. That's a good thing I know but still there are soo many guys who just want to fuck around instead of having real conversation or quality time. Am I being too picky?
School is going well so far but I can't apply for the nursing program until 2009. Only because I screwed up on the math review on this placement test. You can take this test only once per application period which is really stupid given that there is such a high demand for nurses here. I'm afraid of running out of motivation with this school stuff. It's really hard to go back to school as an adult and work full-time. It's really a juggle with work duties, studying and all of that other adult like stuff such as laundry, cleaning(yuk), vehicle maintenance yada, yada, yada...I just want to run away to the Greek Isles with my girls and have some fun. I need a getaway but then again the finances come into play. Crap. Maybe one day...I'm just not feeling the good vibes right now. I'm usually naively optimistic. Part of my charm I suppose. I just want to get out of this funk that I'm feeling. It sucks and I'm tired of feeling this way. elizinashe