Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Picks

Our weather here the last few days have been lovely. So nice that I've busted out the sandals and even wore a t-shirt. Ahhh.....such a nice relief in the middle of winter. I even played with some dirt and planted an indoor plant that I received from a friend over Valentine's Day and cleared out my outdoor spring pots for future planting. Can't wait until continuous warmer weather so I can come home to flowers on my doorstep.

So the 'Beibs' didn't win any Grammys this year. Boo-hoo. Please allow me to stop typing so I may wipe away a tear or two...sniff, sniff. Although I know very little about the real winner, Esperanza Spalding, what I have seen on the internet was way groovy. This girl definitely deserved her award. She's got more class and staying power than some snot nosed Canadian teen. And upon searching for more info about Esperanza I also came across another lady, Laura Izibor, who we will surely be hearing more about. Got to love the surprise upsets. Granted I'm not some 13 year-old girl anymore but even if I were, I doubt that I'd be digging Beiber when we've got some great stuff coming out of these ladies. I never was one to follow the trendy vibe anyway.

I came across two separate internet news feeds regarding food. One was the best pies across America and the other, just in time for Valentine's day, was the most romantic dinner spots. Both articles made my mouth water and my mind wander. Now if I come across the best breweries and wineries then I'm doomed. I'd be roping my friends and fiends alike in a cross-country trip eating & sampling at said establishments east-to-west and gaining 20lbs. in the process. However, taking a vacation with a group of peeps with your soul purpose was to check out the best pie places ever and best romantic restaurants across the States sounds pretty cool. It would certainly make for a good story to tell your kids some day.

One of my co-workers showed me an interactive weather radar website. You can see where it's raining, snowing, cloud cover and even earthquakes. Which of course was our focus of that day. We've always known that certain places on Earth have had mini-quakes, however according to this map, there is some shaking going on almost everyday. Even in Arkansas! Yes, my home state has been vibrating lately which is quite surprising. It's even beginning to hit the internet news, which I already knew because I've been looking at this map for the last few days. It's quite a show to see. Lots of dots peppering the map documenting the last quake. I guess it just goes to show you that the Earth is not done growing. Crazy, man. If you want to have a look see for yourself then check out Pretty cool stuff. elizinashe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Blogging

Blah, blah, blah... want to write but don't have too much to say. Cobwebs in the brain. So Christina flubbed the National Anthem at the Superbowl. Big whoop. She's human leave her alone. Stop beating this story into the ground. The Black Eyed Peas sucked. I think they sound a lot better in the studio vs. a live performance but that's just me. Bring me some Dave Matthews to bring the house down. His band would just play their hearts out instead of having so much hoopla dancing around the stage. Of course I'm slightly partial to Dave....oh well.

Chilly, blue skies today with snow in the forecast. "Yea" I say with a sarcastic tone in my voice. I've had enough! Not much use in taking pictures because bleak, leafless trees just aren't attractive to me. Greenless mountaintops are beginning to be depressing. Sick of winter. At least I'm not living in Chicago or up in the northeast somewhere. Sheesh! I would have gone plumb crazy by now.

Sick of cooking and trying to keep healthy meals around on a small budget. Cooking for one totally sucks. Sick of my 'standards' and sick of soup. Singlehood is beginning to suck big ones. I miss coming home and sharing my day with someone. Jealous of my friends who have that in their lives and their weekend getaways to happier places. Why can't I be one of those people? I am happy for my friends who have that something special in their lives but now it's my turn don't ya think? Yes, it's a pity party for me....hahahaha.....

Work continues to be screwy. I want to update my resume in hopes of being placed somewhere else without taking a cut in pay. I still miss bartending sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could find a part-time gig somewhere to help supplement my income. Stranger things have happened....I guess I should be careful of what I ask for, eh?

I will know in March whether I will be accepted into the nursing program here. Keep your fingers crossed. I will certainly be happy and probably cry a good bit if I do get the 'green light' and then the panic will ensue. The idea of it all gives me hope but it also terrifies me. I pray that the money Gods will bless me to help pay for it all and my bills to keep me housed. One of my co-workers paid nearly $1200 for one book. That's nearly one month's of bills for me. Sheesh! I'd have to go puke after I pay for all my books. Sad that getting an education costs so fucking much these days. What does the future hold for our children when it comes to paying for school? Scary.

Okay, so that's it. I blogged. End of story. elizinashe.