Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I Like This
I'm not much of a mushy person.  In fact, I have a hard time with intimacy and expressing how I feel when it comes to matters of the heart.  I have no problem expressing anger and frustration, haha...but when it comes to my heart, that's another issue.   Close friends and loved ones, no problem.  I can hug and kiss on my peeps all day long and will always end the phone call with " I love you" .  And I like doing that. 

But...when it comes to relationships and stuff, that's a different story.  It takes me a while to warm up.  I'm rather guarded and protective of myself.  That can make things a bit difficult.  I do miss being in a relationship, I will admit.  I'm not really lonely.  I just miss the little things that come with a relationship.  

I miss having a little romance in my life.  I don't need grand gestures or a big fancy dinner, just the little things.  I miss those little notes left for your discovery, wishing you a great day or thanking you for a great night.  I miss that random hand holding while you are having a conversation.  I miss that unexpected kiss on the cheek, or better yet, on the back of the neck without the expectation of sex.  I miss having my face held while having that long passionate kiss.  I miss sitting on the couch, in your pjs while eating and watching a movie.  I miss talking and laughing in bed.  I miss coming up with ideas to surprise my guy to make his day better.  I miss the little things like that.  

Does that make me a romantic?  Am I being too mushy?  Or are these normal things that happen that I just haven't experienced a lot?  I've had my share of horrible relationships and I've learned to walk away from the red flags when I see them.  And I refuse to be in a relationship, just for the sake of being in a relationship.  It's just not cool to be with someone just so you won't be alone.  I learned that a long, long time ago.  I guess that's why I'm single most of the time.  

So...with hopes of having a little romance in my life, I'm "putting it out there".  I hope to have a little bit of what has been hammered out above.  If not...then I guess it's not meant to happen in my life at this point.  Or maybe ever...hopefully that won't be the case.  Until next time.....elizinashe 
Who Doesn't Want This?