Sunday, June 8, 2014

Creative Outlets

I love my little blog.  I would have never thought to start one until I read my college roommate's blog page.  Then it got me to thinking.  I have never been really good at writing papers for school, nor am I good at being grammatically correct especially when it comes to 'ending your sentence with a preposition'.  I'm pretty good at doing that and I don't care.  I have kept a paper journal for years but once I started this little project, the paper stuff went on the back burner.  I do miss writing on paper but I get too much in a hurry so it seems more efficient and easier to do it on the wild world of the internet.  However, I do still paste important momentos in my journal  in hopes that it will inspire another or someone will find it important and learn about my goofy life.  

Although my original purpose for having this blog was to write more creatively it has certainly turned out to be a new type of journal, which is fine by me.  It has provided me a peace of mind when I needed to gripe and moan,  celebrate an occasion or just to have something to do when I am alone and bored.  There have been some creative moments, and others are just a plain 'poor pitiful me' infused mess.  But, that is the purpose of a blog-slash-journal, right?  

I don't have many active readers.  If I do then I don't really know about it.  I do have a good friend who I met through doing this blog who reads me frequently and on occasion I get other readers who leave their comments.  I did get a response from a local entertainment paper in my first year of nursing school who wanted me to participate in a blog forum of some sort.  Wow.  That blew my mind.  Unfortunately, I just did not have the time required plus I don't think anything really became of that project as a whole so I guess I'm better off.   I love having my little blog, despite who reads or does not read my little endeavor.  It's mine and mine alone and I can do whatever I want with it.  

I do go back and re-read older posts from time to time.  It sure does bring back a lot of memories for that given moment.  And I have certainly come a long way in my life since I started it many moons ago.  I'm anxious to see how I progress in the next few years sharing my trials and tribulations as I walk through this thing called life.  I'm still learning about myself to which I think my blog is appropriately titled.  I couldn't think of anything better.  Until next time.....elizinashe

Monday, June 2, 2014

Where Is My Fairy Godmother?

I'm slowly and distractedly packing up my shack and getting stuff in boxes to move into my new digs.  I'm getting pretty overwhelmed with all this packing.  I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away and moved in it's proper place, all nice and clean and in the orderly way I wish it to be. 

I'm trying to tackle on area at a time but it's beginning to be so much.  How did I ever acquire so much shit?  And why am I keeping so many stupid things that I really don't need?  The bigger challenge is my limited space that I currently have, so when I have five boxes already packed and ready, I don't have any more room to pack much more.  So it's all going in stages.  How in the hell did I get into this tiny little home in the first place?  Sheesh! 

I'm debating on a moving company vs. bribing some co-workers into helping me move the big stuff.  A moving company will be expensive but quick, not to mention if they break something then that's on  them.  The friend job poses a challenge as we all work different schedules and they have significant others and/or children.  But the bonus for the friend job might be cheaper.  The reward at the end of the day will be beer and tacos or wings if they prefer paid by me as their 'reward'.  However, that plan could be pricey as well.  Plus, if my friends break something then I'd be a little miffed.  Ugh.  It's a good thing I don't move very often.  I just want this move to go as smoothly as possible for the best possible budget.  Sending out the calling vibes to my spirit guides to get me through this project.  Wish me luck!  elizinashe