Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Why is it that the little things piss you off so much?  I'm having trouble getting the template page to load on my screen so I can make some changes to my page.  I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong but it's pissing me off regardless.  I want something new for this creature called a blog that I started a few moons ago.  So why am I having troubles?  I certainly don't think it's my new virus program that's blocking stuff.  It just seems to be in a stuck mode when I click on the template tab with a series of dots lighting up in a sequence.  Pain in the ass....

It's been raining all freaking day here.  Sometimes it's been quite a downpour.  My landlord just texted me saying to keep an eye out for any ceiling leaks.  He's done this before when we've had lots of rain but it kind of pisses me off too.  Shouldn't he be the one to make sure that the roof is safe and has passed a building code of some sort?  Especially when I've paid rent already for the coming month like I always do?  Jackass....I won't even begin to discuss his leaf blowing capabilities.  Or shall I say a lack of capability.  

I have the same back tire patched twice and the other rear tire patched once.  Apparently I ran over a bed of crapped out nails and a bolt or two.  Lucky me.  I'm pretty sure I picked these scrap pieces of metal driving through a construction zone near the hospital as I was on my way to the community college to talk to an advisor.  However it was discovered during my last patch up which was the day before Thanksgiving that I have some 'dry rot' going on in my tires and that I should replaced them soon before I have a blowout.  Well, crap.  There goes more money out the window.  But I will say this last set served me well.  They are about 5 years old so I guess I got some pretty good mileage out them.  It just sucks that monetary emergencies happen around the holidays.  

I have some outpatient surgery early Thursday morning.  It's a necessary procedure and I wanted this done before the end of the year since my health insurance is going to change January 1st.   I will lose some of my money in my healthcare savings account.  Only half of it will roll over.  But I'm not looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn without my morning coffee and makeup is not allowed.  Not even foundation.  I'm a pretty self-conscious person when it comes to my naked face.  And I am an absolute bitch without my morning fix.  I'm not looking forward to being sedated.  I haven't been 'put under' since I had my wisdom teeth pulled and that was 20 years ago!  I woke up puking from that.  I sure hope that I get a puke free dose of anesthesia.  And a nice cup of coffee upon revival.  

And to close on a different note, I heard a Stevie Wonder song today which included the lyrics "Look at the clouds in the sky/They seem so happy now", or something like that.  My question is how would he know?  He's blind.  (was that too ugly?).  haha.....so what's new in your world?   elizinashe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick Topics

There has been less drama lately which is a good thing. The drama that was swirling all around me wasn't even my drama however it still infiltrated my world. So glad it's gone for now. Work is still a mess but at least I have a job. But I'm feeling the 'burnout' pretty heavily. The only thing that keeps me going is the routine and working with really good co-workers. I just want to get through my coming work week and think ahead later. Sure wish I could take a little vacation and get the hell out of town. Maybe after the new year.....

So the future King of England is engaged. This is certainly big news. I'm not much of a royal watcher however this is the opportunity that the Royal Family has been looking for to re-establish the glory of the monarchy. I remember watching Charles & Dianna getting hitched on the television. It was a hugely global event. This up & coming marriage will certainly be an equivalent. And if it is televised like his dear mother's nuptials were then I too will watch the big shabang. How could I not?

The holidays are fast approaching. Halloween wasn't even over when I first saw the Christmas chaos begin to appear in the stores. It seems that the marketing comes sooner every year. I find it a bit disgusting. Some stores are already opening early prior to Thanksgiving Day enticing shoppers to open their wallets. Some places are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving so jumpstart 'Black Friday'. Other stores are opening as early as 4am. That's just gross. I think it's sad that as a country we are so selfish and material that we would choose to rush the stores before the crack of dawn just so you can save 20% on an item that you or your children really don't need instead of spending that time with your loved ones and creating meaningful memories. There is not a single thing on the market that I would want that badly that would make me get out of bed and battle other shoppers. Nor would I get out of bed to buy said items for loved ones b/c if that's all they cared about then I don't need them in my life.

So that's about it folks. There is always much more to gripe about but I just won't go there. I'd much rather use my evening to vegetate on the couch and ignore the dishes in my sink for a little bit longer. elizinashe

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exciting Update

Blah, blah, blah, boo-hiss, cough, hack,hack, stuffy sniffle, sneeze three times well crap, ugh. Crapola, drama, drama, drama, beeep, beeep, beeep don't want to, stagger, fumble, perkolate ahhh.....squeak, squeak warmth, don't want to get out. Pack, dress, brrrr!!!! Dark, bleary eyed, shuffle, shuffle, click & pull, oh geeze.....seriously? Gripe, laugh, gripe, laugh. Curse, expletives, hit, kick, code gray, what the fuck? Adrenaline pumping, pissy mood, here we go again. Gossip, bitch, gossip, bitch, roll your eyes. Heads butting, staff irritable, crisis pay, worn out, seven o'eight is the magic number. Smoke, headlights on, stumble home. Drop bags, find ugly clothes, ring, ring, beep, beep, beep 'Call Me!', yak, yak, yak, drama, drama, drama, shut the hell up. Dishes, laundry, dishes, laundry, pack lunches. Beep, beep, beep, ignore, ignore, ignore. Pop, gurgle, gurgle, splash yum. Just a little more. Flick and smoke. Purr, purr, coo. Dave. So what's new with you? elizinashe